4 Great Tools for Social Media Search

If you’ve ever tried to social media search using social media platforms you’ll find that quite often the results are not great.  But there are tools that can help.

Here are 4 tools that will help you find more detailed and accurate information that will help your business.

1. Searching Facebook using Social Searcher

When you go to Social Searcher the default option is to search Facebook but there are also search options for twitter, Google +, MySpace and LinkedIn.  The tool gives quite a good listing on these platforms.

I tested it out by searching for RazorSocial mentions on Facebook.

Searching through Facebook using Social Searcher


There was a listing of results and in these results I noticed some content was shared out on Facebook pages that I wasn’t aware of.  This gave me the opportunity to go in and thank people for sharing this content.   Consider checking this tool a couple of days after you post a blog post to see who is chatting about it on Facebook!

Search results showing some mentions of RazorSocial within Facebook Pages

2. Using Google Advanced Search to Find Relevant Content

A post we did recently was using Google Advanced Search for Blog Research which contained a range of Google commands that are useful to find content to get ideas for blogging, find guest blog opportunities and much more.

Some of these commands can also be used to search social platforms.

On Facebook it’s quite frustrating looking for a page using Facebook search.  A much quicker and more effective way is using Google.  Here’s an example:

site:www.facebook.com inurl:<name you are looking for>

Site:  This means you are only interested in content on a particular site, for example Facebook.com.

Inurl:  If you are looking for a word or collection or words that are part of the web address.  For example, if you were looking for the pepsi Facebook page you could type:

Site:www.facebook.com inurl:pepsi

This works because Facebook includes the page name as part of the web address.  This command can be used with other platforms also.

3.  Google Custom Searches Using UVRX.com

Uvrx social search is a collection of Google custom searches put together for Twitter, LinkedIn,Youtube etc.  Google allows you to easily build your own search engine by specifying a list of sites you want to search.  So this was built using Google technology and the only requirement from Google is that they display their advertisements.

UVRX – Social Search developed from Google custom searches

4.  A Social Dashboard Using Bottlenose

Bottlenose is a great if you want a snapshot of what’s happening on social media now.  It will show you the latest articles based on a search, latest tweets, topics trending and much more.


A useful tool to see what’s trending across the social web right now!


As well as providing this it also provides you with an inbox showing your tweets, mentions, direct messages, a filter of topics you are interested in and much more.  Definitely work checking out!

So they are just some of the tools I have found useful.

I’d be very interested to hear what you have found useful for searching?


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  • Diego Salazar

    Very helpful review of social media search engines. I had the same problem searching pages on Facebook; not anymore, thanks to your share.

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      Thanks Diego, glad it was useful!

  • mo

    Thanks man this was definitely helpful . Gonna start checking your site out as well! :-)

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary


  • http://www.affiliscore.com Philip Kushmaro

    I know that you havne’t added all the tools out there but there is one more that I would like to add. I personally created a online tool that actually gives you all the social signals of any url. viralitycheck.com
    I think this a great tool to see how you match up to your rivals. Don’t you?

  • Kim Vergara

    Have you tried Smashfuse for social search?

  • Stuart Dell

    This tool is great! Knowing what’s trending and what people are searching in social media will give us a lot of good insights on what people are looking to and what are they talking about. Then we also make the most out of it by engaging to the same topics and trends as well. Btw, ever heard of http://postific.com/, my colleagues are telling me it is a good social platforms as well.

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      I haven’t but I’ll put it on the list, thank you!

  • menrichky
  • Bill

    As more and more social sites appear, the need for a dedicated social search engine is paramount. You have some good tools listed although I would like to suggest another … http://socialsearch.thingweb.com/ … one cool feature missing would be the ability to track public posts by location. This would make it easy to see events/posts around you, etc. Nonetheless, nice article/post!

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      Thank you Bill!