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4 Tweet Chat Tools for Twitter

I hooked up with Mack Collier recently when I was looking for feedback on a post for Social Media Examiner.  Mack mentioned about a twitter chat that he has weekly called #blogchat which he has been running since 2009.  I joined in and I loved it!

#BlogChat is a twitter chat which is basically an organized conversation of tweets on a specific time with a group of twitter users.  Generally you have a host, and possibly a guest, that kicks off the conversation and then everybody else chimes it.

But if you’re using a standard twitter client it’s hard to follow.  Here’s 4 twitter chat tools you can use.

1.  Tweetchat

Twitter Chat tools - tweetchat


The last time  I attended #blogchat I used tweetchat.  What I like about is that I could adjust the speed the new tweets were displayed and pause tweets so it gave me a chance to read and respond to tweets.  There were so many coming in it was hard to keep up.  There’s also additional features for blocking any spam users and automatically adding the hash tag to the tweet.

2. Twitterfall

Twitterfall is a tool for displaying a stream of tweets realtime.  There are some useful features as part of twitterfall. For example, I can filter out retweets.  This is very handy because people resend interesting tweets during the tweetchat and you may have read the information already.  You can create tweets to add to the conversation but it doesn’t automatically add the hash tag.

Using Twitterfall to filter out tweets

3. Twubs

Twubs is quite a basic twitter chat client.  You have the ability to pause the chat and it automatically includes the hash tag when you are sending your tweet.  It doesn’t have the configuration available with tweetchat so not worth considering.  It does have the option for embedding a hash tag filtered list of tweets on your website so in theory you could display an ongoing stream of chat but not sure if you would want that.

4. Hootsuite

You could also use Hootsuite.  Within Hootsuite you might have 2 columns, one which filters out conversation from the host and the second filtering the hash tag.  You don’t get the scrolling list of tweets realtime as they come in which is a nice feature.

Overall I think tweetchat is the best.

What tools have you used?  Which ones do you find the best?