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5 Social Media Technology Actionable Tips – Week 3

Do you want some actionable tips that you can implement that will improve your social media marketing?

Well you’ve come to the right place.  You won’t get the waffle here, you’ll just get some great tips!!!

So hang in there and enjoy the ride…  you’re going to enjoy these 5 tips and I think they will provide a lot of value to your business.


Social media is exciting
Social media is exciting..

1.  Implement a Content Distribution Network (CDN)

When Google indexes your website it takes into account over 200 different variables to decide when and where your content appears when users search.  One of this variables is the speed of your website.  Google doesn’t like a slow website and either does your website visitor!

If you have visitors all around the world accessing your website and you only have your website in one location then your data could have a long place to travel.  For example, if you had your site hosted in Ireland, someone in Ireland would access your content quicker than someone in the US.

One way around this is implementing a CDN – Content Distribution Network.  Your site is now in many places around the world and it will be much quicker.

The one I use and highly recommend is MaxCDN.  I recommend it because my site is much faster and the team in MaxCDN are great.

In the example below someone in the UK accesses a US website and it takes 350ms (milli seconds) but using Max CDN it’s only 24ms because they access it locally.


If your site is hosted in New York and someone in the UK accesses it, it will be slow.  But using MaxCDN it will be much quicker
If your site is hosted in New York and someone in the UK accesses it, it will be slow. But using MaxCDN it will be much quicker


2.   Use one browser for Social Media and another browser for everything else

How many times do you get distracted by twitter, facebook or other social media channels when you are in the middle of doing some other work?   Multi-tasking like this is just not good.  You won’t be very productive.

Think about this instead.  Set up one browser (e.g. Safari) for general work and then set up another browser (e.g. Chrome) for social media.

For the social media browser you can set up bookmarks and open them all at the same time so you have all your social media channels open up.  This means you can get through things quicker.

This will save you a lot of time, try it and you’ll see… do you like green eggs and ham (Sorry, people with children will know what I mean).

3.  Look at this Slideshare presentation about Tools

There are some great tools in this presentation which was created by Zemanta (they also have a cool tool for blogging).


We like action around here so if you could pick off one tool off the list and start using that will benefit your business we’ll be happy.

4. Follow Avinash Kaushik to learn more about analytics

Analytics is so important for any online part of your business.  I read a 600 page book about analytics from Avinash a couple of years ago and I’m still a fan to-day.

His book on Web analytics is certainly worth buying.


Avinash Kaushik
A great book!


5.  If you’re on a MAC install Jump Cut

Anything that makes us more efficient is useful because there is no end to the work we need to do on social media!

If you copy a piece of content from one document and paste it to another document and then copy something else then the original item you copied is gone (i.e. it’s not in the buffer any more).

Jumpcut puts up to 40 items you copy into a buffer queue and then you can paste any of the items.  So instead of copying one item, going to a document and pasting it and then going back to copy more you can now copy many items at the same time.  It’s a simple tool but great.


Some Fun to Finish

In Ireland when we talk about a bit of ‘craic’ (pronounced ‘crack’) we are talking about a bit of fun.  We’re not talking about drugs.  So when we say we’re having loads of craic don’t get too worried.  So for a bit of craic and to stick to our roller coaster theme here’s a fun video on roller coasters.  Enjoy!



That’s all folks!  Do you have any tips you’d like to share?