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5 social media tool and technology tips week 11

social media tool tipsIn this weekly series we focus on providing you short actionable and practical tips related to tools and technology.

If you want to make regular improvements to your online presence this weekly article will certainly help.

This week we have some great tips that I’m sure you will enjoy.

So what you are waiting for Ian….ok, lets get to it.

1.  What are you ranking on Google for particular keywords?

If you want to find out what you are ranking on for particular keywords you can search through Google and if you’re really lucky it will be easy to find as you’ll be on the first page right at the top!  But if you are a few pages down the list you have to scroll through the list to find your site.  This is where Moonsy can help out!
With Moonsy you enter in your website address and keyword and Moonsy will tell you where you are ranking for these keywords.


In this example the keywords ‘Facebook competitions’ is ranked number 5 on Google for Razorsocial


You can also add a competitor website address so you can compare your position with your competitor.

2. Guest Posting – Link to a post on your site within the Post

When you write guest post articles on other blogs you generally get a chance to have a ‘bio’ section at the bottom of the post and in this bio you can link to your website.  However, a link to your site within the content of the blog is more valuable from a Google point of view.

So next time you are writing a blog post try to include a link back to a relevant article on your website.

The other advantage of doing this is that sometimes this content is republished on another site and this is where your bio can disappear so if you have the link within the article you still get a link back to your site.


3.  Take advantage of Google analytics annotations

If there are certain spikes (or dips) in traffic on your website you may want to track what happened if you know the reason.  For example, if there is a big spike on blog traffic after you start running a promotion on twitter you can click on the part of the graph that spikes and then Google will let you put text in explaining what the spike is about.  This is very useful when you look at graphs in the future and you want to assess what campaigns worked and didn’t work!


Google annotations
By clicking on any point of the graph you can open up the annotations section and comment on any parts of the graph

4. How to use Hootsuite more effectively

Hootsuite is a great tool that has lots of great functionality.  If you are using it for a while the chances are that you haven’t explored some great functionality that could be useful to your business.  Read this post on how to use Hootsuite more effectively.

It contains tips on the following:

1. Setting up a stream when you are at a conference

2. Filtering content within streams

3. Creating streams within tabs

4. Managing your lists

5. Distributing your blog content via RSS

5.  Analyze your competitors traffic using Socialcrawlytics

Socialcrawlytics crawls through your website,or your competitors, and provides a report on the blog posts regarding how often they are shared across multiple social networks.  This is really interesting information to know as you can find out what are the most popular and least popular posts, which social network is working the best and much more.  It will even give you some great ideas for post.  Certainly worth checking out!


social crawlytics
Analyze you or your competitors site to get a report on the content on the site


That’s all…

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with us?  Are you going to use any of the above tips?


photo credit: Darwin Bell via photopin cc