AgoraPulse Review: How to use it for Twitter and Facebook

AgoraPulse Review: How to use AgoraPulse to Manage Facebook and Twitter

AgorapulseAre you looking for a well-priced Facebook and Twitter management tool to support your business?

We decided to take AgoraPulse for a spin to see how it fares against other competition in this space.  Let’s take a look!

What is AgoraPulse?

AgoraPulse is a full management platform for Facebook and Twitter that includes a broad range of Facebook applications, analytics and CRM functionality.


What are the main features?

  • Facebook Applications – There are broad-range Facebook applications such as contests, quizzes, poll, sweepstakes etc.  You can easily set up the applications using the templates provided, and all applications are supported on mobile devices.
  • Facebook analytics – Comprehensive analytics module as part of the suite that provides realtime analytics on how well your Facebook Page is performing.
  • Automatic moderation of Facebook content – You can set up moderation rules to monitor keywords in posts and then kick off automated actions based on these keywords.  For example, you could automatically assign a post to a member of your team for action.
  • Twitter management – Ability to fully manage your Twitter account including monitoring keywords, Twitter analytics,  identifying key influencers and supports and more.
  • Team functionality – There is some great functionality for working with teams where you can assign tasks, marking comments/posts reviewed etc. What’s great is the pricing is not on a per user basis which makes it very cost effective for a team.
  • Calendar view – A calendar view of your existing and planned activity for Facebook and Twitter is available.
  • Free tools – The Facebook Page barometer assesses the performance of your Page against competitors’ Pages.  The Facebook timeline contest manager helps you run competitions more effectively on your timeline.


How Does it Work for Facebook?

There is lots of functionality within this application and, as expected, they provide the ability to post and schedule content etc.,  so for this review we have highlighted some of the less obvious functionality that we found particularly useful.

First of all, this is what your menu structure looks like.  AgoraPulse is a simple app to navigate, with menus on the left and information related to the menu on the right.  Once you have done the basic set up you’ll be up and running in minutes, which is exactly what you want with this type of app.


agorapulse menus
Main menus on the left-hand side


1.  Targeting groups

You can create groups of users based on countries or languages, and then target these groups for updates.  This is useful because, if you have a global audience, you’ll need to consider sending important updates at relevant times.


agorapulse group
Nice to be able to target specific groups


2.  Add ROI to reports

When you are viewing your reports, you can assign a monetary value to various attributes and types of fans.  For example, a qualified fan is someone who has participated in one of your apps and provided some relevant information.  An engaged fan is someone who has interacted with your timeline.

Setting monetary values helps you assess and compare your reports.


agorapulse page setting
Set up ROI tracking through reports


3.  Set up Apps easily

AgoraPulse provides a broad range of applications that you can launch on your page.  With Facebook organic engagement rates so low, it’s important to use applications to drive up engagement for free.  If you’ve got a subscription to AgoraPulse, you can use their apps as much as you want.

All apps are easy to set up and they all support mobile devices.


agorapulse applications
There is a good range of apps available


You follow a step-by-step process to set up the apps using the templates provided.  There isn’t a huge amount of flexibility in what you can do with the apps, but that’s generally an advantage because you want the application to be up and running quickly.


agorapulse comp setup
Easy to set up competitions!


4.  Analyse your fans

AgoraPulse keeps track of the fans who are interacting on your page and /or entering your competitions.  When they enter competitions and you collect some useful information, this is added to the profile of that fan.

It’s really important to try and identify who are the fans who interact the most.  It’s also useful to consider collecting useful information as part of your competitions so that you can, over time, build up a profile of a fan’s interests, likes etc.  Data can also be exported to Excel for further analysis.


agorapulse excel export
An example of a file exported to Excel


5.  Reporting

There are really nice reporting options in AgoraPulse where you can see an overview and, then, view drilled-down analysis for each section of the report.  You can also export reports to a PowerPoint .ppt format, and the reports are presented really well.  Here’s an example of what a slide from the report looks like.


agorapulse report
An example of a PowerPoint slide produced


How Does it Work for Twitter?

There is a full management and monitoring tool available for Twitter and it uses the same interface as their Facebook tool.  There is a main dashboard where you login, with menu options on the left.  You can send and schedule content, as you would expect.  Here are some other interesting areas of functionality I picked out.

1.  Your Inbox Filters

Your tweets are displayed within an inbox and there are various filters that you can apply.  One useful one is ‘Ambassadors’.  This is where you can highlight the people who are sharing your content the most.


agorapulse ambassadors
Identify who is sharing your content the most


You can also filter based on users who are influencers, or particularly engaged.  Someone is considered an influencer when they have tweets that are often tweeted more than 20 times over the last 30 days.  You can add tags to people on the list for further reviewing at a later stage, engage with them immediately and /or export one of the filtered lists.

For anyone who has interacted with you, you can view a list of all the recent tweets you have exchanged.

2.  Calendar view

You can view a full calendar view of all tweets that were sent recently or are in a queue.  It’s great to get a high-level view of your activity in this format.


agorapulse calendar view
AgoraPulse calendar view


3.  Monitoring

You can set up filters to monitor a keyword or set of keywords, which tracks tweets that mention them.  It’s useful to track important terms within your industry.


agorpulse monitored searches
Set up monitoring based on keywords

 How Could Agorapulse be Improved?

All products can be improved but here are some suggestions:

  • Support for additional platforms – This is an obvious one; they support Twitter and Facebook so support for Google+ and other platforms would be useful.
  • Content discovery – The ability to discover content that’s worth sharing would be a nice addition.


Overall Opinion

AgoraPulse is a competitively priced tool with some great functionality.  One of the nicest parts of AgoraPulse is that it’s very simple to use.  If you want to get a competition up and running, create a series of scheduled messages or create a fancy-looking report for your boss, these are all straight forward to do.

Have you used AgoraPulse before? What’s your opinion of it?

Do you use other tools?

We’d love to hear from you.


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