Best Podcast Software and Tools for a Great Podcast

Best Podcast Software and Tools for A Great Podcast

Best Podcast Software and Tools for A Great Podcast

Are you considering a new podcast or upgrading your equipment for an existing one?

We reached out to some of the top podcasters we know and asked them what tools, apps and equipment they use for podcasting and they came back with a very interesting list.

Podcasting is set to continue to grow at a rapid rate for many years to come. What YouTube is doing to TV is like what Podcasting is doing for radio. Imagine in a few years time when you hop into your car and you switch on the podcast instead of switching on the radio. That is certainly going to happen!



Check out this really interesting list. If you want to listen to this I’ve picked out the most interesting tools in this recording!

1. Jay Baer

  • Speechpad – Transcribing podcasts for posting on (and as LinkedIn blog posts).
  • Candidio – Post production editing for Jay today video podcast.

Podcast: Social Pros Podcast and Jay to-day

Bonus: Download the most popular podcast software and hardware shared by the top podcasters and also download our extra bonus where we share our setup for recording podcasts. our setup for recording podcasts.

2. Amy Porterfield

  • Blue Yeti Mic – Recording high quality sound for the podcasts.
  • Slack & Asana – Tools used to chat and communicate with the editing team about podcasts and manage the production aspect of podcasts.

Podcast:  Amy Porterfied

3. John Lee Dumas

  • Adobe Audition: This is my one stop shop for recording, editing, adding sound fx, removing unwanted buzzing noises or the ever annoying dog barking…all in one place. Simply the most robust Podcasting tool in my toolbox.
  • Auphonic: It’s important to tag your MP3 with important metadata and also make sure you and your guests audio levels are level. Auphonic allows you to do both in style!
  • Google Hangouts: On our free weekly Podcast Workshops, Google Hangouts allows me to stream a video Podcast about how to create, grow, and monetize your Podcast. Simple, effective, and free, it has all the right combinations!

Podcast: Entrepreneur on Fire

4. Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster

  • Skype and Total Recorder: Tom Webster and I are busy folks so our goal when recording The Marketing Companion is to keep it simple. We do it from wherever we might be in the world over Skype and the recording software I use is Total Recorder. This is inexpensive and uncomplicated, yet provides all the functionality a podcaster might need to get started. It has worked flawlessly, even when we mess up!

Podcast: The Marketing Companion

5. Rick Mulready

  • Heil PLxT Boom Arm – Extremely useful tool for holding the mic in the right place.
  • Audio Technica ATR2100 mic – Very affordable and delivers a great sound.

Podcast: Inside Social Media Podcast

6. Mitch Joel

  • Audio Hijack Pro: Used for recording conversations over Skype.
  • iRig Mic Cast: Used for recording conversations on the iPhone when meeting someone in person.
  • Audcacity: I use Audacity to record the show. I export that file into WAV format and then put it into a program called The Levelator to equalize the volume. From there, I import it back into Audacity and then export the file as a MP3.

Podcast: 6 Pixels of Separation