Blogging for Profit? 5 Sure-Fire Ways Tools Will Help

Blogging for Profit? 5 Sure-Fire Ways Tools Will Help

blogging for profitAre you using the right tools to turn all your writing into profit?


Blogging can be hugely beneficial to your business if you approach it the right way and use the right tools. So, on 24th of July, we will partner up with the wonderful Kim Garst for a webinar where we will go into detail about blogging for profit. This post is a teaser to some of the great content we’ll share on the webinar.

Here are five ways tools can help you to build a profitable blog.


1. Build an Opt-in List

I’ve heard the phrase ‘the money is in the list’ from so many digital marketers around the world and it’s true.  When you start a blog, you need to start building your email list from day one.  You also need to monitor conversions and work on ways to improve those conversion rates over time.

When someone comes to your website to read a blog post, it is highly likely that they will never come back to your website again.

One way of encouraging people to come back is to get visitors to subscribe to your email list.  When they do this, you can build up trust over time by providing great content.  People buy from people they trust, so building those email subscribers will lead to sales.

Tools to help

Email marketing tool – You will need to invest in an email marketing tool and you won’t go too far wrong with aWeber or MailChimp. Both are high quality and reasonably priced.

Email opt-in boxes – You’ll need to create email opt-in boxes to collect names and email addresses. You can build custom ones or use templates from the tools provided. For example, OptinMonster is a great tool for opt-ins and it includes a variety of opt-in boxes (e.g. footer, side panel, pop-up etc).


2. Build up Your Automation

As you grow the audience for your blog, it will become increasingly difficult to manage your list effectively without implementing a marketing automation tool.  Marketing automation tools take your automation to a new level, far beyond what email marketing tools can support.

Tools such as Infusionsoft, Ontraport and HubSpot allow you to automate a lot of your communication with your subscribers, and then they track activity so can automatically pick out the most likely buyers of your product/service from your email list.

We currently use Ontraport and it would be difficult to run our business without it.

3.  Optimize Your Content for Google

When you optimize you content correctly this brings more organic traffic into your site.  Getting traffic for free saves you a lot of money and also has the potential of making you lots of money.  If you convert some of your traffic you are building an audience and then audience turns into dollars!

A couple of tools that could help:

Google Keyword Planner – Find out the keywords that people are searching on

WordPress SEO Plugin – If you’re on WordPress this plugin by Yoast will help a lot

SEMRush – Find out what your competitor is ranking on and write content around this to drive traffic to your site instead of theirs.


4.  Split Test Your Conversion Rates

Whenever you create an opt-in box or product purchase page, whatever conversion rate you get can be improved.  Don’t assume that a low conversion rate is it just how it is.  You need to split test your opt-ins and sales pages to improve conversions.

Split testing is not difficult to set up but, a lot of the time, it ends up way down on your list of priorities because there are so many other tasks to be getting on with.

This is why you need to find a tool that makes split testing really easy.

An example tool that you can use is Optimizely.  Using this tool, you can create different variations of your landing pages/opt-in boxes really easily and you can easily track the conversion rates you are achieving.

If you are making money and/or building subscribers, use Optimizely to make more money and build more subscribers.


5.  Social Media Management Tools

Writing your content is only one piece of the equation.  Another piece is promoting the content, and there’s no better or more cost-effective way of promoting your content than social media.

As your content gets promoted across social media channels, this leads to more traffic, which leads to more conversions.

You are constantly building your audience and, if you build a relevant audience, then you have the ability to sell products and services to that audience.

Read the following post on social media management tools and make sure you pick out one that’s relevant to your business: 11 Social Media Management Apps to Shave Time off Your Day.


How to Blog for Profit?

A blog builds an audience, and it’s an audience that is relevant so it is people you can sell to.  You write great content, relevant to your niche, which attracts potential customers.  You then use tools to help improve your conversion rates to increase your sales over time.



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