Content Curation Tools: A Curated List of Content Curation Tools

Content Curation Tools: A Curated List of Content Curation Tools

Finding and Sharing great content is very time consuming.

But we all have plenty of times on our hands.

I don’t think so….

Social Media eats into our time every day and it’s getting worse!

Content curation tools are available to help.    Want more time for other work?  I’m sure you do…….


Social Media Time
Social Media can really eat into your time


Content curation is the process of filtering through content to find the best content.  And it’s something that most of us do.  The following was from a survey from Curata (content curation tool) with businesses enquiring if they regularly share content.  As you can see only 5% of those surveyed don’t share.


Curata Statistics
We all have the need to share content!


So here are some content curation tools that will save you time finding great content.


Note:  Make sure also to read the essential effective guide to content sharing.


1. – Follow experts in your field

In you create boards of content around specific topics and then add content to these boards.  So if you are time poor and in the search for content spend some time finding people on that add great content to relevant boards and follow them.

When you use other real people find content for you.  It’s not a machine!!   If you find the right people with the right content you’ll save a lot of time.

Here’s an example of a board I created for top social media posts.  I add any posts I find that are great to this board.  This is useful to other people as they don’t have to read all the articles I read.  It’s also useful to me as I can re-share some of this great content!


Keep great articles that you can share

2. Storify – Create or Find Stories

Imagine that you missed a really great conference but you heard that someone ‘storified’ it.  This means they went to Storify and searched through the content discussed online and created a summary.

This summary could include tweets, Facebook updates, pictures, videos and much more.

So you get a story about the conference.  With Storify you can create or monitor stories and the stories are curated by a person so you get a  good overview of a particular topic, event, conference etc.


Manually put a story together


Storify is very easy to set up and provides a good free version!


3. – Find your perfect list

On community members can create a list about anything which can include text, video or images.  Other community members can add items to the list and vote up or down items on the list.

You can use to get your community to help curate a list for you.  Or find some lists already curated.


Your list evolves with the help of the community


Find people on producing relevant content and track their lists.


4. Newsle:  Track when people are in the news

Newsle searches through many news sites to find mentions of people within your social networks and then provides you with a summary email showing you where they are mentioned.

Quite often this will discover content for you that you many not have been aware of.  If your people you are connected to are in the news it’s useful to share out that content or just congratulate them.

Within Newsle you can also track people that you are not connected with but are important.  For example, you may want to track mentions of a particular journalist.


Newsle Neal Patel
There may be people not in your social network that you want to track


5.  Bundle up your content with Bundlepost

With Bundlepost you set up RSS feeds of content based on keywords and Bundlepost automatically retrieves and presents this information to you.  You can then select this content and prepare a content delivery schedule for multiple platforms.

When this is prepared you import it into Hootsuite and then all content is delivered according to your schedule.


You see up RSS feeds of content and pick off the most interesting content


You can also create your own content folders where you include your marketing messages that you can add to the queues whenever you require. If you like hashtags for your content Bundlepost can automatically add these also.


6.  Produce or follow a newspaper is a tool for creating your own online newspaper based on content you select.  You add various sources and specify filters on these sources and a paper is produced.  You can then add or remove from the paper.

The following shows a source set up for twitter which filters out tweets with ‘social media tools’ in them.  It also looks for articles on Social Media Examiner that has the words social media tools in them.


Useful filters provided with


This can be very useful to create a newsletter for subscribers or just create a newsletter just for you so you can find content easier!


7.  Curata:  Curate Your Own Blog and Share content

I got a demonstration of Curata over a year ago and I was impressed then.  This is not a free tool but if you’re an Enterprise user and want a tool with extensive functionality it is worth looking at Curata.

There are some great features for finding and sharing content.  For example, you can arrive in, in the morning, select pieces of content relevant to your business and automatically create and publish a blog posts which includes a summary of each of the content pieces found.

You may not always use curated content for blog posts but when you do this is a very useful tool.


Curata will save you a lot of time


8. Postplanner

Postplanner is a Facebook tool for finding and sharing great content.  The content engine in Postplanner is a great way to find content.   You can enter in keywords and search for trending content within your niche.  You can then sort this content to view the content with the most likes or shares so you can see the most popular content.

This is a great way of finding content to share on Facebook.

The following shows trending content related to social media that is sorted by the highest number of shares.


Postplanner Trending
Trending content displayed based on shares or likes


9. Triberr – Find content from trusted bloggers

Triberr is a community of bloggers that provides an easy way to find and share great content.  You join a tribe which has bloggers that share great content that is relevant and then you can view a stream of their latest content and easily share.

When you share you can specify a time interval between shares so it’s not all shared out at the same time.

Triberr can be a great source of finding fresh content on a daily basis.


Browse through content from your tribes and share out with the click of a button


Final Comments

A good way of attracting more followers online is to share really good content.  You also want to share really good content that is relevant to your target audience.  Content curation tools provide the ability to find and share this content.

If used correctly it can save you a lot of time.

So what content curation tools do you use? What tools above would you consider using?

You know we love comments.  C’mon !!!

45 Responses to Content Curation Tools: A Curated List of Content Curation Tools

  1. Good list! I haven’t used some of these before. I get mentioned in tweets regarding Scoopit and Storify but never have a clue what it is! Thanks for the Post Planner shout out too!

  2. I use some of these tools together. I collect the best posts I find in and then filter them into a weekly best-of list in to embed that into my blog.
    I recently started pulling my stream into Bundlepost and love the convenience that brings.
    I have started using to re-blog articles on my blog – it’s a bt like a hybrid between curation and guest-blogging.

    • Thanks Frithjof, I also have a best posts category in It’s a great idea for creating your weekly post!
      Out of interest what is the benefit of using bundlepost over a Feedly/Buffer combination?
      I haven’t heard of so I’ll check that out!
      Thanks for your feedback,

  3. Hi Ian,

    Thanks so much for in your curation line-up. Along with sharing content via the online newspaper we’re seeing our community leveraging our email newsletter service heavily to get a 2 for 1 bang out of their content: curate once into an online newspaper, and then get a curated newsletter out of it, too.

    My guess is that we’re going to see a lot more services offer users multiple ways to repurpose and export their curated content in the coming months (from us as well) Makes a lot of sense that users get the most out the their time spent curating and sourcing.

    Post planner is new to me and I am checking that out now. Looks like a really great way to quickly source and share on FB. (Maybe they’ll create the same for G+! 🙂

    • Thanks Kelly, companies are struggling with time to create content so curation is hot and will get hotter. You’re not in a bad space!!!

      If I were postplanner I would split the content engine out into a separate product and license it to other companies. They could provide an API into it that would allow companies retrieve relevant info and prepare it in different formats for LinkedIn, Google + etc !!!!

      I use postplanner every day!

      See you soon!


      • Hi Ian – Great article! I use a really cool web app called ZootRock for my social media curation. I choose the type of content and ZootRock just finds it for me and i easily post it.

  4. People like Ian Cleary make life difficult for one-man operations like me. The first difficulty is in choosing which among the tools he writes about would be appropriate for you (obviously, those that are new to you. In most of his posts, at least one is new to me). The second and bigger difficuty is: just how do you find the time?

    • Thanks for your feedback, glad I’m uncovering new stuff for you. For businesses it’s about working out a strategy and then picking the tools that will support the strategy. There’s so many tools, you need to pick out the right ones for your business!

  5. Great list, although you missed RebelMouse!

    I use scoop-it, paper-li, and storify, though I am yet to work on a strategy to use these effectively.

  6. Ian, do you know of any content curation tools where you can capture subscribers? Also, my hesitation with using tools like is that it doesn’t drive traffic to your site. You’re essentially building a channel on Or am I missing something? Thanks!

    • Hi Stephanie, I’m really sorry for missing this. Disqus it not notifying me of new comments for some reason! If you engage on it’s a good driver of traffic because the community will start adding your content to their boards. It’s one of the better tools for driving traffic.
      I’m not aware of content curation tools that capture subscribers. They want people coming back to their tool so they are unlikely to open up this functionality.

  7. Just found this post through a link on SME. If you’re looking for curation tools, check out ShareBloc. We launched 3 months ago in open beta and have gotten thousands of marketers on the site already. Thanks!

  8. Great post. I’d like to add a content curation company to your list. I work for Community Elf, which is a company that offers social media and digital content marketing services to brands. We have a team of content managers that work with our proprietary content discovery tool to implement social media strategies – posting relevant, timely and interesting content that will catch the attention of a brand’s target audience. Often brands don’t have the necessary resources (time, money, expertise) to execute a strategy on their own – so we offer the implementation.

    A few customers include Heinz, GNC, Highmark, UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) and Riverstone.

  9. Hi Ian, Thanks for the above article.

    Please suggest does any Curation platforms have newsletter options like Scoopit. We tried, but we cannot add our links in it.

    SSS Team

  10. I use ZootRock for content curation on my social media accounts. I choose the type of content and zootrock delivers it to my dashboard for me to post. I recommend you guys check it out!

  11. Ian: Take a look at Pressly, a platform focused on making it easy for brands to share their own, curated and third-party content in a centralized hub, which can exist as a standalone site or be embedded into Websites, mobile and newsletter.

  12. is the new kid on the block! Designed with a really simple UI it allows anyone to create a Hubb of content in seconds. Certainly worth giving a go!

  13. Thanks for this list, Ian. DrumUp is another clever tool if you are tired of social media eating into your time. You curate amazing content and post it directly to Facebook & Twitter.

  14. I don’t know about Newsle anymore. I went to try it out and looked at Neil Patel’s feed. It wasn’t showing anything from 2015 or 2014. Their Twitter feed is pretty dead as well. Not impressed.

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