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Social Media Technology Weekly Actionable Tips!

social media tipsIf you’re making consistent improvements to your online presence every week then your business has a much higher chance of success.

Each week from here on in we’ll provide you with 5 actionable social media tool and technology tips that will help your business.  It’s all about action, so we’d love if you tracked these posts and implemented at least one thing off the list.  That would make us very happy and would help your business.

So here goes, here’s our first 5 tips to get the ball rolling.

1.  Register for Unroll.me to remove some of your email subscriptions

As you are involved in social media you probably end up reading a lot, downloading guides, setting up products etc.  But one of the problems is that you probably subscribe to too many newsletters.

Unroll.me lets you view the newsletters you have subscribed to on one list and then you can remove some.  I removed at least 50 subscriptions in less than 1 minute.  Well worth setting up.

Easily unroll form a range of Newsletters in one go


2.  Become more productive with the email game

Social media is very time consuming but also extremely important for your business. Being efficient during the day lets you do more!

The Baydin email game takes your inbox and presents you with one email at a time and gives you a time to process it.  The idea is to process emails quickly and only open an email once (i.e. after that it’s processed somehow!).

Baydin email game
You have a limited time to process each e-mail and you must take action


At the end of the session you are awarded points and you are told how much time you have saved.

3.  Do some more internal linking on your posts

When a website mentions any content on your website they generally link back to you.  Google loves you when you get more links but the higher quality and more relevant the websites that are linking to you the better.  These are external links.

Internal links is you linking to content on your site.  On one blog post you mention another blog post and you link to the blog post using the keywords you want to rank on.

In the example below if you click on the link highlighted you are brought to a blog post on the same website which is about the keywords listed.

Internal Linking
Linking to other content on your website helps to rank that content


It’s important to have an internal linking strategy and you can start to-day!

4.  Add text to images you share on Facebook

This is not something you do all the time but it’s certainly useful.  When someone sees a picture on Facebook it can capture the attention more than a status update.  But if you have a picture with large text on the picture then you are inclined to read this also and this will lure you in.  Picmonkey is a tool that I have used to add this content to your photo’s and it works really well.

Writing on images
Writing on pictures attracts more attention


5. Link to people you want to attract in blog posts

If you are trying to build a relationship with influential people in your niche one good way is writing an article and mentioning their name in your blog post.  They quite often get notification of this so they are likely to come visit your blog.

Note:  There’s generally a few influencers that are so influential they don’t have time to track people talking about them.  So don’t be discouraged if they won’t find your post, the next level of influencers are more likely to!


Let’s Finish off with some Humor

This is a Friday post and we’re all just about to wind down and spend some time with our families. So each Friday I’m going to try to make you smile so it starts your weekend on a good note.  So here’s a funny picture to start with!

Think about how stressed you are in the office this week and how you are going to unwind.  You really don’t want to have this level of stress do you!!


A relaxing day at the pool
A relaxing day at the pool

Have a fantastic weekend and make sure to share out these tips and even implement them!

Thanks folks, would love to hear your feedback below.

photo credit: Domiriel via photopin cc