Guest Posts: How to build an effective guest posting strategy

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Guest postingAre you investing time in guest posting on other websites?

How valuable is this to you and your business?  Do you know how to evaluate which websites to guest post on and how to maximize the potential benefit of guest posting?

Well, we’re here to help.  We like helping!!!

This post came out of a question from a member of the RazorSocial community – Kate Lee from Fronetics.

In this article we outline ways of building an effective guest posting strategy.



Assessing a website

If someone approaches you to guest post on their site you’ll need to consider if this is worthwhile.

What is the domain authority of the site and what is the page authority of typical blog posts?


Opensite Explorer

Check out your domain authority!


The domain and page authority is based on a proprietary ranking system implemented by Moz.  It will give you a ranking of the domain and page out of 100.  The higher the number the better.  Opensite Explorer can we used to assess website/page authority.

If you guest post on other sites ideally you want them to have a much higher domain authority so the link you get will be more valuable.    You also want to look at what the page authority is for typical posts they have on the site.  If they have a strong community each post will probably get some links and this will help increase the page authority.

What traffic do they get to their site?

The most accurate measurement of the traffic on the site is got by asking the owner who looks up their analytics programme!  There are some tools that will give you estimates but they are not that accurate.  For example, for the bigger sites you can enter the website into Quantcast.

How often is content shared and commented?

You could do an analysis of all content on their website to find out how often each blog post is shared.  Doing this analysis will also help you understand what is the most popular type of content on their website.  Check out Social Crawlytics which can do this analysis automatically.

For commenting the best way is just to look at their recent posts to see if there is good interaction. You ideally want an engaged community.

Do they optimize their content?

If they don’t optimize their content for SEO you may not end up ranking for the key terms you want to rank on.  The easiest way to figure out is to have a look at their blog posts and search in Google for keywords highly relevant to their content.  Are they appearing in the search results?

How to find guest posting opportunities?

You need to do some research and find out what are the top blogs in the industry you are involved in.  These top blogs will be the ones that keep appearing on search results when you type in keywords relevant to your industry.  These are the ones you should focus on.

The best way to approach them is to get to know the people behind the blogs personally.  Try to meet them and get to know them.  If that’s not possible then interact with them on social media before approaching them.  Exchange tweets, comment on their blog posts,  share their content.

When you approach them spend a couple of hours working on that e-mail.   It needs to demonstrate that you understand their audience and that you have some content that will be very popular.


Writing the Post

When you write a guest post you should also make sure that you write a really high quality guest post.  The better the post the more attention, traffic, shares and comments you will get.  When you’re starting off I’d even argue that your best posts should be your guest posts!  You may not have a huge traffic on your site so it’s harder to get attention. But when you are in the spotlight on a bigger site you really need to make sure you create a great impression.

Here are some other considerations when guest posting:

Links within the post  -  A link back to your website within the post is typically more valuable than a link in the author bio at the bottom of the post.  So if at all possible you should try and get at least one link back to your website within the post.  Make sure that it is relevant to the article so that the blog owner will not remove the link.

Keywords you are targeting -  Sometimes you might want to guest post on a site because you have no chance of ranking for certain keywords on your site so you guest post on a site that will rank.  So you should consider if you want to write content to rank on someone else’s site.  This is still valuable to you because you will have a link back to your site.

When submitting the post you should make suggestions related to SEO title, description, title of the post etc.  They may not have the level of knowledge in SEO so you  might want to help them!

Post you want to promote – Sometimes you may guest post just to promote an article on your site.  You write articles around the topic and that’s a good excuse to link back to the article and this helps promote the article.

Author Bio - You will generally be allowed to have an author bio on the post and within this you will typically be allowed to have one or two links.    Don’t over do the anchor text (e.g. have very keyword focussed links back to your site).  Also try to link back to pages other than the home page.  The home page will naturally get more links than other pages and you’re better off having your links spread out on your site.

Post promotion - When you guest post you want to promote that post as much as possible.  The more promotion the more traffic, links, shares.  This increases the value of the link back to your site and results in more traffic.

Andy Crestodina from Orbitmedia writes a guest post weekly and he has guest posted on most of the top social media blogs.  It drives relevant traffic back to his site, positions him as a person of authority and even more importantly it helps build relationships with bloggers on other blogs.  Here is what Andy has to say about the benefits of guest blogging:

“There are very tangible social media and SEO benefits, but the real fun is in the collaboration. Each guest post is a mini-partnership between a blogger and an editor. Great guest bloggers are hoping the editor requests changes. That creates an opportunity to get to know them better while improving the content. Great guest bloggers keep in touch, because they know that it’s really all about the relationships. Come for the marketing, stay for the networking. :)”


Guest posting can be really effective to help build up your reputation, awareness of your product and service and build up your domain authority.

Do yo have a guest posting strategy?  What has worked for your guest posts?  We would love to hear from you!





About the author

Ian Cleary

Author: Ian Cleary is a technology guy with extensive experience in Social Media. He is a writer for Social Media Examiner and other high profile blogs and is very passionate about Social Media Tools. Ian is the CEO of RazorSocial and also RazorCoast which is a Digital Marketing Agency.

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  • Samuel

    Ian, good stuff yet again. Guest blogging is a very powerful promotional technique when used right.

    You explained the process of Guest blogging success thoroughly through this article.

    I still think the chances of having your guest post accepted is how well-known your name or your brand’s name is.

    When it comes to emailing them, it is highly recommended by me to be genuine as possible and come off a friendly guy looking to contribute to the already awesome content on the blog.

    Thank you!

    - Samuel

    • Ian Cleary

      Hi Samuel, 99% of all guest post enquires are from people that have not put the work in before they send in the app. If they interact with the community before they send an enquiry in, demonstrate a knowledge of what would work, provide excellent examples of great work and come up with a compelling piece of content then the chances of success are much much higher! Ian

      • Samuel

        Excellent, thanks!

  • guptaabhijit318

    Guest posting is a good way to network with other bloggers. Thank you for this article! It is an unbelievable help. I will definitely use your suggestions. Guest posting is an important part of any modern SEO tactic.

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