Hootsuite launched a social media command centre - why care

Hootsuite Launches Social Media Command Centre

Hootsuite have just launched a social media command centre that is aimed at Enterprise customers.

The command centre is designed to help large organizations monitor and control all social activity.

As Social Media becomes increasingly important to organizations they are realizing that real time response to issues are essential.  This is not a 9 to 5 operation, social media is 24 hours a day 7 days a ago.  The same as you would monitor your servers to ensure they are up 24 hours a day you should be monitoring your social media activity, resolving any issues and putting out any fires.

Hootsuite Command Centre
Hootsuite’s Command Centre – Just Launched

Hootsuite is becoming your dashboard for social media activity.  Through the addition of this command centre and it’s expansion of it’s third party application store it is getting more and more powerful.

Some features of the command centre include:

  • Manage your KPI (Key performance indicators) in realtime
  • Provide realtime actionable data allowing engagement with your customers on issues as they happen.
  • Use the command centre as a launch pad for the suite of apps provided by Hootsuite for iOS, Android and Blackberry

Ryan Holmes is in Dublin (Ireland) this week for Dublin Web Summit.  This is a technology conference started a couple of years ago and is already the biggest technology conference in Europe.  It will be interesting to hear from Ryan Holmes about the future direction of Hootsuite.

What do you think of Hootsuite’s latest development?