How Hubspot can help grow your business by Marcus Sheridan

How Hubspot Can Help Grow Your Business By Marcus Sheridan

Marcus SheridanMarcus Sheridan (Aka The Sales Lion!) doesn’t use many social media tools but he believes that Hubspot is one tool that he couldn’t have built his business as quickly without it.

We caught up with Marcus at the recent Content Marketing World Conference after his amazing keynote speech.  I asked Marcus would he mind doing a video and he said he would do anything to help me.  You won’t meet a nicer person than Marcus Sheridan!


As he mentions, he’s a sheridan so he must be half Irish!!  Maybe that’s why he’s so friendly!!!

Here’s what Marcus had to say:


So Marcus uses Hubspot as the main tool to blog, track leads, analytics and overall management of his website content.  One of the key areas he tracks is how much content visitors are reading.  The blog tries to answer all the questions potential customers have so they are much further down the sales funnel when they do actually ring.

I talked with Mike Volpe (CMO of Hubspot) recently and they are generating over 60k leads per month for their own company and 75% are inbound marketing leads driven by their own product!

Here is a high level overview of some of the Hubspot key features:

Lead Intelligence – You can track what companies come to your website, what pages they viewed, how long they spent and much more.  You build up a profile of your visitors and score them based on their activity.  If they complete a form on the website you can then track all their follow on activity and you can automate some of the e-mail communication with them.

Hubspot Converion
Track Which Pages are Getting Conversions


E-mail Marketing – A full eMail marketing tool to send e-mails and track results.

Social Media – As well as publishing content to social streams imagine being able to track if any of your leads interacted with some content you tweeted out?  Their social inbox is definitely worth checking out.

Marketing Automation – To develop leads it’s important to keep in contact. Through the marketing automation you can schedule and automate the lead nurturing e-mails and also auto generate e-mails to your sales team based on certain activities.

Content Production  – Publish blog posts, manage your content and optimize it all based on relevant keywords identified.

Analytics – Measure all the results through Analytics!  With a platform with such a wide variety of functionality analytics gets a lot more interesting as you track everything from the initial interaction through to the sale.


Have you used Hubspot?  How have you found it?