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How to Increase Google Pagerank

How to Increase Google Pagerank

increase google rankingDo you know the PageRank of your home page, and your other website pages?  Do you link your home page to important content on your site to help its PageRank?

In this article, we take a look at PageRank and, in particular, how content can help increase your PageRank.

Note:  When I reference PR in this article we are referring to PageRank.

What is PageRank?

PageRank is when Google ranks the pages on your website from 0 to 10.  The higher the number, the better it is for you.

PageRank can be improved by increasing the relevant links to your site from pages that have a high PageRank themselves.  So, if someone links to you from a page that has a PageRank of 7 – and this is a relevant link (e.g. in similar industry) – this will help your PageRank.  Going from zero to 2 or 3 is relatively easy, but it gets progressively harder as you move up the scale.

Here is an explanation from Google:

“PageRank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page’s value. In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B.

So you get votes and, the higher the PageRank, the more valuable the vote is.  There are other factors to consider as well, for example how many other links there are on the page.  However, overall you will get some value from pages with a high PageRank linking to you.


How To Check Google PageRank

There are various Google PageRank tools that are available that will tell you the ranking of any webpage.  For example:

  • – You just paste in your website address and it will show you the PageRank of your home page.
  • PageRank browser plugins –  There are various plugins you can install on your browser.  For example,  PageRank Status provides PageRank scores, plus lots of other useful information about your page and your site.

page rank tool
This shows you the PageRank of any page



How to Improve Google PageRank

When you create great content relevant to your niche, and you build a network so that your content is talked about and shared, this will increase your PageRank.  The reason is that people reference great content all the time so you will get links back from pages that have PageRank themselves.  When someone with PageRank links back to your site, they are passing some ‘link juice’ (i.e. PageRank) back to your site.

The amount of PageRank depends on many factors, but two of the most important are the PageRank of the page sending you the traffic, and the number of other links on the page.  If you are the only link on the page then you get more link juice passed than if there are a 10 links there.

As your blog gets better known and you get more links for your content, the PageRank of individual pages will go up and this will feed into your overall PageRank score.

As your PageRank goes up it also becomes easier to rank for content.

When Was the Last Google PageRank Update?

Google used to update it regularly but the last update was done in December 2013.

So, if you use a tool to show the PageRank score of your website, you are looking at what Google considered your PageRank to be in December 2013. It may have gone up or down since that.  Google continuously adjusts your PageRank but only releases this information once or twice a year.

How Do You Take Advantage of PageRank?

1.  Increase quality content on your site – Having a blog is a great way to increase content on your site, which means more pages for Google to index.  It also increases the number of links you will get to your content, and these links will help increase the PageRank of that particular page, as well as your site overall.

2.  Get links from high PageRanked sites/pages –  You always want to get a range of links from high and low PR sites/pages, because this looks natural from Google’s perspective.  If you only got links from high PR sites, that would look a bit suspicious.  But you’ll naturally get links from lower PR sites anyway, so you need to work harder to get links from high PR sites.  The ways to get links are:

a)  Write guest posts – Think of a topic that is relevant to a piece of content on your site so you have a good excuse to link to this piece of content!

b)  Build your network – Identify key influencers in your industry and get to know them.  They are likely to have high PageRanked sites, and they are also likely to have access to other high PageRanked sites too.  This way, because they know you, you are more likely to get links from them from a wider variety of high PageRanked sites.

c) Link from high PageRanked pages to lower ones – If you have a high PageRanked page on your site, linking from this page to one with a lower PageRank gives it a little boost.  So, find out your most valuable pages and link to other pages on your site to increase their PageRank value.

If You Change Your Domain Name, Do You Lose Your PageRank?

It depends on what you do with your existing content.

When you change your domain name, you typically want to redirect your existing domain and content to the new site.   In technical terms we refer to a 301 or a 302 redirect.  A 302 redirect means that it is a temporary redirect and no PageRank is passed to the new site.  But if you ask your developer to set up a 301 redirect, this is a permanent redirect so the PageRank is passed to the new site.

You might also ask whether you would lose some PageRank with a 301 redirect.  The simple answer is yes, but only a small amount.  It’s the same as when you link out to a page: you don’t pass on all your PR to that page, even if it’s the only link on the page.

If You Change the Name of a Page, Do You Lose PageRank on that Page?

Yes, you do.  Instead, you should do a 301 redirect from the old page to the new page.  If you just change the page name, links that went there are going to carry on going there, and the new page name is starting from scratch.


PageRank is not something to get obsessed about but it’s worth knowing the PageRank of your home page and other pages on your website. It’s also useful knowing the PageRank of other websites, and this is an alternative to using Moz’s domain and page authority.

Do you check your PageRank?  Which tools do you use?  How useful/valuable is it?  How do you increase Google Page Rank?

We love getting comments on this blog and always respond to genuine ones!



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  1. Above are the Very Essential Facts .
    I find SeoQuake ( plugin ,tool bar , extension ) as better.

    We concentrate on content , blog writing , link building , social media activities in our SEO Services .

    And Google Web Master Tool’s various metrics helps in knowing our SEO efforts.

  2. Really surprised to see a blog on PR to be honest as so many of us have stopped looking at it all in favor of tools like MozRank. We even came up our own measure, based on measures from Moz, Majestic, and others that we use at (still in beta). Overall, I don’t find it useful as it does not track with actual rankings and isn’t updated very often (unlike Moz and others.)

    • Hey Joey, a lot of people don’t look at anything. So it’s not all about pagerank but it’s about getting people to think about how Google thinks about your website! Thanks for your feedback. Ian

  3. Hi Ian, thanks for sharing this article.

    It’s timely as I am rebuilding a website and maybe you can answer a question for me.

    Despite this website having lots of SEO things wrong, duplicate content, no canonical, bad Url’s, blog posts instead of pages, you name it, page rank zero but it still ranks top of the Google Serps for most of the key search terms in it’s competitive niche probably as the domain name is older than its competitors and it gets lots of traffic as the business is well known.

    Why re-build it? To try and future proof it to make sure it stays top of the Serps before the competition catch up.

    Incidentally I come across lots of sites with literally every SEO best practice rule broken but they are still top of the SERP’s with great page rank. Is it because good Links trump all on-site issues?

    So this website is currently built with Joomla on host A using the .com domain name, I am proposing to rebuild it with WordPress with Host B on a .ie version of the same domain name.

    I want to change the domain name from .com to .ie with the .com on divert to .ie (Site is in Ireland and has only Irish customers)

    So firstly would I be making a big mistake trying to fix it if it is already ranking well, should I just leave well alone?

    Will using the .ie version of the domain be treated as a brand new domain hurting SEO even though the .com will be on 301 to it?

    So is what you say I need to do;
    1. Put the .com on divert to the .ie (Do they both need to be with the same host?)
    2. Do a 301 re-direct of each individual page Url to the new Page Url. (Where do I go to do all the individual page re-directs, to Host A’s control panel?)
    3. Do I need to go to Webmaster Tools and tell Google the Url’s have changed for each individual page?

    Thanks, Denis

  4. ditto @Joey – you also fail to mention that the pagerank scale is from 1-10 and its exponential, but what we do not know is what base the exponential equation is. ie to get from 1 to 2 or 4 to 5 your efforts are squared (not doubled) for each jump so a PR of 10 is 1000% higher than 1, not 90%

  5. Hey Ian,

    Thanks for writing this article. You’ve shared the most important points of increasing PR. A lot of new internet marketers are not familiar with PR and it can be a bit mysterious like most things Google, but once you get into it, it makes perfect sense.
    Thanks again
    Dave at NinjaOutreach

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    page rank is based on a combination of the quality of your content,
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  7. Hi your article is simply amazing.I want more articles.The facts you have said really helped me in doing google rank increased. And these steps are very useful to all of them.Great article.

  8. Thanks Ian. I’m a new blogger, always looking for new tools. This post was incredibly helpful. It’s good to know of rankings are updated yearly–I’ve been waiting for mine to change. Now I know I need to keep pressing forward & patiently wait for Google to update 🙂

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