How to Use Antavo to Build Email Subscribers on Facebook

How to Use Antavo to Build Your Email Subscribers on Facebook

How to Use antavoWhich is more important, a Facebook fan or an email subscriber?


A Facebook fan can be very important for your business but, if you want to sell products or services, you also need to build your email subscriber list.  Typical conversion rates for email subscribers are much higher for e-commerce sites, when compared to Facebook fans.


Have a look at the following chart done in Q2 2013:


email conversion rates
Source: Monetate


Both fans and email subscribers are important, so why not have the best of both worlds and convert your fans to subscribers?


What is Antavo and how does it help?

When you communicate on Facebook, an average of around 5% of your fans will see your content, whereas on email you’ll probably get about 20 to 25%.  Antavo is suite of contest applications than can be run within Facebook, your website or through a mobile device.  You can set up competitions very easily and use their templates as a starting point, instead of creating your own custom designs.

Two areas of Antavo are particularly interesting:

  • Email integration – They encourage you to build email subscribers with any competition you run.  But, as well as collecting subscribers, you can set up some email templates for messages to communicate with anyone who enters the competition.
  • Viral sharing – When someone enters the competition, they are encouraged to share it on their own social media channels to get more entries to the competition.  This viral sharing is really a no brainer, and every competition application should have this facility.

What types of promotion apps are available?

Contest apps:

  • Photo contest – You ask people to submit a photo and get their friends to vote.
  • Video contest – Same as photo contest, except with videos.
  • Essay app – Contestants submit some text and their friends vote for it.
  • Instagram contest – Users upload their photos and encourage their friends to vote.
  • Audio contest –   Users can vote on uploaded music!

Sweepstakes apps:

  • Draw – To enter the competition, users just need to enter some personal details (e.g. name/email)
  • Quiz  – Users need to provide personal details and answer at least one question
  • Poll – Users enter the sweepstakes after voting on a pre-determined topic.


  • Group –  Offer a percentage off coupon, or a ‘buy one get one free’ offer if a specified number of people buy
  • Coupon –  Offer a percentage off or a ‘buy one get one free’ offer
  • Giveaway – Give something away for free for entering, e.g. a product sample.


Landing page – There is also the ability to create landing pages where you can build your email sign ups.

How does it work?

Step 1 – Create your campaign


The first step is to create a campaign


Step 2 – Pick the type of competition you want to run.

In this example, we have picked a simple sweepstake where someone just has to answer a question to enter a draw.  In anticipation of the launch of our blogging course, we wanted to build some excitement so we decided to run a draw where we would give the course away to one lucky person.

Step 3 – Configure the campaign

On this screen, you define the details of the competition.


Antavo Campaign Settings
Set up the basics for your campaign


In the example above, I have selected that I want a Facebook app and an embedded web app. So, as well as running the competition on our Facebook Page, we also want to run it on our website.  If you wanted to put the competition on a separate microsite, you could do that, too.

For the Facebook app, you need to connect to your Facebook Page and define some additional settings. I’ve aenabled the auto-post option so that, when someone enters the competition, their friends get notified.

Next, you get the embed code to create the app on your website (you just copy the embed code onto a page of your website) and you can also add analytics tracking for Facebook (e.g. ads you run) and for Google.


Antavo Additional Permissions
Additional configuration


Step 4 – Define the mechanics

The competition will be much more successful if you build in an incentive for competition entrants to share with their friends.


Antavo settings for campaign
Viral sharing settings


In this example, I am awarding three more points if a user’s friend enters the competition, and two more points if they share the competition on social media.  Antavo will automatically pick the winner from the subscribers, and those with more entries will have a better chance of winning.


Step 5 – Create the entry form

You have a customizable entry form where you can add/remove fields as required.  In our case, we wanted to created a form to collect names and email addresses, but we also wanted to collect additional information about the bloggers who were filling out the form.  This was so that we could use this information to target people for sales in the future.


Antavo Additional fields
Add in any additional fields you want



Step 6 – Create the screens for the competition

There is a series of templates made available that you can use.  I would have liked more flexibility to tailor the templates, but if you’re happy with the default template style then it’s easy.  There is an option to modify the CSS (code) if you want further flexibility.


Antavo Forms


Step 7 – Set up emails

After someone enters the competition, you can automatically send them an e-mail.  You can also email them to let them know when a friend they shared the competition with signs up.  This helps creates a buzz for the competition and there is more of an incentive to share the competition.

Step 8 – Preview

You can view the competition as it would appear on your website, Facebook Page or mobile app before you launch the application.

Step 9 – Monitoring

During the competition, you can monitor who has entered and who has shared the competition with their friends.

Step 10 – Announcing winners

When the competition is over, Antavo can randomly pick a winner.  As well as announcing the winner on Facebook, you can send emails to the winner and/or losers.  For example,  you could send an email to the losers saying you are sorry they didn’t win the prize, but offer them a discount on your products or services.


How Could Antavo Improve

Antavo recently launched a new version which is better than the older version but has some minor usability issues that could be fixed up.


Antavo is an interesting application and the team understand the importance of building email subscribers and encouraging social sharing of the competitions.

I like the route they are taking with a strong focus on building email subscribers.  I’m interested to see where they bring this in the next iteration of the product.

Have you used Antavo before?  What’s your favorite competition app provider on Facebook?