John Rampton, Affiliate Marketing Guru talks about his Top Tools

John Rampton is an entrepreneur, affiliate marketing guru and online marketing specialist.  At one stage he was working in performance marketing and was managing a $100+ Million Ad spend.  He’s founder of pixloo and

In this video John outlines a couple of very useful tools.


Raven tools is a suite of SEO, Social and Advertising tools that have a great reputation in the marketplace.  Originally started with SEO tools (keyword research, competitor analysis, link building assistance etc) and then followed with social and advertising tools.

Marin Software

Marin software is an advanced PPC (Pay per click) management platform to get best results from your advertising.  Not something to use if you’ve small budgets.  This is more suitable for the larger accounts.

Google Analytics

Even though Google Analytics is free it’s surprising to see the expert internet marketers still use it.  So if you’re not using it, you should!

Have you used any of the tools above?