3 Tools to help you grow your presence on LinkedIn

3 LinkedIn Tools to Grow Your Presence on Linkedin

LinkedIn ToolsLinkedIn can be a very valuable tool for your business but you are using the right management tools?

I meet so many people who say they don’t get benefit from LinkedIn but when I ask them what time they are investing in LinkedIn, the answer is usually none!


It can be very beneficial to your business if you invest time in LinkedIn.

In this article we outline 3 tools that will really help you grow your presence on LinkedIn.

1.  Build stronger relationships with your contacts using FiveHundredPlus

If you connect with relevant people in LinkedIn this is an extremely valuable database that you should use.  When you build up a large database on contacts it can be a great source of business.

But you need to regularly communicate with them to nurture the relationships and let them know that you are still around.

FiveHundredPlus is a company which has an interesting tool which will become more and more useful as the functionality develops.  It is designed to help you maintain and build relationships with contacts in Linkedin.

You view all your contacts in a table and then drag contacts to a relevant column which indicates how often you think you should contact this connection e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly.


Track your interactions with LinkedIn Contacts


When you send an e-mail to this contact this can automatically be recorded within FiveHundredPlus.  Alternatively you can manually enter a communication with this contact.  When you are due to interact with a contact the contacted is shaded in red so you instantly know you’ve some action to take!


Five Hundred Plus Interactions
Recording interactions with contacts


Recently Jamie Turner (60 second marketer) sent an e-mail to his LinkedIn contacts and converted 120 people to his email subscription service.  Your LinkedIn database is very valuable, are you regularly communicating with them?

FiveHundredPlus is currently available for free.

2.  Grow your LinkedIn Contacts Using Rapportive

Rapportive is a plugin to add on to Gmail.  When you are corresponding with someone Rapportive will look up LinkedIn to find details of this person.  So you can then automatically see who they are, what their background is and also connect to them on LinkedIn if you are not already connected.

We use this tool regularly and love it.  It’s completely free and so useful.  As well as providing really valuable information about the contact it encourages you to connect with more people.  The best people to connect with are ones that you are communicating with.


Rapportive for LinkedIn
Connect with contacts on LinkedIn and view profile info within gmail


Note: If you are using Outlook you can use the outlook social connector for similar functionality.  So build your LinkedIn database using Rapportive.

3.  Drive relevant traffic to your website using tools that support LinkedIn Group functionality

When you create a new blog post and want to share it out on LinkedIn the groups you are a member can be a good target audience.  We have tried numerous options for sharing on groups.

a). Hootsuite – You are allowed to connect 5 different social media profiles on your free account so if you want to shared content with a lot of groups you need to pay for a subscription.  We tried this out but the Group sharing functionality is not good.  The image on your blog post is not shared with the update which is a big draw back and will significantly reduce on the number of people that read your post.


Hootsuite LinkedIn Group Sharing
Sharing content to LInkedIn Groups using Hootsuite


b). SocialMotus is a relatively new social media management tool with a significant amount of free functionality available.  There is group sharing functionality as part of the free version but unfortunately this has the same issue as Hootsuite.

c). Oktopost is a social media management tool which has good functionality for group sharing.  When you share out to groups there is an image associated with the item and what is really nice is that you get statistics on what you share.  For example, you can  view how many people from each group clicked on the link and came back to your website.

This is how a post to a group appears with Oktopost.  As you can see there is a nice image associated with the post.


Oktopost posts to multiple groups and includes an image as part of the post


Oktopost is a paid service so you’ll need to pay $24.99 per month.  We felt that although the group functionality was good $24.99 was too much because this was the only functionality we were going to use.  There is other social media functionality available but the group functionality is the area that is developed the most.

d) LinkedIn Share Button – If you have a LinkedIn Share Button on your site and click on this button you have the option to send the updates to groups.

When you click on this button you can then specify the groups you want to share out to.


LinkedIn Share Button
Click on this button to share to groups on LinkedIn


When you click on the share button you can specify which groups you want to share out the message.  When the message is shared out an image is associated with the times shared which is great!


LinkedIn Share Buttons
You can share your updates to multiple groups for free


The big advantage to this is that’s free.  The only issue is that within Google Analytics you can’t track which group is generating the most traffic but can you see how you sharing to groups has benefited your site in terms of overall traffic.

Based on our testing we are going to use the LinkedIn Share button from our site to share content to groups.

These are the Linkedin tools that we have been investigating.  We’d love to hear about how you get most out of LinkedIn, what tools you use or just give us your feedback!

p.s. A shout out to Lori Ruff and Mike O’Neill from  Integrated Alliances who provide the best training on Linkedin!