Marketing Skills: 7 Reasons Marketing Teams Need Tech Training

Marketing Skills: 7 Signs you need to update your technology skills


Marketing Skills


Do you write content that doesn’t appear on the first page of Google after you publish?

Do you spend too much time finding and sharing content and feel results could be better?

Do they know all the tools and technical aspects that are now important (Hint: Subscribe to this site!!)

The role of the marketer is continuing to change and having some technology skills is a distinct advantage.  Nobody expects you to have a computer science degree but there are technology skills that are useful!

Here are 7 signs you need to spend more time on the technical aspects to your job (assuming you don’t have someone else to do it for you!)

1.  Not performing keyword research on new content

If you write blog content you ideally want to write about what your audience is interested in.  If they are interested in it they will generally search for it.  So it’s important to do some keyword research to find out what are you main keywords you want to rank on and also perform keyword research for individual posts.

You can come up with really smart titles for your posts but if you don’t have your keywords as part of these titles then you are missing a trick.

2.  Not optimizing content for Google

Search Engine Optimization was a black art years ago but it’s not anymore.  When you write content there is a checklist you should follow to optimize your content.

Think of Google as your Librarian that wants to index your content.  You just need to provide Google with relevant information in index the content correctly.

If you don’t index the content correctly you are not helping your custom find your great content.   You’ll end up with less traffic or traffic that is irrelevant.

3. Not using tools that help automate some content sharing

When new content comes out (blog post, video content, imagery etc) your Marketing team may spend too much time sharing this content out on multiple channels.  Or worse, they may not promote it on all channels because they don’t have the time.

Automation is an important part to Social media but only automation that makes sense.

They need to be familiar with the tools that will help them automate some tasks.

  • – Automate distribution of content to Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn Company pages etc.
  • Zapier – Automate other tasks such as automatically sending a tweet when a new Youtube video is launched.
  • SocialOomph – Automate the sending of older evergreen content.

There are many tools but are you using the right ones and are they set up correctly?

4.  Not using tools to track relationship building

When you’re on Social Media you end up with a lots of followers, fans, subscribers etc.  When someone aims a message directly at you on whatever channel generally you’ll want to respond.

You’ll also want to try to initiate conversations and encourage those interactions.

But you’re not going to be able to focus on building relationships with everyone.  Over time the numbers will get too high.  So it’s important to identify a group of the key influential people that you want to focus on.   These could be:

  • Customers
  • Potential Customers
  • Journalists
  • Thought leaders in your industry
  • Other – They are may be other key influencers

An example of a tool you could use is Nimble.  Nimble is a social relationship manager.  It allows you to identify you influencers and track interactions.

You can set up a process to ensure you interact with them on a regular basis.

Of course if you have a good relationship you’ll interact with them in the normal course of your work (this is tracked in Nimble) but quite often some people will fall off the radar.

Nimble may not be your tool of choice but it’s a very good option for helping manage.


Nimble tracks your interactions with your contacts


Either way, you need know the right tools for building the relationships.


5.  You go directly to the Platforms for Interacting

If you don’t produce a lot of content and you don’t have many followers of course you can go to,, and do all your interactions there.

Hootsuite – If you use Twitter a lot Hootsuite provides much better functionality than if you go directly to Twitter.  For example, filter out all your influencers in a separate column, do advanced scheduling or set up a keyword filtered column.


Hootsuite Scheduling
In Hootsuite you can schedule a post multiple times


Facebook – If you are posting to a Facebook page you may not be available 24 hours a day(!) so you might need a good tool.  Hootsuite is not a great tool for managing Facebook but Postplanner is.  It gives you the ability to find and share great content at the right times.

One particularly good feature of Postplanner is the ability to automatically search the web and come up with the most shared content that is relevant to your industry.  This saves you a ton of time finding content.

6. You’re not discussing your analytics report every week

Are you analyzing your analytics?

If you use Google analytics you get some wonderful information but do you spend some time each week analyzing the results?

  • How was this week compared to last week?
  • What goals did you achieve in Google analytics this week?
  • Has your bounce rate improved?
  • How is your A/B testing doing at the moment?

These and other questions are really important and understanding Google analytics is essential if you want to get more out of your website.

7.  Spending too much time finding great content

Social Media is not all about your content.

It’s so important to reward people by sharing out great content you find that is relevant to your audience.

Your audience doesn’t want to hear about you all the time.  I would even argue that if a competitor writes great content you might even want to share this!  You may not share it all the time but once every so often sharing a competitors content is good for you and shows that you are just looking for the best content for your audience.

But finding great content takes time unless you have the right tools.  You also need to use your time efficiently.

A Technology Savvy Marketer may find content and share content in some of these ways:

a). On the train going to work – Read content on their device using Feedly and share it to Buffer for automatic distribution to relevant platforms later on in the day

b). During the day – Find a great article and send it to Pocket so you can read it in the evening.

c). Create a tribe on Triberr and encourage people will great relevant content to join the tribe.  Triberr is a community of bloggers and if you get a group of members into your tribe that have great content then you have a constant stream of relevant content to choose from to share.

d). Use and follow boards of content belonging to people you trust.  People on find content and add to a relevant board.  You can then access the content that they really like.

So content curation is something you should be very familiar with!


The role of your Marketing department and the marketing skills they require is evolving also.

How efficient are you as a Marketer or how efficient is your team?

We would love to hear your opinion.  Let me know your thoughts?



4 Responses to Marketing Skills: 7 Signs you need to update your technology skills

  1. Hi Ian,

    Nice article.

    I find myself using more and more for content curation. And because of the Buffer integration, it’s such a time saver for scheduling social media shares. I’m also using it to add content to my Tumblr blog.

    I tried Nimble awhile back but I like the dashboard a lot too.

    Postplanner is tops when it comes to Facebook! I really like that they suggest questions and “fill in the blank statements” that we can post. A lot of times I add my own twist so that people get a little of my personality when I share those suggestions.

    Triberr is just simply awesome!

    Thanks Ian, chat soon.

    • Hey Ileane, I love all of those also. is pretty cool! You’re right about Postplanner also, the content discovery engine is great.

      And of course Triberr!

      Looking forward to chatting to you soon!

      Thanks for your comments,


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