Mike Stelzner from Social Media Examiner Discusses Social Media Tools

Mike Stelzner from Social Media Examiner Shares His Top Tools

Social Media Examiner was founded by Mike Stelzner and it has been a phenomenal success story. As a contributor, I get to see the work that is put in to ensure that only the best articles are published. And their work is certainly paying off!

I recently caught up with Mike and asked him about some of the tools that he recommends.



Tweetbot – iphone twitter app

Mike uses Tweetbot when he’s out and about to track traffic on twitter.  One cool feature he mentioned was the ability to filter out content. For every post that is sent out on Social Media Examiner there are a lot of retweets so it would be difficult for Mike to keep track of them all. So Tweetbot allows him to filter out the Retweets.


Mike Stelzner - Tweetbot
Tweetbox -iPhone Twitter App


It certainly looks like a very user-friendly and intuitive app. I really like the smart gestures. If you swipe a tweet to the right you’ll see any conversation related to the tweet. If you swipe to the left you can view replies.

Aweber for eMail Management

With over 175k eMail subscribers selecting the best e-mail marketing tool is essential.  Mike recommends Aweber which I highly recommend (and use) also. One feature Mike mentioned was the ability to set and forget.  Aweber takes a selection of any new blog post and automatically sends this out via eMail to all subscribers with a link back to the main post.

Mike Stelzner - aweber
Aweber – Tracking Statistics on eMails Sent

What I particularly like about aWeber is the great statistics that are provided on any eMails sent out.

Buddypress – A WordPress based Social Network

To increase interaction with Social media examiner fans Mike and his team recently launched an online community for social media marketers using buddypress software. Using this forum you can create your own profile and interact with other members through groups set up. The functionality certainly works for Social Media Examiner.

Mike Stelzner - BuddyPress Forum on Social Media Examiner
Social Media Examiner Forum Build on BuddyPress

 Increasing Interaction and Sharing through Wibiya

Wibiya is a toolbar that you place at the bottom of your website which encourages people to share out content and interact with you via chat. What Mike liked about Wibiya was that visitors to the website could interact with the Facebook page and write comments on the wall without leaving the website.

Have you used any of the tools above? Let us know your experience with them or other similar tools you’d recommend.