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Nate Riggs Talks About His Hot Social Media Tools

Nate RiggsWe recently caught up with Nate Riggs at Content Marketing World and he shared some really interesting tools in this interview.

Nate specializes in helping mid-sized and enterprise companies use the web to win and keep the attention of their customers.  One of his areas of expertise is doing strategic work with clients in relation to social media and social business strategies. He is an author and can be heard speaking at many of the top Social media events in the US.





Inbound Writer is a tool used for optimizing content for search engines.  Since we talked with Nate there has been significant changes to Inbound writer.

With Inboundwriter you enter in a topic you are considering writing about and Inboundwriter will give it a rating.  If it’s an article you have a chance of getting traffic for you you’ll get a green rating with a score of 100 or more!

It is designed to stop you writing articles that are not going to get ongoing organic traffic.  It’s a pretty cool tool!


Nate uses the ‘Cadence’ application within Socialflow.  This analyses your tweets and works out the best time to post your content based on what you are sending and when the audience is most likely to engage with the content.

Using this Tool Nate has, at times, achieved over 500% increase in engagement levels with posts.


Tweetadder is a twitter automation tool.  Nate uses this tool in a specialized way.  For example, when he was at the Content Marketing World conference in Ohio he targeted people that tweeted using the content marketing world hash tag (#cmworld) that were at the event (using geo location tagging).  This allowed him to follow relevant people.

An alternative to using this tool is using something like manage flitter.

Have  you used any of these tools listed above?