7 Tools Providers to Check out at NMX

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NMX TOOL PROVIDERSMy first social media conference of the year in 2014 is NMX in Las Vegas and I’m flying out on the 2nd of January.  I know I have a tough life but somebody has to do it!

NMX is special to me this year because I’m speaking at the event.  The reason it’s so special is that in June 2012 I went to my first social media conference in the US in New York. It was called Blogworld (now called NMX). This was the start of an amazing journey for me.

In New York I met so many amazing people and my business took off very quickly after that conference.  I went again in in January 2013 and again met so many fantastic people.

But of course I’ll have to do some work when I’m there.  I’m hungry to meet tool providers that will help the RazorSocial community build their presence on social media.

I picked out 7 that caught my eye.

1. Taggled

Taggled are an Irish startup so I guess I could meet them in Dublin but why not meet them in Vegas.  Taggled make your videos more interactive.  You’re watching a video and see an item of clothing you like, you click on the item and up pops up information about the pricing and how you can buy it.

I always wanted this functionality on my TV.  When I’m watching a movie and see something cool why can’t you find out how to buy it.  This is a much better form of advertising than interrupting me with irrelevant advertisements.



Click on the item to view details


But technology alone doesn’t make you successful.  What I like about these guys is that they are trying to build up a network.  They understand the importance of getting out there and building relationships and a community and that will be key to their success.

2. Sucuri

What do you do to protect your website against attack?   If you don’t have any protection in place for your website you’re going to be exposed to someone hacking into it and altering content.  They could slow down your website, replace the content, hack your forms and more nasty stuff.

Sucuri projects you against this.  They operate 3 services:

  • Monitoring: Monitor for malware, site changes etc.
  • Alerting: Warn you when there are issues.
  • Removal: They will remove any infections to get you up and running.

They also recently added another layer of protection which acts like a firewall.  Any traffic is routed through this firewall and they don’t let it through if they recognize it as a threat.

It’s really essential that you have some form of protection in place.

Check out their free scanning option.

3. Cachefly

Typically the closer your website visitor is to where your hosting centre is the quicker the content will be returned.  If I’m in the US and my site is hosted in the US then the content will be returned quicker than someone in Europe that accesses the content.

But why should people that are further away not get as good a service as local people?

The way around this is a content distribution network like Cachefly.



Hosting centres around the world available for cachefly customers


I currently use MaxCDN as a content distribution network and after I signed my website was twice as fast immediately.  My home page now downloads in less than 2 seconds.


4. Blubrry

Blubrry is a service to create everything you need for your Podcast.  I am going to launch a social media tools podcast early next year so I’m interested in checking this out.

The services they provide are:

  • Media Hosting – They host your podcast and make it available
  • Statistics – Full statistics on usage
  • Powerpress plugin for WordPress – To manage all your podcasts within WordPress (e.g. you can set up a media player to website visitors can play the podcast on the website)
  • Directory – You can host the podcast on their directory.  You’re still going to want to host the podcast on iTunes and other popular directories but this is in addition to that.


5. Content Blvd

This is a service and software that brings brands and publishers together in one platform.  If you want to promote a piece of content you have to find and reach out to relevant bloggers to convince them to publish the content.  If you are a blogger and are looking to work with brands you need to reach out to them.

Content Blvd brings both together with software to fully manage the service.


6. LinkSmart

Linksmart is about effective management of links within your content.  It helps you build effective links in content that will reduce bounce rate and drive people to more valuable content.  Instead of adding links manually you can add links across the full site automatically.

You can also discover pages that don’t have links or don’t have the optimal number of links and then easily add these links on.

With the link tracking in place you can see which links are being clicked and how often and this includes external and internal links.

7. WPEngine

WPEngine provides a fully managed service for WordPress.  They are not really a tool provider but I use them and they provide a really good service.

They key benefits I have found to the service are:

Super fast – They use their own cache which delivers great performance

Staging server – You get an exact duplicate of your website on a staging server which allows you to test out changes and with a click of a button copy them to the live server.

Protection from Hackers – They protect you from any hackers attempting to break into your site.

Check out WPEngine


NMX will be another amazing conference and I’m so looking forward to it.  It’s a great chance to network, catch up with friends and learn something new!

What do you think of the tools listed above?   Are you going to NMX?  I’d love to meet you!

Here are some amazing people speaking at NMX – Chris Ducker, Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, Andrea Vahl, Amanda Blain, Antonio Centeno, Bryan Kramer, C.C. Chapman, Cynthia Sanchez, Cliff Ravenscraft,  David Risley, Dino Dogan, Jamie Tardy, John Lee Dumas, Lee Odden, Neal Schaeffer, Michael Hyatt, Mitch Canter, Heather Greenwood Davis, Rich Brooks, Sam Fiorella, Tamsen Webster, Tom Webster and many more!

If you are an exhibitor with a social media tool that I didn’t mention I’d love to hear from you!



About the author

Ian Cleary

Author: Ian Cleary is a technology guy with extensive experience in Social Media. He is a writer for Social Media Examiner and other high profile blogs and is very passionate about Social Media Tools. Ian is the CEO of RazorSocial and also RazorCoast which is a Digital Marketing Agency.

  • http://malharbarai.com/ Malhar Barai

    Not big enough to attend NMX yet, but when I went through the list, find Sucuri and WP Engine are kind of must-tools for every blogger.

    Sucuri has been mentioned earlier to me when my blog as well as few of my client’s blog were hacked. They seem to be pretty powerful.

    Have fun as NMX, will be keenly looking forward to your review post.

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      Thank you Malhar, it will certainly be a fun event. I hope to get to meet you some day!

  • http://warrenwhitlock.com/social-media-expert Warren Whitlock

    Great to hear you’ll be here for NMX. Looking forward to meeting up

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      Hey Warren, that’s fantastic news. Really looking forward to meeting you too. I must owe you a drink or two!!! Ian

      • http://warrenwhitlock.com/social-media-expert Warren Whitlock

        keep the tab open.. I just suggested you for an interview.. and of course, I want to do one with you and me.

        • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

          For sure!!! and always up for an interview :-)

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