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Cool Social Media Tools Found at NMX in Vegas


nmxNMX (New Media Expo) and Business Next is is bi-annual conference held in the US.

The conference is aimed at bloggers, podcasters, web TV and video series creators.

A fast paced, rapid learning and fantastic networking event which has an amazing buzz.

At the show I came across many great tools.  Here are just 5 ones that caught my attention.



Manage multiple WordPress sites with ManageWP

ManageWP is a a management tool for multiple wordpress sites.  If you have more than one wordpress site ManageWP is a tool that allows you to easily backup them all, updates plugins, view analytics and much more.


ManageWP allows you to manage multiple wordpress sites and support mobile


It’s really frustrating if you have multiple wordpress sites when a new plugin comes out or a new version of WordPress.  You need to upgrade each site individually.  With ManageWP you can update them all at the same time.  The mobile component is also very useful.


Manage Twitter Conversations with  Nestivity

nestivityNestivity is a better way of managing twitter.  It’s in Beta at the moment so not ready for full release but it’s certainly one to watch.  It takes conversation you are having on twitter and organizes it in a way that encourages more conversation.

If there’s a a conversation going on about your company to-day how do you track that conversation?  We can use a monitoring tool to mention mentions of your brand, you can use Hootsuite to view some of the conversation but you can’t go to a page and find all this conversation all in one place and all nicely sorted.

Nestivity are certainly trying to solve a real problem.  We’ll be keeping a close eye on them!

3. Enable Social Networking on very basic Mobile Phones with Vasco-De

I just love this service.  We don’t all carry around Smartphones and have laptops but most people have some type of phone.  Vasco-De allows people with very basic text based phones to use them to communicate over Facebook, twitter, e-mail etc.  So, for example, using a text interface you can logon and interact on Facebook with your friends in a very simple way.

Take a look at the video.



4. Interact with your fans real time with MediaGauge

Mediagauge tells you how your fans are interacting with media on your site right now and then lets you respond to this.  For example, if a fan is watching a video you can pop up a message on the screen when they get to a certain part of the video.

Context relevant message pops up when visitors are watching a video

This is pretty cool technology and it’s currently free.

5. Have conversations with TicTalking

Tictalking is a social network for having conversations.  You go to the home page, see some conversations and just join in.  I actually thought I wouldn’t like it but when I arrived on the home page I seen a conversation about Fitness which I am passionate about and found myself just joining in on the conversation.

Ticktalking is about having conversations about a broad range of topics


These are not all the cool tools I found so I’ll be following up with others but if were at NMX and have a cool tool please share in the comments.

Why tools do you like?  I’d love to hear from you.