Off-Page-SEO: 5 Tips for Building Links to your Blog

5 Tips for Building Links to Your Blog

5 Tips for Building Links to Your Blog

Link BuildingDo you want to get links to your blog posts to help increase ranking on Google?

Do you consider link building a task for an SEO person that you shouldn’t be involved with?

Off page SEO is the process of getting relevant links back to your site from other sites.  It can get quiet complex but the basics are straight forward.



Business objective of this article

If you understand more about link building you will be able to increase relevant traffic to your website.  This article covers some of the basics.


What terms do I need to be familiar with?

There are so many technical terms but here’s some of the basics you need to be familiar with:

What is a link? – Somebody mentions you in their content and you can click on this to bring the reader to your website.

What is link juice? – This is a common term used in the SEO industry.  It means that when a website links to you it  can pass on some benefit to you.  The higher the profile the site the more benefit (link juice) the better.

What is the difference between a follow and a no follow link?  If a site links to you with a ‘follow link’ this means you get some link juice.  If it’s a ‘no follow’ link that means that no link juice is passed.   For example, a lot of blog comments have ‘no follow’ links.  This means that when you comment on a blog and put in your website address you don’t get any link juice!

What is anchor text –  If someone links to you on a website the text they use in the link is called the anchor text.

What is off page SEO?  – If you optimize content on your website for Google that is considered on page seo.  If you do things not on your website (e.g. link building) this is considered off page SEO.


Tips to build links (off page SEO)

Here are 5 tips to build links before you bring in the SEO experts!

1.  Guest post on other blogs

When you guest post on other blogs they will generally allow you to have an author bio and in this bio you should include a link back to your website.  But don’t just guest post on any blog.  Find a website in your niche that has been established for many years, has a lot of traffic and is appearing high in search results for the most relevant terms for your industry.

Here is an example of a guest post on Social Media Examiner from my friend Kim Reynolds.


Kim Reynolds
You can see that the text highlighted is in a different color. If you click on this you are brought to Kim’s website


A couple of years ago it would be important to include keywords you wanted to rank on in your anchor text.  This is not as important any more.  Brian Dean (Link Building Expert) suggests to include the text you want to rank on close to the link but don’t use the text as the link.  Here is an example:

a).  Ian Cleary runs a website about social media tools.  – The anchor text is ‘social media tools’.

b). Ian Cleary runs a website about social media tools, see here. – You are not using keywords in the anchor text but ‘social media tools’ is still mentioned.

2.  Create Link Bait

Link bait is when you create some content that people will automatically link to.  For example you create a fantastic guide on your website.  If it’s good enough people will link to it.

3.  Internal Linking

Linking from other pages on your website to a blog post can improve the ranking of that post.  When we talked about passing ‘link juice’ earlier this is also possible within your own site.

a). When you create a new post try to link to at least one other post that you want to rank higher.  This will benefit the other post.  The other benefit is that if someone copies your content and puts it on their site you’ll still have a link back to your site.

b). When you create a new post go back through old posts to see which one you can link to your new post.  Ideally you want a post that  has discussed the topic you want to rank on.  So go to Google and search your website for the keywords you want to rank on to see if any other post mentioned these keywords.  If they did then you could link to your new post.

Note:  On Google if you only want to search a specific site then you add ‘site:<name of website>’ just after your search.

4. Link to other people

If I create a post about the top 5 tools to do x I’ll link out to each of the tool providers.  I’ll then reach out to them on twitter and let them know that I linked to them.  I don’t get any immediate benefit but they get to know about me if they don’t already and they are more likely to link to me in other posts.

5. Write Great Content

If you build relationships through social media with relevant people in your niche and deliver fantastic content they will link to it.  You don’t ask for the links but you just get them.  Great content always wins!


What tool do you use to check what links I get to my blog?

There is a large variety of tools available for checking to see what links you have to your blog.  For example, Monitorbacklinks provides a free version which lets you see the links to your site based on priority.


Monitor backlinks shows you all the links to your site in order of relevance.
Monitor backlinks shows you all the links to your site in order of relevance.


Link building can be quite technical and complicated but the basics are quite straightforward.  Focus on producing high quality content and building relationships with influential sites and links will naturally come!

What is your process for link building?  What has worked for you?



photo credit: Juan R. Martos via photopin cc

92 Responses to 5 Tips for Building Links to Your Blog

  1. Hi Ian, thanks for clarying how to get links in this new age of SEO. I’ve been a little link shy of late. And the way to use anchor text is very helpful too.

  2. Hey Ian. Great introductory post. You can also check some limited backlinks in Google/Bing Webmaster Tools, but I recommend signing up for MajesticSEO. Their free account will give you a complete backlink profile for free if you sync it up with webmaster tools.

  3. Thanks for posting this blog.There are many different methods to analize our website. colibritool is a tool in which you can take all information of your website in a few moment. it is fast and easier as compare to other tool. For information, you can visit the

  4. Hi Ian! (I was at your presentation at TBEX 2013 – really informative)

    Question re: no follow links. This might be a dumb question but when you do internal links from post to post are these “do follow” and is this automatic in wordpress or is this something I need to set manually or otherwise? (I get a pingback notice so I’m not sure how I have this set) Thanks!

    • There’s no dumb questions! Internal links are naturally ‘do follow’ unless you specifically tag them as ‘no follow’. A ping back notifies you if someone links to you but that ping back is displayed for internal links also! Thanks for your comment, Ian

  5. Hi Ian! Just to clarify, you’re saying that a link that says “Click this” is now better than making the keyword the link? Isn’t this opposite of what we’ve been told for the past couple of years?

    • Hi Linda, yes this is the opposite. Google knows that people that want to rank higher use keywords all the time. The key thing is not always using ‘click this’ it’s having link diversity. This means some links could be your company name, some links are keywords, some links are click here etc. So don’t worry about forcing it. Use what comes natural. Just don’t always use keywords. Mix it up because that’s would happen in a normal world!
      If all your links are ‘click here’ that would appear unnatural also. Does that make sense? Ian

  6. Hi Ian, Great blog post as per usual. I now look forward to your weekly newsletter which is regular as clockwork. I like number 4 above and will definitely be doing it in the future.

  7. For us, blog commenting is a part of our link building strategies. However, we don’t just comment anywhere. We research well-written blogs from reputable companies and professionals that are aligned with our industry/niche and then leave a comment. If accepted, the links back to our site have some pretty decent link juice as they are relevant and from good sources.

    • Hi Nick, A good approach and even without any link juice you are still helping getting your name around by adding to the conversation with a relevant audience. Thanks for the feedback, sorry for the delay replying, I’m on holidays at the moment! Ian

  8. Hi, Ian, and thanks for the informative post. I do have a question: You mention one advantage of internal links is that, even if someone copied his material to their website, you would still have a link. But, if they do that, does the original author get penalized for having duplicate content on her own site? If so, is there a remedy?

    • Hi Katherine,
      Google looks at the publish date so your date will be earlier so you won’t get penalised. Sorry for the delay in replying, I’m on hols with the family at the moment! Ian

      • Thanks, Ian, very helpful. And I just spent a better part of the morning addressing comments to an article I wrote for Site Pro News, so I have new appreciation for your efforts here in the comments section! When you have a chance, can you please answer a technical question: When using links to external sites from my own site, is there a way to specify which are follow and which are nofollow? Many thanks and hope you’re still enjoying your holiday.

        • Hey Katherine, Are you on WordPress, here’s how it works on WordPress – You can see that ‘nofollow’ tag needs to be added on to the link. Generally you have to manually add this tag or set it up in the configuration for particular type of content (e.g. all comments have no follow).

          Yes, you’re right comments take some time but I love interacting with people and always get new ideas for posts also!!! Ian

  9. Thanks Ian. Quick Q- Why would you use a no follow on some content? What’s the rationale of benefits of doing that? So, I’m trying to understand when it’s advisable to put a no follow.

    • Hi William, sorry for the delay, I’m on holidays in Italy. The theory is your page has a google page rank and when you have a follow link this passes link juice to a page. If you have multiple follow links the link juice is shared. You may want to save your link juice for internal links so you may have no follow links. But I don’t worry about that and just make sure to only link to good quality content.
      A lot of people have no follow links on blog comments to avoid spammers putting in comments to get a link back. Does that all make sense? Ian

      • That helps, and thanks for doing this in-between prosecco’s.

        What constitutes “too many/multiple” to trigger the loss of juice? Is it a relative ratio or absolute number, and does it get applied on a page by page basis, or across the website once dilution is triggered? Grazie mille.

  10. Guest post and comments are under appreciated. Not only number one for links but I find them far superior for connecting and building relationships with real people. I like to think that human beings will always be better buyers than any algorithm 🙂

    • I agree Warren, people don’t realize they have the opportunity to show their expertise and get their name known on top blogs very easily by providing really good comments! Do you subscribe to comments via RSS to track? Do you comment on a broad range of blogs daily?

  11. Hi Ian,

    Thanks for giving another informative and useful post about backlinking. Link juice is important and there is no doubt that with the latent Panda update, everyone around is trying to suck as much juice as possible. You have very clearly mentioned some of the most important points that we need to consider in order to get more backlinks.

    Thanks a lot once again for your deep fruitful insights.

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  15. Ian great post. How do you view a company’s own blog for SEO? I’ve seen it classified as both On-page and Off-page. Google Analytics seems to default to Off-page. My preference is On-page given that Off-page activities require you “earn” link juice through out-reach and community building. These activities are typically out of your control, whereas a blog post itself is in your control. I’d also say that “internal linking” while valuable is On-page SEO. Thoughts?

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    Nama pertama yang disebut lebih besar peluangnya pindah ke Camp Nou sebab ia sudah menyatakan akan meninggalkan Borussia Moenchengladbach akhir musim ini.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Sementara itu Courtois masih jadi rebutan antara Atletico Madrid dan Chelsea di mana The Blues sebagai pemilik resmi kiper asal Belgia itu akan segera menentukan kelanjutan masa depannya. Plus ayah Courtois sudah menyatakan peluang anaknya kecil untuk gabung ke Barca.

    Namun, dalam sepakbola apapun bisa terjadi dan bisa saja bukan Ter Stegen yang gabung atau bahkan bukan salah satu dari keduanya yang menjadi suksesor Valdes di Barca.


  31. Di Kandang Sendiri, ‘Setan Merah’ Tetap Tak Diunggulkan

    Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –Manchester – Kendati main di kandang sendiri kontra Manchester City, nyatanya itu tak banyak membantu Manchester United di sejumlah rumah taruhan Eropa.The Citizens dijagokan menaklukkan ‘Setan Merah’.

    Derby Manchester bakal digelar di Old Trafford, Rabu (26/3/2014) dinihari WIB nanti. Pertarungan ini disebut-sebut bakal tetap sengit karena mempertaruhkan gengsi, walaupun MU dan City terpisah cukup jauh di papan klasemen.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –City sementara menempati posisi tiga klasemen dengan nilai 63 dari 28 pertandingan. Meski berjarak enam angka dari Chelsea di posisi puncak, tapi anak asuh Manuel Pellegrini masih punya tiga laga di tangan. Oleh karena itu laga derby ini punya arti lebih untuk mereka.

    Sementara MU tercecer di urutan tujuh klasemen dengan koleksi 51 angka dari 30 pertandingan. Sepanjang musim ini mereka memang tampil konsisten, di mana penampilan kandangnya tak segarang musim-musim sebelumnya.


  32. Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –Derby Manchester akan kembali digelar. Dari sekian banyak duel mereka, inilah pertarungan Manchester United kontra Manchester City yang melahirkan sejumlah drama.

    Laga antara MU dengan City merupakan salah satu derby yang paling dinantikan dalam sepakbola Inggris. Antusiasme penonton pun semakin besar.

    Terlebih lagi, pada lima tahun belakangan ini di mana tensi semakin meninggi seiring dengan sukses The Citizens mulai perlahan bisa mengganggu dominasi ‘Setan Merah’.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Musim ini, MU sedang terpuruk dan terlempar di papan tengah klasemen dan nyaris bisa dipastikan akan gagal lolos ke Liga Champions musim depan. Gengsi menjadi motivasi besar bagi Wayne Rooney dkk. untuk mengagalkan City meraih hat-trick kemenangan.

    Sedangkan City butuh kemenangan untuk terus berada dalam persaingan gelar juara, dan menjaga jaraknya dengan Arsenal yang ada di bawahnya.

    Derby Manchester jilid II di 2013-14 di Old Trafford nanti malam akan menjadi pertemuan yang ke-167 di antara MU dengan City. Berikut daftar pertarungan kedua klub yang paling menarik seperti yang diwartakan Independent.
    Emery happy after his team’s success over Real

  33. Garcia Komentari Penampilan Radja Nainggolan

    Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –Roma – Radja Nainggolan baru saja melakoni debutnya bersama AS Roma dan berakhir dengan kemenangan. Rudi Garcia mengungkapkan bahwa Nainggolan akan menambah opsi di lini tengah.

    Bertempat di Olimpico, Nainggolan menandai penampilan perdananya berseragam Giallorossi dengan kemenangan tipis 1-0 atas Sampdoria di laga babak 16 Besar Coppa Italia.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Dengan kemenangan ini, Roma memastikan lolos ke perempatfinal dan akan berjumpa dengan pemuncak klasemen Serie Juventus.

    “Nainggolan bisa memainkan peran apapun di lini tengah,” ujar pelatih Rudi Garcia seusai pertandingan.

    “Dengan dia, ada peluang kami bisa memainkan dengan Miralem Pjanic di posisi yang lebih ke depan dan Francesco Totti sebagai trequartista. Ada banyakpeluang dengan Radja.”


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  35. Sakho confident of winning Man City

    Agen bola terpercaya reported, Liverpool defender Mamadou Sakho insisted his side can cope with Manchester City’s attack on Sunday. The game will be at Anfield. Brendan Rodgers’ leaders have scored 90 league goals, six more than City, with Chelsea (65) the next best.
    Sakho, 24, revealed his team was confident ahead of the competition against Man City. He said: “We’ve not stolen the position where we are today. We deserve to be where we are. We are confident about facing their strikers. City score a lot of goals but so do we.’’ as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    Sakho said Sunday ‘could be the biggest match for Liverpool and praised Rodgers for all of his effort to help the team to arrive at this game. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    He added: “Rodgers manages to get the maximum out of every player. It’s hugely important and not every coach has that charisma. He must keep all the players interested and each time he calls up a player they respond with a performance.’’

  36. Ramos: not happy with his team performance

    Agen bola terpercaya reported, Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos told his team to reflect on the efforts that almost cost them a spot in the UEFA Champions League semi-finals. Despite its 2-0 loss to Dortmund, Real can progress to the last four.
    But it could have been worse for Real after the Bundesliga outfit missed several chances to claim an even bigger win on the night. Ramos said he and his team-mates needed to think about their performance despite being delighted to be in the last four. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    He told reporters: “Obviously it was not a good first half for us. We’re delighted to have made the semi-finals, but we have to reflect on this performance. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    The first half wasn’t so good but we were better in the second. We’re not worried about who we play now. To win the Champions League you have to beat the best.”

  37. Terry: Mourinho helps Chelsea to progress to the semi-final

    Agen bola terpercaya reported, John Terry appraised manager Jose Mourinho for helping the club to progress to the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday. It was Andre Schurrle and Demba Ba who help Chelsea win PSG 2-0.
    Chelsea captain said: ‘‘Mourinho’s tactical preparation was the catalyst behind the club’s successful night. We showed great character and a will to win. It was a big result. This competition means a lot to us. The manager has had a lot of success and so have we as a club.” as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    Chelsea will contest their first Champions League semi-final since 2011-12, when they eventually went on to win their maiden European crown. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    Terry believes the club can repeat that feat this season. He added: When we got to the Champions League final and won it is the best feeling ever. We have big players and we gave a big performance. That’s what we live for.”

  38. Stockdale: optimistic about his club’s survival

    Agen bola terpercaya reported, Goalkeeper David Stockdale believes Fulham have all the tools to ensure survival as they prepare for a crucial clash against Norwich City.
    He claimed a 2-1 win at Aston Villa last weekend. And a victory over Norwich on Saturday would cut the gap to safety down to just two points. Stockdale insists that Fulham have everything they need to avoid the drop. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    He said: “There’s some fight in that dressing room and we’ve believed all along. When things fall into place we might win these games comfortably but for now we’ve just got to keep playing.’’ as reported by Agen bola terpercaya
    He added: “The character is there. The players are there. The ability is there. We all know that, but we just need things to click into place for us. There are five more games now and we’re still five points adrift so we carry on. Nothing has changed really because we’ve won at Villa.’’

  39. Cetak Empat Gol, Itu Sedikit Mustahil

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Ada kabar suka cita tengah menghinggapi kubu Borussia Dortmund. Pasalnya, bomber andalan, Robert Lewandowski siap kembali merumput bersama Die Borussien.
    Lewandowski pun tetap optimistis bahwa skuadnya masih memiliki kesempatan. Namun, ketika disinggung perihal apakah dirinya bisa kembali mencetak empat gol, striker 25 tahun itu mengatakan itu sedikit gila.
    “Tapi kami masih memiliki kesempatan. Kami bermain di Dortmund dan kami bisa tampil berbahaya di sini. Kami ingin memberikan segalanya dan bermain untuk 90 menit,” tutur Lewandowski.
    “Saya sangat sedih karena saya tidak bisa bermain di Madrid. Saya melihat di leg pertama dari rumah dan lebih gugup daripada berada di lapangan. Itu sangat sulit bagi saya dan saya berharap saya tidak pernah melewatkan permainan seperti itu lagi,” tutup Lewandowski.

  40. AS Roma telah membuat Juventus termotivasi

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Juventus berhasil memenangi scudetto untuk ketiga kalinya. Kiper Bianconeri Gianluigi Buffon mengucapkan terima kasih untuk AS Roma yang mampu membuat mereka termotivasi sepanjang musim ini.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Juventus sudah memastikan gelar juara Liga Italia musim ini tanpa memainkan laga ke-36. Kekalahan Giallorossi dari Catania dengan skor 1-4 dalam laga lanjutan Liga Italia, Minggu (4/5/2014) membuat Juventus meraih titel Scudetto yang ketiga kalinya.

    Raihan 93 poin yang dikumpulkan oleh Juventus, sudah tidak mungkin lagi dikejar oleh AS Roma yang ada di posisi runner-up dengan raihan 85 laga. Sebabnya, Serie A musim ini tinggal menyisakan dua pertandingan lagi.

    “Semua proses sepakbola seharusnya berterima kasih kepada mereka. Sekarang ini, mereka sudah tampil impresif dan kekuatan yang mereka tunjukkan membuat kami berpikir bahwa kami mungkin bisa tak memenanginya. Pujian tinggi saya tujukan untuk mereka,” ucap kiper berusia 36 tahun itu.

  41. Patrick Evra mengaku United pantas dikritik

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Patrice Evra memaklumi derasnya kritik yang mengarah ke Manchester United pada musim ini. Menurutnya, The Red Devils memang pantas dikritik karena gagal berprestasi.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Di Liga Primer Inggris, United yang berstatus juara bertahan hampir pasti finis di posisi ketujuh. Ini berarti mereka tidak mendapatkan tiket untuk tampil di Liga Champions musim depan. Bahkan peluang untuk merebut tiket ke Liga Europa sudah sangat tipis.

    Di ajang Liga Champions musim ini, United dihentikan Bayern Munich di perempatfinal. Mereka ditumbangkan Sunderland di semifinal Piala Liga Inggris dan Swansea City di babak ketiga Piala FA. Buruknya prestasi United membuat David Moyes didepak dari kursi manajer. Ryan Giggs telah ditunjuk sebagai manajer interim sampai akhir musim ini.

    “Musim ini adalah bencana. Musim ini kami sangat buruk. Kami pantas menerima semua kritik. Kami tidak bermain cukup baik. Kami kalah dengan bodoh pada beberapa pertandingan. Ketika kami berada di atas lapangan, kami berusaha untuk memenangi setiap pertandingan, tapi musim ini sangat menyakitkan. Ini adalah mimpi buruk. Ketika saya melihat klasemen, rasanya sangat mengecewakan. Musim ini adalah musim yang ingin saya lupakan secepatnya,” jelas Evra.


  42. Marcelo membantah Madrid mengalami kelelahan

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Real Madrid hanya memetik hasil imbang saat menjamu Valencia di lanjutan La Liga. Tidak maksimalnya penampilan Madrid disebut Marcelo tidak ada hubungannya dengan pertandingan Liga Champions di tengah pekan.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Lima hari setelah memetik kemenangan telak 4-0 atas Bayern Munich di leg kedua babak semifinal Liga Champions, Madrid menjamu Valencia di lanjutan La Liga. Dalam pertandingan di Santiago Bernabeu, Senin (5/5/2014) dinihari WIB, Madrid hanya mampu bermain imbang 2-2 dengan tim tamu.

    “Kelelahan dari Liga Champions (babak semifinal melawan Bayern Munich di tengah pekan) tidak ada hubungannya dengan ini. Kami memberi segalanya tapi kami tidak bisa menang. Tapi paling tidak kami mendapat hasil imbang,” imbuh bek asal Brasil itu.

    Madrid yang masih menyimpan satu laga tunda masih tertahan di peringkat ketiga dengan 83 poin. Mereka tertinggal lima angka dari Atletico yang ada di puncak klasemen.

    “Kami tidak melihat hasil tim lain. Sekarang kami harus menang bagaimanapun caranya. Hari ini kami harusnya menang dan kami tidak bisa melakukan itu. La Liga adalah turnamen yang sangat sulit, segalanya bisa berubah kapan saja. Kami punya peluang untuk memangkas jarak tapi kami melewatkannya,” tutup Marcelo.

  43. AC Milan sukses menundukkan Inter Milan dalam Derby Della Madonnina

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Derby Della Madonnina edisi kedua di musim ini menjadi milik AC Milan. Di San Siro, Senin (5/5/2014) dinihari WIB, Rossoneri berhasil menundukkan Inter Milan dengan skor tipis 1-0.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Satu-satunya gol yang tercipta dalam duel ini datang di babak kedua. Tepatnya di menit 65 atas nama Nigel de Jong, saat tandukannya menyongsong umpan tendangan bebas Mario Balotelli gagal dihalau kiper Samir Handanovic.

    Ini menjadi kemenangan pertama AC Milan atas Inter Milan dalam enam pertemuan terakhir mereka. Kali terakhir Diavolo Rosso bisa menundukkan saudara sekotanya itu adalah pada Agustus 2011 di ajang Piala Super Italia.

    Tambahan tiga poin dari laga ini membuat AC Milan mengoleksi 54 poin dan naik satu anak tangga ke posisi delapan. Mereka menjaga kans lolos ke Liga Europa musim depan, dengan saat ini hanya tertinggal satu angka dari Torino di tangga keenam. Sementara buat Inter, hasil laga ini tidak mengubah posisi mereka di tangga kelima klasemen dengan poin 57.

  44. Bercyh mengakui kemampuan lawan

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Petenis nomor enam dunia, Tomas Berdych, mengakui jika Carlos Berlocq merupakan pemain yang bisa cepat beradaptasi dalam sebuah pertandingan. Berdych dipaksa untuk mengakui Berlocq 0-6, 7-5, 6-1 di final Portugal Terbuka 2014 yang berlangsung di Estadio Nacional, Oeiras, Minggu (4/5) waktu setempat.

    Meski sempat dengan mudah mengambil set pembuka dengan skor mencolok 6-0, Berdych terkejut dengan perubahan permainan yang diperlihatkan Berlocq di set kedua. “Set pertama tampak mudah, tapi tidak menunjukkan apa yang sedang terjadi,” tegas Berdych.

    “Carlos adalah seorang pejuang hebat dan dia benar-benar mengubah permainan, menemukan cara untuk menang,” imbuh petenis asal Republik Ceko itu.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Kendati gagal meraih gelar juara, pemain 28 tahun itu berhasil menjadi pemain Rep. Ceko kedua yang berhasil menembus final Portugal Terbuka. 21 tahun lalu, Karel Novacek menjadi pemain Rep. Ceko pertama dan terakhir yang berhasil mencapai final (1991 & 1993). Dengan kata lain, selama 25 tahun berlangsungnya Portugal Terbuka, baru tiga kali Rep. Ceko berada di laga terakhir.


  45. Mourinho terkejut dengan strategi diterapkan Norwich City

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Menghadapi Norwich City yang tampil bertahan, Chelsea harus puas dengan hasil imbang tanpa gol. Jose Mourinho pun mengaku terkejut dengan strategi yang diterapkan oleh Norwich itu.

    Norwich butuh kemenangan untuk menjaga asa bertahan di Premier League. The Cannaries masih berada di zona degradasi dengan menduduki posisi ke-18. Namun Norwich justru tampil lebih banyak bertahan. Menurut catatan, penguasaan bola mereka hanya sebesar 29 persen.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Norwich hanya melepaskan enam tembakan dengan tiga yang mengarah ke gawang. Sementara Chelsea yang terus mengurung Norwich melakukan 23 attempts dan empat yang bersatus on target.

    “Kita melihat satu tim yang butuh tiga poin agar punya kans untuk tetap bertahan, tapi tidak bermain untuk menang dan tim yang butuh poin untuk finis ketiga dan memastikan tempat di fase grup Liga Champions yang bermain untuk menang,” ujar Mourinho.

    “Dalam 45 menit pertama, pemain kami sangat lambat. Tidak ada intensitas. Di babak kedua itu berbeda, para pemain punya keinginan lebih. Taktik Norwich membuat saya terkejut. Kami menuggu sebuah pertandingan yang gila, khususnya di babak kedua, di mana mereka akan mempertaruhkan segalanya, tapi itu tidak terjadi. Tapi kami tidak punya hak untuk mengkritik,” jelasnya lagi.

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