Online Productivity Tools: 8 Tools for the Social Media Addict

8 Online Productivity Tools for Social Media Addicts

Productivity ToolsDo you spend far too much time on social media?

You have to be really organized with social media otherwise you end up wasting a ton of time.  You open up twitter and before long an hour is gone and you have brought no value to your business.

I crave for productivity all the time.  I don’t always have a perfectly productive day but I am generally productive!

So here are ideas for using online productivity tools that will help you with your social media addiction!!

1.  Create email templates with a Gmail extension

Creating email templates saves a ton of time.  How often do you send emails with similar content in them?

Gmail has an extension you can add  that will allow you to create an e-mail template.  Select the ‘Labs’ section and then add the ‘canned responses’ option.


email templates
email templates are a real time saver!


When you are in your email client you can now create and select canned responses.


selecting canned response
You can create a range of canned response you use for email


Recently I’ve started doing more blogger outreach where I reach out to bloggers that might be interested in the content on our site.  If you don’t use email templates for similar type work you will definitely waste a lot of time.

 2.  Automatically open Social Media Tools with a separate browser

Social media can be a real time waster and a complete distraction.  If you are working away at something and you decide to quickly check Twitter then you’re in trouble.  Also, when you do decide to do your social media work if you then open up Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hootsuite etc that it going to take you a little time.  If we’re shaving off even a minute at a time that is a valuable minute.

The best approach is to have your social media browser and your other work browser.  When you want to do anything on Social Media open up your other browser and set this up so that all your relevant tools open up automatically for you.

Now it’s going to be much easier to do all your updates.  Get in and get out!!

I use Chrome for my social media activity.  In Chrome you can add a list of sites you want to open up automatically when you load Chrome.  This is a real time saver.


Chrome Preferences
Set up as many tabs as you want to open up automatically


3.  Implement some social media automation Tools

Yes there are some automation tools that make perfect sense to use.  It’s not about automating the building of a relationship, that can’t happen.  But there are plenty of tasks that you can automate.  For example:

  • Automate sending of old blog posts – Social Oomph, Tweetily
  • Automate trigger events.  For example, if a new video is uploaded to your youtube channel send a tweet – IFTTT, Cloudworks, Zapier
  • Automate sending of blog posts.  When a blog post is created send it to the a range of social media channels:, Twitterfeed, Engator.


4.  Build an editorial calendar

An editorial calendar is great to store ideas for your blog and plan out all your content.   The more organized you are with your blogging the more efficient you will be.

Divvyhq is an editorial calendar that has some very useful functionality that will make you more productive:

a).  Parking Lot – When you have an idea for a blog post you put it into the parking lot.  This makes sure you never forget it.  When you are ready to write you take something from the parking lot.

b).  Easily add items to your calendar.  With your calendar view you get an overall view of content you have planned out.  The more planning you do for your content the more time you have.


Easily add items to the calendar


c). With content production you will probably have other team members involved.  Divvyhq provides functionality to allow you to manage the process working with your team members.


5. Get through your email quicker with is a tool for organizing your email.  You can group your email in many different ways and this really helps get through your email quicker.  If you use Mailstrom you will be more productive with your email.

With Social Media we end up signing up to lots of newsletters, responding to subscribers, emailing out to other bloggers and more.  So you need to have some tools that will help with efficiency.
Filter your email in many different ways


Here are some of the filters you can use:

  • Sender – Put the emails from each sender together so you can process them all together
  • Subject – View emails with the same subject line together.
  • Unsubscribe – View e-mails from newsletters together.  Within you can unsubscribe without leaving the tool.


6.  Use more social media tools!

Most social media tools should help you improve productivity.  The following is a list of some of the tools that are useful for increasing productivity.

Postplanner – This is a Facebook management tool.  There is a content engine in Postplanner that finds you relevant content to share.  For example, if you enter in  keywords it will display you content that is very popular based on the most likes/shares currently online.  This is really helpful and a real time saver.

Buffer – On Social Media you need to share a lot of content.  With Buffer when you find content you click a Buffer button in a browser and this content is then automatically added to a queue with the article sent out at the next available time slot you sent.

Hootsuite – With Hootsuite’s multi column layout you can filter out conversations based on what’s important so you don’t get lost in the sea of information on twitter and other platforms.

Google analyticsUnderstanding Google analytics and how it works is so important.  If you set up your goals and track progress on social media you will save a ton of time because you’ll find out what is working and not working.  For example, you should have a report similar to the following which shows you which social media channel is achieving the best conversion for you.


Google analytics
You really need your goals set up to track conversions!


The goals set up in the image above is for email conversions.  Set this report up for you and see which channel is most effective.

If you don’t know what channel is working the best for you, you are wasting some time and need to evaluate what you are doing.

7.  Expand your text with Text Expander

We seen earlier on that the use of email templates are very handy.  But not everything will be an e-mail template and you may be typing similar information in places other than email.

Text expander does exactly that!  You assign a code and anywhere you type the code the text is expanded to what you want.   This is only available on the MAC.


You can use these codes anywhere and they will be expanded to the content you create

8.  Last but not least – Evernote

Evernote is a really useful and free note taking application.  Sometimes you may want to capture notes from a conference, save a web page you find on line, add some ideas for a potential future blog post.  Evernote allows you to manage all this from your desktop or a mobile device with all content synced.


Capture and organize your thoughts


By capturing your notes/ideas in one location and keeping this organized this will save you a lot of time.



We spend so much time on social media so we need to be as efficient as possible.  Using some of the tools above helps us to become more efficient.  What online productivity tools do you use to become more efficient?  Will you try out any of the above?

As usual, we really value your feedback and would love to hear it.

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