12 Awesome Social Media Tool Posts from Around the Web

12 Awesome Social Media Tool Posts from Around the Web

12 Awesome Social Media Tool Posts from Around the Web (portrait)We write a lot of posts about social media tools…. I’m sure you have noticed!

But we also come accross some tool posts that we really like from around the web.

In this article we highlight some of the best social media tool articles we have come across recently.

Note:  These are in no particular order of preference…we love them all equally!


1. Brian Fanzo –  40 Social Tools Used for Personal Branding

Brian FanzoBrian Fanzo loves his tools and in this article he shares over 40 social tools he uses to build his personal brand online.

Brian has been particularly good at building his brand online and I wonder how he finds the time to engage with so many people online!

In this post Brian shares tools but also gives us a sneak peek into how he uses the tools.  This post will help you become more efficient online.  You may not use all the tools Brian uses but you’ll definitely pick out a couple.

Tools for content scheduling, engagement, content creation and much more…

Check it out ->  40 Social Tools Used for Personal Branding


2.  Sarah Evans – The Content Marketers Toolkit

SarahEvansBorderSarah is in the PR industry but knows quite a lot of tools.  Many people have mentioned Sarah to me when we are talking about tools!

In this presentation at the Social Fresh conference Sarah shares over 100 content marketing tools.  You are bound to find something of interest in this excellent presentation.


3. Kevin Mullett – Super Tools to Make You a Super Smart Marketer

Kevin MullettKevin Mullett is another guy I love talking to about tools (I also like talking to him even if it’s not about tools!).  In this presentation he does an excellent job sharing over 176 social media tools.  The tools are broken down nicely into relevant categories (e.g. social media listening, scheduling and automation, etc).


Of course you are not going to use 176 tools but it’s useful to see the categorization of tools and you may also pick up a tool or two you have never heard of!

4. Donna Moritz – 36 Visual Content Tools

Donna MoritzImagery is an important part of anyones’s social media strategy and if you want to understand how to leverage imagery for your social media presence you should follow Donna.

In this article Donna asks 36 professionals in social media about their favorite tools for creating visual content.  An excellent post with valuable information.


Check it out ->  36 Visual Content Creation Tools The Pros Can’t Do Without


5.  Pawan Deshpande – The Ultimate List of Content Marketing Tools

Pawan DeshpandePawan is founder of Curata (Content curation and publishing tool) and recently he did a really nice graphic which outlines what he considers the main content marketing tools that are available.   There’s at least 100 tools as part of the infographic and they are all nicely categorized.

This graphic will give you ideas on tools but it will also give you ideas of what areas of content marketing you may not be considering!

Check it out -> The Ultimate List of Content Marketing Tools


6.  Sue Zimmerman – 9 Hot Instagram Tools

Sue-B-ZimmermanBorderSue Zimmerman is an expert on Instagram marketing.  We recently interviewed Sue and asked her about all the amazing tools that are available on your mobile device to help with Instagram.  In the article Sue shared 9 of her favorite tools.

Tools for creating videos, enhancing your images and many more.

Check it out ->  9 Hot Mobile Apps for Instagram


7. Cindy King –  44 Social Media Tools Recommended by the Pros

Cindy KingCindy is Director of Editorial for Social Media Examiner and for a recent post she collected recommendations from 44 social media professionals on their favorite tools.  In the post, you’ll see 44 great tools and I know you will find something interesting in it.

This post has already been shared more than 11,000 times.

Check it out ->  44 Social Media Tools Recommended by the Pros


8. Kevan Lee  – 61 of the Best Social Media Tools for Small Business

Kevan LeeI really like reading Kevan’s articles as they are full of detail and really actionable content.

In this post Kevan takes us through over 61 different social media tools.

For each tool he goes through why it’s useful.

Definitely worth checking out.

Check it out -> 61 of the Best Social Media Tools for Small Business


9.  Jason Keath – The Ultimate Recap of Top Social Media Tools of 2014

Jason KeathJason is founder of the Social Fresh conference and each year on his blog he does a recap of great tools they have come across over the previous year.

Their top 20 tools are shared in this post.  Most of them are Social Media related ones!

Check it out ->  The Ultimate Recap of Top Social Media Tools of 2014


10. Lilach Bullock – 101 Tweettastic Twitter Tools

Lilach BullockBorderEach year Lilach does a review of the 101 Twitter tools she is aware of.

Her 2013 version of this post got over 70,000 shares!

Lilach mentioned about the amount of tools on the 2013 list that are no longer available.  With recent Twitter changes it’s becoming difficult to survive with the free tools so the ones that generally hang around are paid.

Have fun…Check it out -> 101 Tweettastic Twitter Tools 


11.  Andrea Vahl – 15 Types of Facebook Apps to Enhance Your Facebook Page

Andrea VahlAndrea Vahl (aka Grandma Mary!) does an awesome job at breaking down all the various apps available for Facebook into categories.   Andrea also picks out her favorite tools for each of the categories.

If you’re into Facebook you need to read this.

Check it out -> 15 Types of Facebook Apps


12.  Ian Anderson Gray – 20 Tools to Turn You into a Twitter Power User

Ian Anderson GrayOne thing I’m sure about with Ian is that any post he writes is thoroughly researched.

This is a solid post with great Twitter tools.

Find out the tools and the best use for them.

Check it out -> 20 Tools to Run You Into a Twitter Power User 




Strategy gives you direction but tools help you get there quicker!

There are some awesome tools shared in the above posts.  We’d love to hear from you about your favorite tools.  What do you like the best?  Did we miss any awesome posts?


Images is courtesy of Shutterstock


26 Responses to 12 Awesome Social Media Tool Posts from Around the Web

  1. I took 2 months off – studied the top 500 social media marketing tools, became an expert on all of them but when I started to use them today – they we’re all obsolete. I’ve found the more technology you sandwich between you and the end user on social media, the less social you become.

    • That’s a good experience, @WindyCityParrot! But I don’t think it’s a matter of tools and technology. We need tools to create conversations. I think it’s more a matter of choosing the right ones for your business -not many. Having a wide choice like the ones in this post, however, helps me have a quick look to some of them I may not have thought before to create relationships. But I wouldn’t go to try all of them, just select the interesting ones wisely.

      • “We need tools to create conversations” yikes, always thought my brain was the best & only tool for that. what is that you use to create conversations @benet?

        I’m just saying the more tools we use in social media the more we insulate ourselves, however few then we remove ourselves incrementally from the end users

        If you’re going to automate a post to Twitter do you plan on going to Twitter to look at at it? if so not why not post directly to Twitter while you;re there and see what’s going on? why not have some real conversations instead of just pushing sewage you’re never planning to look at again?

        btw – there are no relationships on social media. A Tweet has a half life of 6 minutes a Facebook post, 4 hours – that’s like calling 30 minutes with a prostitute – a relationship

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  2. Wow is all I can say. What a list. Do you think that with so many tools available that it can do your head in trying to find the right platform? I have been using hootsuite for quite a while and I find the simplicity of it great. I know everyone is looking for a quick fix to content curation for their social media marketing. But sometimes I think the keep it simple stupid is the right fix without having to over complicate things. Cheers Kim 🙂

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  4. What a huge amount of resources you’ve given us here. With all of these websites and blogging sites available I feel I have lots of tools at my fingertips. Social media has incredible opportunities, although sometimes it can be overwhelming to research it all. Your article gives me lots of ways to browse and explore ways to improve productivity. Isn’t that what we all want. I mean, that and a vacation, too.

  5. I think you really have to pick and chose the best tools for you. As a small business, it is hard to keep up! To really use a tool you have to try it for awhile and see if it really
    Suits your objectives

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