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Social Media Tools in Beta – Q2 2013

Social Media Tools BetaDo you want to know about the latest social media tools that are in beta but haven’t hit the streets yet?

Every week we are contacted by passionate entrepreneurs all around world that have social media tools that they want to get the word out about.  So each quarter we do a report on tools that look promising that are in beta.

So here’s some interesting ones worth taking a look at.  Note:  They are still at beta stage so too early to do a full review but at least you’ll get a taste for what’s coming!


1. InkyBee – Find those influential bloggers


How do you find bloggers that are relevant to your business?  You use Inkybee. Blogger outreach is a term used for reaching out and engaging with bloggers.  But there are millions of blogs and bloggers so which ones are relevant for your business?

Within Inkybee you define what type of blogs you are interested in and Inkybee will analyze all the blogs and identify ones that are most relevant to your search.  It uses a variety of triggers to identify the most relevant blogs.  For example, what is their traffic and engagement like, how many inbound links they have, how often they post, and so on.   There’s bound to be an ever growing algorithm behind the scenes that works out the best blogs to show you!

In the example below we have listed 3 of the blogs identified based on our search for fashion blogs.   As new blogs are identified they are rated and can be emailed to you.

Inkybee blogger outreach
Inkybee identifies the most appropriate bloggers to connect with


Inkybee also provides full campaign management so you can track the success of your blog posts – monitor keywords/mentions, track audience reach, engagement, traffic to your site etc.

2. Postheads – Manage all your social media communication

Post Heads

PostHeads is a content management system for social media which allows you to plan and post content to Facebook in an organized team environment. Other social media channels will be added over time, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and even company blogs, for full online coverage.

One of it’s primary aims is to simplify social media team collaboration by providing an environment for everyone from freelancers to large-scale brands to manage their social media content from one place.

You can currently upload photos, presentations, spreadsheets and text that you may want to use for sharing, and then add these to content calendars to support any content marketing on social channels.  You can also organize your teams based on responsibilities and put each post through an approval process.

Posthead Management
View content that is scheduled or yet to be approved within your management console


3. FiveHundredPlus – Manage LinkedIn Contacts more effectively


When you accept a connection from a person on LinkedIn, what’s next?  The answer is that it’s usually nothing.  You accept the connection and then move on.  FiveHundredPlus is a tool for managing your contacts in LinkedIn.  When you connect with a contact you decide when is the next time you want to contact that person and put them in a queue.  You are then notified when you need to contact that person again.  So anyone that is potentially valuable for your business put them into an appropriate queue and build that relationship.

Track your interactions with LinkedIn Contacts


If you want to build relationships beyond just the initial connection you need to communicate to your contacts.  FiveHundredPlus helps manage this communication.  I can see sales professionals liking this tool a lot!


4. RiteTag – Become more effective on social media using the right hash tags


Including a hashtag within a tweet, Google+ update or even Facebook (hashtags coming soon) allows you to categorize your update so people can find it easier.  Users can follow particular hashtags they are interested in as opposed to following people.  RiteTag helps you identify the most appropriate hashtags for your content so that you get the most exposure for your update.

Here is an example report of the hash tags that are the most commonly used on Twitter for UX Design (user interface design).  But the real question is will more people get to see tweets or not?  That question is not answered yet.

RiteTag Tags
This shows the most commonly used tags for UX-Design (user interface design)


I don’t add a lot of hashtags to tweets but maybe I’m wrong and I should be.  Let me know your opinion in the comments below!


5 – Relaborate – Manage your editorial calendar


Relaborate is a content marketing solution.  It provides a system for managing the creation and delivery of content.  Imagine, for example, you decided that your company needed a blog.  Relaborate is the tool you could use to organize the creation and delivery of the content.  When you are creating the content if you are stuck for ideas Relaborate will ask you a series of questions related to the topic and this will become part of the post.  When you write the post you can pass it through an approval system for eventual posting.  It even integrates with WordPress so you can publish directly within Relaborate.

In the Q&A section you answer questions based on your topic to help you complete the blog post


One other nice feature of Relaborate is that it finds more content that may be relevant to the article you are writing.  For example, it will search for content based on keywords you define to see what is currently trending.  This could be interesting to form part of an article or just to link out to that article.


6. Yoogage – Find Business on Twitter


Yoogage searches through twitter for keywords that you specify to identify potential opportunities for business.  You can use standard filters provided by Yoogage or use customer filters based on keywords you set up.

When Yoogage finds you relevant tweets you can then interact with people directly within Yoogage.

Yoogage Monitoring
You can find relevant tweets based on predefined or custom filters that you create


We will see a lot more tools in this area as companies look to get more value from time spent on social channels.  If someone is looking for a solution on Twitter and you can solve it then why not let them know!


7. Squeeze – Get maximum benefit from the delivery of your content


Squeeze is all about content optimization.  When you share out your content who reads it, where are they reading it from, what is the best time to share out the content.  It creates a unique address for content shared out on social media and tracks this.

As well as tracking who is reading it you can also associate actions with links so you can find out how many people on Facebook downloaded a guide after you shared out a link on Facebook.  If you have forms on a web page you can also track how many people are filling out the forms based on links sent out.

GetSqueeze Campaign
Set up a campaign in squeeze to track links shared out on twitter, facebook etc


Some very useful functionality available which makes it easier to track the action!  While you can do some of this in Google Analytics (not all of it),  it’s more complicated.  This is much more advanced functionality and make things a lot easier.


8. LeadRocket – Put a rocket into your social media management


Lead Rocket is a social media management tool with a difference.  When you post to Twitter, Facebook, e-mail,  etc., it tracks this and awards points to you for sharing.  These points are ‘fuel’ for your rocket.  The more fuel you earn the less you have to pay so you are encouraged to interact a lot.  Gaming does actually work and I haven’t seen this type of gaming within a social media management tool so it will be interesting to see how it develops.

In the screen below you can see there are points assigned to a recipient opening an e-mail (all tracked within Rocket), clicking on a link, and so on.

Lead Rocket Settings
You can define points for actions and monitor results


9. Swayy – Find content worth sharing


Swayy presents content to you that is popular based on categories you select and based on your interaction with previous content.  You can login in to Swayy and select the content and easily share it.  Swayy provides you with the Twitter address of the person that wrote the content and suggested hashtags to add to the content.  This is quite nice functionality.  I’m testing it out at the moment and the content delivered is good.  I would like to further define my categories.  For example, I can select ‘social media’ as a category but I can’t filter this further (e.g. if I want information on social media tools).  It’s at beta stage at the moment so I’m sure that will be added.

Here’s an example of how content is presented to you.  When you click the share button it will suggest hashtags and also provide you with the Twitter address of the original user that posted the content (nice feature).

Swayy Sharing Content
Content found related to your topic is presented to you to read or share


10. Stipso

stipsoStipso is a tool for content marketers and digital agencies for creating living infographics!  The infographics are interactive visual content for real time engagement and inbound marketing.  So instead of a boring survey or a static infographic, Stipso enables a two way conversation between the brand and their audience.

The graphics are updated with user generated content so they are alive and changing.  Marketers can easily create their own Stipso infographic and full reporting is available on the backend.  It’s in private beta at the moment but rolling out to everyone for a full beta pretty soon.

Stipso Infographic
Click on items within the infographic and up pops an interactive quiz


11. TwentyTweet – Twitter Analytics tool

Twenty Tweet

Twenty Feet allows you to perform analytics on Twitter accounts.  You can see the growth in followers, how your tweets are performing,  how retweets are performing and much more.  One nice feature is being able to do a comparison with different people on Twitter in the same field as you and seeing how often they tweet, get retweeted, and so on.

Here is a competitor chart available in TwentyTweet.

Twenty Tweet
You can view a dashboard of competitors

Note:  Twenty Feet has since been acquired by Sumall.


As Social Media evolves the tools will get better.  There are many great new tools coming our way soon and we’ll be tracking them all.

If you have a social media tool in beta and we haven’t included you on the list please contact us.

What do you think of the tools we have listed? Which one appeals to you?



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