Technology Tips: 5 Social Media Tool and Technology Tips

5 Social Media Tool and Technology Tips – Week 8

social media weekly tipsWelcome to another installment of some hot actionable social media technology tips and social media tool tips  that you can take away and implement to-day.

If you’re looking for strategy tips, you’re in the wrong place.  We’re all about actionable tips!

So here are our 5 hot tips to-day.  We hope that you will implement at least one.  If you have hot tips to share please send them on and we will mention you!

1.  Create a video using Animoto

When Mark Schaefer presented at OIConf (Social Media conference in Wales) last week a girl called Ailin Martinez jotted down some notes and took some pictures and before the show was over produced a video using Animoto.

It just shows what you can do with video.  I thought this was a fantastic idea and a great way of standing out at an event!



2.  Read this book about SEO

I’m a huge admirer of Neil Patel who is a serial entrepreneur in the tech sector and an overall super smart guy.  He has just delivered a guide on link building in association with Brian Dean who is an expert on SEO (both of them are).  It’s a bit heavy reading in parts but it’s a really excellent guide.


Link Building
A must read guide if you want more traffic to your website!


3. Check Twitter analytics with allows you to enter in any twitter address and it will display a full detailed profile of that twitter user.  For example it will show:

  • Follow/Follower ratio
  • Interactions on recent tweets
  • A tag cloud showing what the tweets are typically about
  • Who that person is interacting with (this is useful if you want to grow followers).
See who the person is interacting with on twitter

4.  Fix up your broken links on your site

It’s so easy to publish a blog article and have links to content that are invalid.  This is annoying for your users.  Also, sometimes links from older posts become invalid for some reason.    Broken link check is a free tool that finds any broken links on a particular page on your site and then you go in and correct them.

I ran this on our site and it came up with a few broken links.  One was for a company that no longer exists because it was acquired and some were just mistakes….ooops.


Website broken link checker
This tool finds broken links on your site

Run it on your site now and fix up the links!  Consider running it after every blog post you create.


5. Use to create lists is becoming increasingly popular to create list posts.  Instead of creating a static list if you use you can allow people to add to a list, vote on a list, embed a list on their blog and much more.

Here’s a list shared about the best phone apps for iphone. I  haven’t checked out these apps yet!

The best photo apps for iphone

View more lists from ● Matt
Are you going to implement any of the above?  Which is your favorite tip?