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Heidi CohenI met Heidi at Content Marketing World in Ohio.  According to Heidi’s blog she is an ‘actionable marketing expert‘ and if you go to her blog you’ll see high quality posts delivered consistently 6 days a week which is really impressive.

Heidi was so friendly and helpful and gave us some insight into the type of tools she uses.

Check out the video and the summary below.



Summary of tips from Heidi Cohen

WordPress – Heidi has an excellent blog and blogs 6 days a week.  She speaks very highly of WordPress.  She mentioned that it produces SEO friendly and Shareable content which is extremely important.  Heidi didn’t mention the plugins she uses to ensure the content is SEO friendly but my favorite is Yoasts SEO Plugin.

Flickr – Heidi always includes a picture as part of a blog post and sources these images on Flickr.  On Flickr you can use pictures that are licensed under creative commons and all you need to do is to link back to the owner of the picture.  To find pictures that can be used under creative commons you need to do use the advanced search and check the ‘creative commons’ checkbox.


Flickr Creative Commons Pictures

Free images under creative commons licensing can be used from Flickr


Hootsuite -It’s not surprising that Heidi uses Hootsuite for twitter management which is quite common for many of the social media experts.

Tweetgrid –  This is a twitter search dashboard that updates in realtime.  Heidi uses this to track conversation happening around hashtags for twitter chats.  One she mentioned was #blogchat which is hosted ever Sunday night by Mack Collier and is always excellent.

Let me know your thoughts on any of the tools above.  What do you use for twitter chats?

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