Using SocialBro To Grow Your Presence on Twitter

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SocialBro is a twitter management tool with some neat features so well worth checking out.

Leticia Polesa from SocialBro contacted me after I wrote an article called 8 Indispensable  Tools to Grow Your Social Media Presence on Mark Schaefer’s blog and wondered why I didn’t include SocialBro.

So after testing it out, here is an overview.

What does SocialBro Do

Socialbro provides a suite of functionality at a cost effective price (starting at $6.95 per month) that helps to grow your presence and improve your effectiveness on twitter.

What are the top features

1. Real time analytics

This shows your followers that are currently online.  This is useful to gauge what level of activity is happening with your followers at the moment so you can decide if it’s worth tweeting.  If somebody is tweeting it’s more likely they will respond to a tweet that you mentioned them in (unless they have automated the sending of their tweets).

SocialBro Realtime Analytics

This displays which of your followers are currently active on twitter


2.  Finding Followers

It’s very easy to identify relevant people to follow based on an easy to use filter.  See the filters displayed below on the left hand side.

SocialBro Filters

Finding Twitter Following Using SocialBro Filters


3. Best Time to Tweet

This is s great feature.  It analyses your twitter followers and works out when the best time to tweet.  It also integrates with BufferApp (Twitter scheduling tool) so you can automatically select the times to send out on buffer based on the statistics provided by BufferApp.

SocialBro Follower Statistics

Identify when your followers are online


4.  Analytics

There are detailed analytics available which gives a breakdown of your twitter followers (where they are from, if they have profile pictures, how many followers they have etc).  There is also a competitor analytics module where you can pick out their followers that are not following you, view stats on growth of their followers etc.

There are other features but the ones above are the ones that stuck out for me.


SocialBro is a good product with some good twitter features and for a $6.95 starting price it’s good value for money.  Do you use Socialbro?   Let me know what value you get out of it.




About the author

Ian Cleary

Author: Ian Cleary is a technology guy with extensive experience in Social Media. He is a writer for Social Media Examiner and other high profile blogs and is very passionate about Social Media Tools. Ian is the CEO of RazorSocial and also RazorCoast which is a Digital Marketing Agency.

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  • dwaynekilbourne

    This reminds me that I need to log back into SocialBro again here soon! I found the tool useful when I’d use it from time to time!

    • Ian Cleary

      Great, glad it was helpful!!!

  • Jayme Soulati

    I think this is way too much about Twitter. You can’t over think Twitter; you just go write and tweet and engage and someone is online at any hour of the day.

    • Ian Cleary

      Hi Jayme, thanks for your feedback. I really like the feature of knowing who is online. If you want to have conversations you’ve a better chance when more people are online. Although I do agree that just getting on anytime and having a chat is great also! Ian

  • Leticia Polese

    Ian, almost a week has passed since you wrote this great article and now I’ve realized that I haven’t commented on it yet! Thanks so much for taking your time to evaluate SocialBro. Very awesome of you!

    • Ian Cleary

      Hey, no problem Leticia. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Mark Ackerman

    Great post, guys.

    By the way, I came across a great service recently that
    claims to help you grow a targeted Twitter fan base by growing your followers
    organically. A colleague of mine is using it and says they do a brilliant
    job. They are called
    Worth looking into.

    • Ian Cleary

      Thanks for your feedback Mark, I’ll check it out. Ian

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