About us

Our story and how we can help

Filling the technical gap in marketing

We drive performance, we drive results!

RazorSocial fill the gap in marketing technical skills for B2B and SaaS businesses to drive bottom line results for digital marketing projects. 

We guarantee to drive more traffic, leads and conversions.We also improve your results from any technical projects such as the implementation of new technology within your organization.

Online marketing has become increasingly challenging and more and more technical skills are required.  We identify the biggest opportunities across acquisition, conversion and retention.

Here are some of the areas we get involved in….

  • Optimizing your content to drive more traffic
  • Building out and optimizing your conversion funnels
  • Managing the implementation of new marketing
    technology or even a website
  • Reviewing your marketing tech stack (tools you use) to recommend what you need to be using
  • Upskilling your teams

And much more. Give us a shout and lets chat

Our Background

Why are we doing what we do

Ian Cleary is the founder of RazorSocial.  He started his career working in management and technical roles within the software industry and over 10 years ago became a Marketer by chance when he launched a blog!!

He had a strong interest in social media and technology and he fused the two and focussed the blog on this.  The blog was quickly established as one of the top social media blogs.  In 2012 it won an award as one of the top 10 social media blogs globally by Social Media Examiner (it won that award 3 years in a row). 

Since launching the blog it has generated millions of visitors and over 400,000 shares of the content.

The content has since evolved to focus on the intersection of marketing and technology and it has thrived.  But to achieve that success we were very strategic about how we grew it and without strong technical skills we would have struggled.


As we became known within the industry we attracted many opportunities and then started building out a team.  Our team operates in various parts of the world and brings with them a wide variety of skill.

When we take on a project we put together the best team possible to deliver the best results.  No matter what size of project there’s always some involvement with Ian as he likes to keep his finger on the pulse!    His Project Management skills inherited from his time working in software is definitely a huge advantage to have as part of any project.

One big project we took on in 2017 was building an email outreach tool called OutreachPlus.  We seen a gap in the market and we couldn’t resist.  We put a team together of developers, UI designer, Quality Assurance and Project Management and released a super product.

 We were lucky to get a good offer for this software in 2018 so decided to sell it.  Running two companies was hard and our passion is with RazorSocial. We are now back focussing on RazorSocial 100% of the time.  The experience we learned from this venture is certainly still valuable for our new clients (especially SaaS ones!).

In February 2019 we upgraded our site to reflect our new branding and services.

Interested in having a chat with us?  We’d love to hear from you.

As well as his work on RazorSocial Ian is a contributing author to Forbes, was involved in multiple books, speaks at the top marketing conferences around the world and runs all the business from his office in Dublin, Ireland. His staff are all remote which means we can pick the most qualified candidates to help with projects anywhere around the world.

Outside of working Ian is super passionate about fitness. His latest craze is doing Calisthenics!

I love connecting with new people.  Hit me up!!!

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