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About us

We help B2B business grow their digital presence - We consult, train and speak at your event!

Not producing the results you want from digital/content marketing?


We help B2B businesses drive more traffic and sales through inbound and outbound marketing.

It’s not a case of doing inbound or outbound you need to do both.  You need to create amazing content that drives relevant traffic and you need to reach out to promote your content, build relationships and sales.

We provide consultancy and training. 


Our story….

I’ve spent many years learning my craft in all areas of digital marketing.  I come up with ideas, tested things out, optimized results and then shared our knowledge through our blog or website.

As well as helping other customers we recently launched a software product called OutreachPlus (Acquired Oct 2018) which is a tool which helps you speed up the process of sending personalized emails to generate leads, PR, grow traffic etc.

When you’re good at something you might as well exploit that!  I’m pretty good at Digital Marketing, Content Marketing etc so we’re able to take advantage of all the skills we’ve built up wtih our own product.  I also have 15 years experience working in Software Companies prior to RazorSocial.

Along my journey I’ve been luckily enough to be recognized in our indstry as one of the top content marketers globally and this has given me opportunities to travel the world speaking and work with large global oranizations such as British Council.

One thing you’ll find with me is that I always give a straight answer and I have a passion for giving you the right strategy but also the pratical approach to implementing it.




Want my marketing toolbox?

We test out a lot of marketing tools and we know which are the good ones. Grab a list of my tried and trusted tools!

My Business partner…

I am the Chief Operations Officer of RazorSocial. Ian sometimes says I’m the glue that holds the company together using my impeccable organizational and growth skills.


As well as being Ian’s business partner, I’m also Ian’s wife.

After years working in the software industry I decided to give entrepreneurship a go…


I quit the cubicle. While Ian traveled the world speaking and networking for RazorSocial, I oversaw and developed the training and consulting part of the business. An educator by nature, I worked with Ian creating training programs to train thousands of eager entrepreneurs worldwide.

With a background in creating training material for software companies and with a keen eye for design I have a unique ability to deliver world-class visual training to make social media easier to learn and fun to use. In essence, I bring a human touch to the technology world.

Aside from a mean badminton game or two, I also enjoy spending time with my three children, relaxing into some binge movie watching or listening to my husband’s new plans for world takeover.


We constantly evaluate social media tools and the vast majority of this software is provided for free to us to evaluate.

On this site we do use some affiliate links for products that we recommend. We only promote affiliate programs that we believe will be relevant and useful to our readers. When we’re doing a post on tools we include the best tools possible irrespective of whether they have an affiliate scheme in place or not. We do not make a note every time we use an affiliate link, but if you see a link that has our domain name with a /go/ attribute, you should assume that it is an affiliate link, and we are getting the commission.


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