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5 email marketing tools to rapidly grow your email subscribers

email-marketing-toolsAre you using some eMail Marketing tools that help you improve your conversion?

If you’re not focussing on aggressively growing your email marketing list you are missing a trick.

e-mail marketing is not dead.  If e-mail marketing ls dead then you wouldn’t have checked your e-mail at all to-day.  The chances are that you are like me and compulsively check it many times a day.

Business Objective of this article

The volume of traffic to your website is not important if you are not achieving good conversion rates.  With these set of tools you can improve your conversion rates which means more business for you.

Here are the 5 email marketing Tools that will help with your eMail Marketing.

1.  Lead Converter

Lead Converter is about attracting attention of your website visitors and encouraging them to take action.  Some of the facilities are not related to collecting e-mail but the ones that are are quite useful.

One controversial way to get the attention of your website visitor is putting a popup on the screen while they are on your website.  It’s controversial but once you put in the right wording and you configure the popup correctly it does work quite well.

Within lead converter you define the color, the text and configure it in relation to when and where it popups and then you’re good to go.


Lead converter popup
Lead converter allows you to set up a popup to help with email conversion


If you don’t like popup’s you could also try a banner image that appears across the top of your page.  I have a banner image which appears after 5 seconds when a visitor comes to the blog.  I currently get 2% conversion so I’m testing it further to see how I can increase that higher.


Lead Converter banner image
This banner image appears across the top of your website on pages you specify and after a time internal you specify


You can also split test different widgets to see which works best and you get detailed analytics on the results.  Here is an example of the analytics available for visitors/conversions.


Lead Converter Statistics
This shows you detailed statistics

2. Welcome Gate

A great place to convert people on your website is your home page.  What I have on our home page is a ‘feature image’ (A term coined by Derek Halpern).  This is a wide  banner that appears across the top of the screen and is designed to maximize conversion.  With the banner image below I get 8% conversion on this.


Razorsocial feature image
We provide a free guide and give social proof (quotes from Mark Schaefer and others) which helps improve conversion


Recently on Mike Stelzners podcast DJ Waldow (email marketing expert) mentioned that he uses welcome gate which takes over your full home page to convert visitors to email subscribers.  If you arrive on the first page you see a different screen than the home page that is designed to convert you.  If you subsequently visit the website again you don’t see this page any more.  This can be very effective at converting e-mail subscribers.


This page only appears on DJ's site for first time visitors
This page only appears on DJ’s site for first time visitors


“I’m a huge fan of testing different tactics to grow my email list. The one that has been the most effective for me – by far – since installing it at the end of January, has been LeadPages’ WelcomeGate. Folks who are new to get redirected to this page — where I ask for their email address. That “welcome” page is fairly customizable and easy to implement as a WordPress plugin. It also integrates with several email servicer providers, including the one I use – Infusionsoft. Since installing WelcomeGate a few months ago, nearly 30% of my entire list growth is from that page – DJ Waldow, Waldow Social.

Here’s a video which describes the functionality.



3. Aweber

We use Aweber for collecting eMails and sending out eMail newsletters.  What I like about Aweber is that it has worked perfectly since we started using it and it provides all the functionality we currently require.

One nice feature is the ability to have different forms in different parts of your site and get analytics on each form.  In the example below there is a popup (using a plugin called pippity) that is achieving 2% conversion and a home page feature box achieving 7.6%.  You can also see much lower conversion on ‘page post form’ which is a form at the end of a blog post and low conversion in the sidebar optin box.


Aweber Statistics
Aweber provides detailed statistics on each form


Getting these analytics is very useful when we want to consider what improvements we need to make.  Aweber has a lot of good features, it’s reliable and quite cost effective.


4. OptinSkin

Optinskin is a wordpress plugin that provides you with an easy way to add in opt-in forms to your website using high customizable templates.  Here is some of the functionality:

  • Split test forms to see which works best
  • Fully customizable suite of 18 templates
  • Analytics only records an impression when a visitor actually scrolls past the form
  • Easily place forms on any part of your blog with one click
  • Works with a broad range of email providers such as aweber, mailchimp and constant contact

Here’s an example of an optinskin form at the bottom of a blog post.  This was on the Glenn Allsop’s site (viper chill) who developed this plugin.


This encourages sharing but also email subscribers


5. Lead Player

Lead player is a tool to add to your videos which allows you to collect e-mail addresses during the video!  Watch this video which explains.



This tool is used by Pat Flynn, James Wedmore, Corbet Barr and other high profile Internet Marketing professionals.


That’s just 5 tools which hopefully will get you thinking about how you can improve your email conversion rate.  Are you measuring email conversion?  What tools do you use that help?

photo credit: Coletivo Mambembe via photopin cc