email subscribersFacebook Competition Applications can help grow your Fan Base but they can also help build email subscribers which can be more valuable. If you had a choice of sending an offer to 1,000 e-mail subscribers or 1,000 Facebook fans which would you pick?  I know I would pick e-mail as conversion would be much higher.  Why don’t you send to both?  If you convert your Facebook fans to e-mail subscribers then you can!

Here are 5 different types of Facebook contest applications you can run to help build your e-mail subscribers through Facebook.


1. Create a Sweepstakes using Heyo

We recently ran a competition for a free blogging course and we used Heyo to run the competition.  You just have to enter your email address to enter the competition.

All entries were entered into out our email database automatically and we got over 350 new email subscribers.  Heyo was simple to set up and worked a treat!

Here’s an example setup screen.  You add widgets of information/functionality by dragging and dropping elements on to the page. You can connect your email to your normal provider.  It took us only a couple of minutes to get heyo up and running.


Heyo Contest App

The standard template for a contests app


Heyo provide a free trial -> Click here


2.  Create a Quiz Competition

A Quiz can be a great way of building engagement with your followers but engagement is not enough.  How about running a competition within a quiz that will help generate e-mail subscribers? You can start off the quiz and ask a couple of questions and while you have people engaged present an option during the quiz to enter a competition.  Collect the e-mail address as part of the competition.  The user can then proceed to complete the quiz. Here is an example of a quiz run by Voices Heard Media which can be run simultaneously on your website and Facebook page and during the quiz you can collect e-mail addresses for a competition.

Facebook Competition Applications

The quiz can be embedded on your Facebook page, website and is also accessible on a mobile

Example providers: Voices Heard Media – Pricing starts at $14.99 per month and being able to run apps simultaneously on web and Facebook is cool.  They also support mobile. Agorapulse – Pricing starts at $29.99 per month.  Agorapulse is a suite of applications plus a CRM tool.  It builds up a profile of each fan which includes the e-mail address.  As they enter more competitions and interact more on the page the profile of the user is added to. Antavo – Pricing starts at $0 for up to 50 entrants and then up to $29 per month for up to 200 entrants.  Easy to use tool for creating the competitions.

3.  Run a Photo Contest Application

A photo contest can be a great way of building engagement and fans but also building email subscribers.  With a photo contest you get your fans to upload a photo and get their friends to vote on it.  By getting people to vote on the competition you bring non fans to your page and before they vote you can make sure they have to become a fan to enter.  After they enter the photo competition you could ask them if they want to enter a second competition which involves them providing their e-mail address and subscribing to your database. Agorapulse has a photo competition app as part of their suite of apps.  What we liked about is that Agorapulse tries to build up a profile of your fans.  As it collects information through the apps this is added to the fans profile.  This is very helpful for selling products or services to fans in the future.

Agorapulse Facebook Competitions

Build a profile up of your fans including the collection of their e-mail address details for e-mail campaigns

Example Providers SocialAppsHQ – Wide variety of apps and pricing starts at $0 per month! Agorapulse – Pricing starts at $29.99 per month. Shortstack– Pricing starts at $0 for up to 2,000 fans!  Very easy to setup. Woobox – Pricing starts at $0 for up to 100 fans!  Also, quite easy to setup. Binkd – Pricing starts at $0 and they support integration with Mailchimp. Votigo – $30 per week, pay as you go EasyPromos– $15 per promotion. Offerpop – Free up to 100 fans Strutta – $99 per month starter package, great analytics provided. Already mentioned – Voices Heard Media, Antavo, Tabsite  

4.  Create a Group Deal

If you create a deal for a group using on of the many apps available this can really help build subscribers.

5. Play a Guessing Game

I was in a clothes shop the other day and you had a chance to guess the amount of sweets in a jar.  Of course you need to subscribe to their e-mail database before you could enter.  Why not do the same online.  Here is an example:

Raffle Copter Quiz

You can enter the competition a second time by getting bonus points sharing or signing up to the newsletter!

Rafflecopter allow you to create a guessing game but as part of the game you get a second chance to guess depending on your actions.  For each action you build up points and then you get rewards.  You can see above that you get a ‘+1’ when you join the Rafflecopter mailing list. So provide incentives to share but also provide an incentive to join the mailing list. Example Providers $7.99 with Rafflecopter branding or $59.99 per month without.  The more expensive package integrates with aweber, mail chimp and constant contact e-mail marketing tools.  You can embed this functionality on multiples facebook pages and websites! You could also easily create this type of app using the custom page app building software mentioned earlier.

Competition Tips

Here are some tips when you run a competition on Facebook. 1.  Read the Facebook rules – You must run a competition as an app and not run it on your Facebook page and you must explicitly mention that Facebook has nothing got to do with it.  Please read the promotion section of the Facebook page guidelines. 2.  If you are running a photo competition have 2 parts to it.  Take the top x number of entries based on votes and then have a separate judging element.  This discourages cheating in competitions. 3. Make the prize relevant to your business.  If, for example, you are a golf club don’t make the prize an iPad.  A much better prize is a round of golf for 4. This will cost you less money and you’ll attract relevant people!

Facebook Competition Application Providers and Users – We want to hear from you!

We would love if you could share some Facebook competition applications that we haven’t mentioned or experience you have with any competition applications.  If you are a provider feel free to promote your product in the comments below, we want to hear about what makes your app better.   photo credit: RambergMediaImages via photopin cc