Feedly and Buffer - Excellent for Reading and Sharing Content

How to use Feedly and Buffer for More Effective Content Sharing

feedly and bufferWhen you’re on your mobile device and want to share out content do you share it all out at once?

What happens when you have 10 articles to share at the same time?

Feedly is a great web and mobile application for reading content.  If you subscribe to a lot of blogs you can use Feedly to read all your blog posts from one location.

Feedly now integrates with buffer which means you can buffer content you read to share it out at a later date.

This is extremely useful functionality and the combination of buffer and feedly is perfect partnership that will make your life easier!

How to set it up on your mobile device

Download the application to your mobile phone (iphone or Android) and connect the application to your Google reader account.  If you have a buffer account you can also connect to this and then you’re ready to start sharing.  It’s that simple.

Once you have your account connected select the blog you want to read.  When you find a good article click on the buffer icon and then buffer will automatically create an update to share out on twitter, facebook and/or LinkedIn.

Feedly and Buffer Integration
Use Feedly on your mobile device to buffer great content you find


When you buffer the article it is then placed in the buffer queue.


Buffer Social Sharing
Articles that are buffered from within Feedly appear in your normal buffer queue


If you want to read your content using a really nice web or mobile interface and you want a facility to share great content at an appropriate time you should set up feedly and buffer!

Tips for using Buffer and Feedly

1. In buffer you can set up the times you want content sent out.   To send out your content at times when most of your followers are online register with Socialbro.  Socialbro analyzes your twitter followers to figure out when they are tweeting so you can get an estimate of the best times to post.

2. When you subscribe to a blog and add it to feedly it’s useful to name the blog with the twitter address of the author.  When you tweet out content it’s good practice to mention the author in the tweet so they know you are tweeting out their content. By naming the blog with the twitter address this will also save you time.


feedly and twitter
Name your blogs you subscribe to with the twitter address


3.  When you are sending out content add in your own opinion of the article in your tweet.  For example ‘Great article ->’.  The chances of someone clicking on it improves when you let people know you have read and approved the content.

4.  If you find a great quote on a blog, highlight it and then click the buffer button.  You can now send out this quote with a link back to the page.

5.  In feedly you can update your preferences and add tags.  The tags can be assigned to blog posts so you can find them easier.  For example, if you find a post on social media tools you can tag it using the ‘social media tools’ tag so you can find it easier.


Feedly Tagging
Set up tags so you can categorise posts you want to track


So, what do you think?

Can you see how you would use these applications or do you use something different?

We love our comments from you guys so please share what you’re thinking.  C’mon, you know you want to!

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