FB Post ideasFacebook organic reach sucks.

This means that fewer and fewer of your fans will see your content…

…unless you are smarter with the content you share.

In this article, I’m going to show how you can be smarter with your content ideas so you get more organic reach by coming up with better Facebook posts.

1. Find other people’s content that has already proven to be popular

At Social Media Marketing World, Syed Balkhi talked about how he uses BuzzSumo‘s Facebook analyzer to find content that has previously been very successful on Facebook, and he reposts this.

As Syed explained, Facebook has assigned an edge rank score to this piece of content already (i.e. a score based on their algorithm, which indicates its popularity).  This means that Facebook knows this was popular already so it’s likely to share it more.

You can apply the following filters using BuzzSumo:

  • Status type: image, link, giveaway, video, question, coupon, other
  • Keyword filter
  • Search by page
  • Filter by language
  • Filter by time (e.g. popular posts in the last 6 months).

In the following example, you would adapt the language to share and then share it out.  The original share got 2,584 likes and 979 shares.


buzzsumo example
An example from BuzzSumo


Tip: Post other people's previously successful content on FB to increase organic reachClick To Tweet

2. Repost your previously popular content

You should use analytics tools to identify popular content on your Facebook Page and then reshare this content.  You could reshare it in 6 months’ time as long as it’s still relevant.  Even if this content was popular, you probably still didn’t reach more than 1/3 of your followers, so most people didn’t get a chance to see it.

Facebook insights


On channels such as Twitter most of us, at this stage, are convinced about resharing evergreen content on a regular basis but we’re less inclined to do this on Facebook.

We don’t have to be as aggressive with our sharing but we should have a resharing strategy for Facebook.

Tip: Post your previously successful content on Facebook to increase organic reachClick To Tweet

3. Post content types that are currently very hot!

Locowise recently did a report on reach on Facebook and it showed that video gets the highest reach and engagement.  As Facebook want to promote video, it’s likely that we will continue to get higher reach and engagement with video posts.

So… we need to move with the times.

locowise stats
Stats from Locowise


BuzzSumo allows you to apply a filter based on videos so you can learn which ones are popular there.

Of course, you should also consider live streaming as there is not huge competition in this area because most people don’t live stream yet.

4. Research Your Competitors

Your competitors are trying to attract the same audience as you so, if you can find out what they are sharing that achieves high organic reach, you will achieve it as well.

Postplanner has a content discovery engine where you can add feeds for your competitors and find out their most shared/liked content.

This could be them sharing their own content or other people’s content.  You probably won’t want to share their content (!) but you will find other content they are sharing that is popular that you could share too.

The following shows a star rating for content that has been shared before.  The more stars each one has, the more engagement there was on this content.

Recent content shared


5. Compile previously popular content into new formats

We know that video is popular.

What about taking some images that have already proven to be popular and creating a video of a series of these images to get higher reach?

From a Facebook point of view, this is still just video.  There are some great, easy-to-use video tools for creating this type of content.

You don’t have to have actual live video.  You just need to make sure that the video has some interesting information that captures the attention of the user.

6. Identify most-shared content based on keywords

You can use a tool such as BuzzSumo to do a search on the most-shared content based on specific keywords.

When you’re sharing out content related to a topic, you can find out which headlines worked before and learn from those headlines.

7. Learn from other channels

Have you researched other channels you are posting to?  Maybe there is content that works really well on one channel that could also work well on another channel.

Of course, not all content is suitable for every channel but you’ll find some content that has got high engagement that will work on other channels also.


How do you come up with Facebook post ideas?

Although reach is quite low for most brands, it doesn’t have to be low for you.  With a bit of work, you can certainly increase your organic reach without paying!

I’m not saying that you’ll get 50% organic reach but how about increasing reaching from 5% to 10% or higher.  That is certainly possible.

Would you like to share any ideas for increasing reach?

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