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How to Produce How To Videos!

My wife laughed at me recently for having my laptop on the kitchen counter watching a video on how to cook a curry.  I’m certainly no cook but I found this a great way to learn as I watched and paused throughout the process.

You can waste so much time messing around with social media tools trying to get them to work.  That’s why we produce some how to videos as it saves you a lot of time and they are easier to understand than a document with lots of instructions.

So if you want to put together some how to videos here are some tools and tips that my help.

Software for Recording and Editing the Videos

There’s a large variety of recording and editing software available.  The two that we use most are as follows:

Screenflow – This is for your MAC and was originally recommended by Amy Porterfield.   It costs $100 (Euro 82) which is not expensive considering the functionality it provides.  You record and then edit.  Editing supports all the features you would need such as zooming in on particular items, cutting out bits of the screen that are not relevant, editing sound etc.

ScreenFlow Records Voice Separate to Visuals So You can Replace Sound


Camtasia – Camtasia is the software we use to record or edit on the PC.  Although Camtasia is available on the MAC it’s not as feature rich as the PC so that’s what we use Screenflow on the mac.

Garage Band – To record sound you can use Camtasia or Screenflow but we find that you can get better quality if you record using separate software and add this to your recording in Camtasia or Screenflow.


Garage Band
Garage Band can be used for Recording and Editing Sound


Tip – Setting up Garage band for ‘Podcast’ and selecting the option ‘Male Narrator Noisy’ produces great sound.

Microphones for Recording

Recording on built in microphones can be produce acceptable quality but an external microphone will generally be better.

We have 2 external microphones and both produce good quality sound.

We use the Samson CO1U and also the Blue Snowball.  Both produce good quality sound.


The Blue Snowball is a Very Good Quality External Microphone


Process Followed

This is what works for us:

1. Step through the how to video and record using Camtasia or Screen flow.

2. Review the video and type out the final text you want to use.  When you record first you may not sound perfect so a lot of times we have to replace this.

3. Record voice on Garage Band or Audacity and follow the script while the recorded video is playing.  We don’t read word for word as we want it to sound natural but having the text typed out helps.

4.  Delete the sound from the Camtasia or Screenflow recording and bring in the sound from GarageBand/Audacity.

5.  Start the editing process.  Sync up the sound, add in intro and closing slides, cut out any incorrect video or sound pieces, create some nice effects etc.

6.  Save video and then export to Youtube.

So there’s a bit of work required but the more you do it the easier it gets.

How to you produce videos?  Let us know the process that works for you.




7 Responses to How to Produce How To Videos!

  1. I am a big fan of screen flow and love how i can record small sound bits, video bits, etc and put them together. The simple effects for clicks, highlighting areas, etc are great too.

  2. for those mac users who want to try out video, quicktime player offers screen video capture, with or without audio. then imovie is an easy to learn editing tool for cleaning up the video, editing or adding audio etc.

  3. Hi Ian,
    There are great tools for creating videos thanks for sharing. I just wanted to point out there are a number of great solutions to creating videos such as Treepodia. Not only is it super simple to create and distribute videos, but it is cost effective meaning even smaller companies can create great videos without breaking the bank.

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Hi Ian, Just thought I would bring this to your notice so you can correct the sentence.Under the “Microphones for Recording” section, in the first sentence can you remove the word “be” where it says “can be produce”

    Also, thank you for sharing all the amazing tips and tricks which i have started following and they are saving me a ton of time.

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