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Marketing has become an increasingly technology-powered discipline and with the ever-increasing demands for technical knowledge, there’s often a knowledge gap between marketing and technology.

We want to help bridge that gap.

We have just relaunched our website, services and branding to reflect our new focus!

Same direction -> New Route!

There is big demand on Marketers on having such a broad range of skills for digital marketing and this is challenging.

Especially as marketers don’t come from a technical background!


The amount of money spent on marketing tech in the US is going up every year.

As you can see from the following table it shows that the spend on technologies such as marketing automation, advertising tech, and data & analytics is going up year on year, and that trend is set to continue.

According to Scott Brinkers annual marketing tools report there are nearly 7,000 marketing tools alone!

So, it’s reasonable to think that the level of technical skills required to implement and use the technology is growing too.

However, this is a challenge for many marketers because it’s very hard to be really skilled at both ends of the spectrum, for example:

  • Building a creative campaign
  • Going deep with analytics

“The marketing skills gap is widening. Not because there aren’t amazingly talented marketers out there but rather because the landscape of marketing technology is shifting that fast”

Michael Brenner – Marketing Insider Group

RazorSocial helps bridge that gap

We initially launched RazorSocial as a blog focused on social media tools.  
Due to the quality of our content and our technical knowledge around content optimization, SEO and effective content distribution, our site grew quite quickly.

But after a while I got a bit bored only talking about social media tools, and since content marketing was always an area I was passionate about we started shifting our focus and our articles in this direction.

Now we’ve decided to broaden out the content we cover on RazorSocial and focus on all areas of digital marketing where there is a technical gap for marketers.

Here’s the type of topics you’ll see from us going forward:

  • Tool reviews – We can’t forget out roots and since tools are such an effective and essential part to any marketers arsenal we will continue to review tools that we believe will save you time, streamline your processes and generate you more revenue!
  • Managing technical projects – we are all faced with managing challenging technical projects at one time or another. Whether it’s rolling out a new website, building a chatbot or integrating your tools to make your business run more effectively, we’ll identify all the areas you need to be concerned with.
  • Future technologies – we all want to stay ahead of the curve so we have to keep our eyes on technologies that may not be having an impact on us yet, but that may do in the near future. For example, the use of artificial intelligence in marketing is a big area with huge potential.
  • Optimizing digital marketing –  Content marketing has a strong creative element but it also has a very strong technical side to it.  You need to understand SEO, email nurture sequences, link building, outbound marketing, and more. This is just one area of digital marketing where technology plays a vital role but we will also talk about any other areas of digital marketing where we can use technical skills or technology to improve our results.

Our new website and services

We’ve decided to launch a new website, an updated content strategy and a new set of services!

Here’s our services:

Marketing Tech Support

Need help managing the implementation of new marketing applications, evaluating new tools or supporting your team with tech skills? Boost the efficiency of your marketing team with marketing technology!  

Content & Conversion

The technical side to content marketing is just as important as the creative side. Drive more traffic and conversion from your existing and new content. Get a content audit, full content strategy, or outsource your content marketing to us and achieve better results.

Management & Analytics

Too much data, too little insight? We’ll set up, manage, and report on key data for your business – social media monitoring, web analytics, and lead generation funnels. Improve the results of all your digital marketing activities with the right data and insights.

Thank you for your continued support and I hope that you will join us on our journey.

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