Social media articles: 9 Awesome social media articles in 2013

Social Media Articles: 9 Awesome Posts in 2013

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What are the best social media articles that you may have missed in 2013?

We’ve had an amazing year of growth with RazorSocial and during the year there has been some posts that our audience has loved!

So to mark the end of the year, we thought it would be good to share a roundup of the most popular posts of the year, in case you missed them first time around.

Here are the top 9 social media articles that were read by RazorSocial’s community. They show the need for more in-depth reviews and resources. If you have already read them, then good for you!   But there’s no harm refreshing your memory, and at the same time we have included a list of other related articles on the same topic that will help you be even better at your daily marketing.

12 Great Facebook Contest Examples

If you are thinking of running a Facebook competition for the first time, or are looking for some ideas for your next competition, then this post will certainly give you some food for thought. We reached out to some of the Facebook Contest providers and they each gave us one example of what worked really well for a customer that used their app. Like this one from Heyo, where Lilly Pulitizer took advantage of Heyo’s mobile solution when running their yearly Facebook promotion to give away some of their stylish “agendas”.   Heyo’s mobile app captured nearly 25% of the 9000 entrants showing the shift in people’s social media browsing habits.

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A Facebook contest by Heyo


So if Facebook is key part of your social media strategy then here are some additional articles you may find useful to make you focus your Facebook Marketing efforts in the right places. 

  • 5 Facebook Competition Applications to Build Email Subscribers – Facebook contests are great not only for the fans that win the prizes, but they provide a perfect vehicle to build your email subscriber list.  This article takes you through some of the best tools and techniques for growing your subscribers  through Facebook.
  • Review of 5 Free Facebook Analytic Tools – Every campaign needs to be measured and analyzed, but if your  budget is tight then this article takes you through some of the free Facebook analytics options.
  • Facebook Analytics Tools: 9 Alternatives to Facebook Insights –  Sometimes a free tool just doesn’t have all the data we need and falls short at providing us with actionable insights that we can use to improve the performance of our Facebook pages. This article introduces you to “The Killer Guide to Facebook Analytics Tools” which does an in-depth review of 9 great alternatives to the basic Facebook Insights. Read it online or download a PDF, whichever you prefer.


Free Twitter Analytic Tools: The Ultimate Guide

It’s essential that you take stock of what you are doing on Twitter. We can all get lost in the Twittersphere so it’s useful to sit back and do some analysis on your account, and your competitors, to see what improvements can be made.  Each of the 16 tools in this guide can provide some useful functionality.  Pick out the tool most relevant to your business and test it out on your account, your competitor or a key influencer in your industry.

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Analyze your Twitter profile using Twrtland

Here’s a few more Twitter related articles that you might like:


101 Social Media Hacks: Magic Tips for Social Media Tools and Technology

Are you looking for some tools and tips related to social media tools and technology? Want to add a bit of magic to your social media marketing? Our long list of tips was really popular this year, proving we all like small hacks that make our lives easy. Like using Wajam when searching on Google to see which of your network connections are sharing out links or videos related to your search.

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When I did a Google search for ‘social media’ I can see who in my network shared out links or videos related to ‘social media’

If you like those tips then here are some additional social media tips that you can use to keep you working smarter:


3 Tools to Grow Your Presence on Instagram

We have all witnessed the enormous growth of Instagram in 2013, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. But as Kristi Hines points out in this article, one of the biggest challenges when it comes to Instagram marketing for business is figuring out how to manage your Instagram account away from your mobile phone. While Instagram is also available on the web, all you can do is edit your profile and interact with those you follow through liking and commenting on their photos.

Fortunately, there are tools online that allow you to do more, and Kristi Hines introduces us to a few of them in this guest post. And while I might be slightly biased, I do believe it is one of the best Instagram guides to be found.

Click here to read the full article.

followgram dashboard
Followgram provides you with some great statistics on your account

Through the rise of Instagram and Pinterest in 2013 it is obvious that visual content was trending in 2013 and will continue to do so next year.  But if you’re not a graphic designer or a skilled videographer it’s hard to produce captivating, interesting and professional looking images and videos that stand out from the crowd.  So here are some articles that might help you elevate your images and videos to the next level.


3 LinkedIn Tools to Grow Your Presence on LinkedIn

If you invest some time in LinkedIn it can be very beneficial to your business. I meet so many people that say they don’t get benefit from LinkedIn but when I ask them what time they are investing in LinkedIn, the answer is usually none! In this article we outline 3 tools that will really help you grow your presence on LinkedIn.

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Track your interactions with LinkedIn Contacts


For more great tools for less-used social networks click here:


Google Keyword Planner: The Ultimate Guide

Although Google Keyword Tool is gone all is not lost, it just got moved and improved! The Google Keyword Planner provides some really great keyword research options. You do need a Google AdWords account to use it but that doesn’t force you to advertise. Read our step-by-step guide and learn how to use this great resource.

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Select the Keyword Planner option in AdWords
Select the Keyword Planner option in AdWords

Writing the best blog post needs a lot of preparation and research, so now that you have mastered your keyword research here are some more articles to make this process easier:

  • Content Curation Tools: A Curated List of Content Curation Tools – Google loves good content and while you may produce tons of great content yourself it’s always good to share out other people’s content to your social networks. But finding great content can be difficult and more importantly, time consuming.  This article introduces you to some great curation tools that do the work for you.
  • How to create an editorial calendar with your blog – A constant and consistent publishing schedule is good for SEO and for your readers. But keeping yourself and your team on track can be a struggle sometimes, so being organised is essential to make sure a posting date is never missed. Read on to find out the best way to plan your editorial calendar.
  • 5 Tips for Blog Research using Google Advanced Search – Writing a great blog post is not just about the idea, but having a great idea definitely helps. It’s virtually impossible these days to find a topic to write about that’s never been covered before, so why waste your time trying.  Instead research popular articles and blogs to discover what is the most shared content of your competitors and use these insights to come up with great alternative ideas for your blog.


How to Perform SEO Competitor Analysis

Understanding your competition in search results is extremely important. In this article we outline how to perform SEO Competitor Analysis so you find out how to get your posts to appear higher in search results than your competitors. You’re not out to pick a fight with your competitor but you are out to beat them fair and square!

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Just enter in your website address and find out your rank!
Just enter in your website address and find out your rank!

If you are obsessed with SEO then read on, and if you’re not obsessed, you should be! We all know that SEO is vital to the success of your website so whether you do it yourself or get someone else to do it, you need to at least understand the mechanics of SEO and some tools that can help. 


Marketing Tools: 29 Powerful Tools for a Social Media Marketer

Our beautiful and useful infographic guides you through the day of an average marketer and her resources. The tools we highlight are useful for everyone and a daily plan is a necessity if you want to keep up with everything. We all start early in the morning and finish late at night. How many of you check your Twitter or Facebook account last thing in the evening and first thing in the morning?

Click here to read the full article.

Marketing Tools

Are you a marketer yourself? Here are some secrets that will help you:

  • A Daily Routine for Social Media – We all struggle with finding the best social media routine. Here is mine.
  • How to Make Your Own Infographic – Infographics are by far one of the most shareable images you can produce, and we discovered this ourselves when we produced this one.  If you like infographics and think that creating one will help your marketing plan, here is a list of great tools that you can use as well as some great tips on how to build a knockout infographic from Donna at Socially Sorted.


7 Ways to Use Google Webmaster Tools to Increase Traffic To Your Website

In a traffic-focused marketing plan it is really important to make the best use of all the official resources Google is giving you. Google provides lots of valuable information in Google Webmaster Tools so it’s important to monitor it and make any relevant changes. Making sure all issues are resolved and it’s configured correctly can help drive additional traffic to your website so it’s well worth spending the time doing it.

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Google Webmaster HTML
Resolve issues related to Title and Description tags


There are many other free Google tools that you’re probably not taking full advantage of, so here are some great articles to get you going:

  • How to Set Up Google Author Rich Snippets To Increase Web Traffic – Seeing an author’s image next to an article in search results definitely makes us more likely to click on it, especially if we know the author. But letting Google know that you are the author is vital with the recent rise of Google’s author rank.  This article guides you through setting up the Google Author Rich Snippets – another great way to increasing the traffic on your blog or website.
  • How To Move Your Blog Post Up in Search Results – The ultimate goal is to reach the top spot in Google searches. Sound impossible?  Well it’s not.  This article will help you understand what you need to do in order to get closer to the top.
  • Understanding Google Analytics: A Simple Guide to Advanced Terms – Measuring and understanding traffic is as important as your position on Google. If you want to reach the top, you need to track a lot of data. Here is a starters guide to Google Analytics – including a lot of terms that you need to understand in order to make and read reports.


Did we cover your favorite social media articles in our list?  Knowing that what we do makes a difference to your working lives is really important to us so let us know if there are other articles that you found really useful.

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