Social Media Marketing World: 16 Super Tools to Optimize Social Media

Social Media Marketing World: 16 Tools to Optimize Your Social Media Performance

Want to make significant improvements to your social media presence to-day?

At the Social Media Marketing World conference in San Diego last week I presented to a packed room about a range of tools to optimize social media performance.

It contained a range of really interesting and useful tools to help you target the right people, get better results with your content, convert more traffic and improve results.


ian cleary
Doing my stuff at Social Media Marketing World


Here is a summary of the tools that I covered:

Targeting the right people

Social media is amazing for connecting with new people.  You can build relationships with new people every day, however, you need to have a strategic approach.

Without a strategic approach you might end up wasting a lot of time connecting with people that may not benefit your business.  We’re in social media for our business, right?

Here are some tools that will help you identify the right people.

1. Target Your loyal fans with Leadsocial

Leadsocial is all about finding ways to get a return of your investment in Facebook.  One piece of functionality that’s useful for targeting the right people is the list of engaged fans.

Leadsocial picks out the fans on your page that are engaging the most – sharing, commenting and liking.

The people that engage the most are your raving fans and are more likely to buy from you!

2.  Find the influencers with LittleBird

Littlebird is an excellent tool for identifying influencers in your niche.

It has a concept of an insider score.  The higher the score the more influential that person is within your niche.  To get a high score you need to have lots of other influential people following you.  If you are influential other people that are influential will interact with you.

This makes sense.  Influencers interact with other influencers.


LittleBird Insider Score
Find the insiders!


3. Target the right bloggers with Grouphigh

Grouphigh is a really powerful blogger research tool.  It has a very large database of bloggers with powerful search criteria.

Search through the database, identify a short list of bloggers and then analyze each individual blogger.

When you want to analzye a blogger you’ll be able to find their contact details, latest blog posts, social profiles and much more.  If you start interacting with this blogger you can record this activity within Grouphigh.


GroupHigh Individual Record
View details and track interactions with each contact


Get Better Results with your Content

We spend so much time producing content we really need to make sure it’s time spent wisely.  There are various tools that can help us to product good content and help get better results with the content we produce.

4.  Produce Infographics with Piktochart

Infographics can be a great source of links back to your site and can help you rank for competitive terms you might normally have difficulty ranking for.

We recently did an infographic was got over 120 embeds (120 different websites included the infographic on their site) and it helped us rank for a very competitive term.

But you don’t always have to go to great expense to create the infographic.  There are some very good low price tools such as Piktochart which allow you to easily build infographics using a pre-defined templates.

5.  Find popular content ideas using Topsy

Finding content that is popular in your niche is a great way of finding content to write about.  It’s not about copying content but if certain types of content is popular it makes sense to write about similar content.

You might write about the content from a different angle, write a better post or write a more up to date version.

With Topsy you can search through their database and filter content based on keywords that have the most links to it.  If content gets a lot of links it’s  popular for a reason.

6.  Optimize content for sharing on social media

It’s becoming increasingly important to add relevant information for social media channels to your blog content so it’s shared out correctly.

For example, we recently added Twitter picture cards to our content so that when our content is shared on Twitter they can display an image of the post within as the user is browsing.  This helps increase the click through rate significantly.


Twitter Cards
Great sized image displayed within


There is other data you can also provide for other social channels such as Facebook.

The first stage of optimizing the content is finding out what is missing from your current content.  Use the tool provided by Knowem which will give you a percentage rating and you’ll find out how well optimized your content is.

To resolve the issues you will need to talk with your development team.

7.  Find out what you can rank for with Opensite Explorer

Writing content that you can rank for in Google means you will get more traffic to the post on an ongoing basis.

This means you are getting more value from the content you are writing.

But the first stage about optimizing content is understanding how highly your domain / pages on your domain are ranked.

Opensite explorer is a tool provided by Moz that shows you your domain and page authority.  The higher they are the easier it is to rank for content.

Read this post which gives an explanation of domain authority.

8.  Find content your competitor is ranking for using SEMRush

If your competitor is ranking for particular search terms you may be able to write content and start ranking for this content instead of them.

To find out what your competitor is ranking for use SEMRush.  With the free version you can find out the top 10 keywords your competitor  is ranking for.  Very handy!!


semrush competitor results
View the keywords a competitor is ranking for



Convert more traffic

When you manage to get all the traffic to your website you want to convert more of the traffic.

9. Convert to email subscribers using OptinMonster

OptinMonster is WordPress plugin for building email subscribers.  It has various forms you can embed on your site to help with email conversion but one of the most interesting ones is the popup.

You can set the popup only to appear on ‘exit intent’.  This means that your website visitor can browse all they want and when they are about to exit the website you can have a popup appearing tempting the visitor to leave their email address.

Optinmonster knows they are exiting when they have moved the mouse outside the main window where the post is.

The popups are very easy to set up and you can also easily set up split testing to test different versions.


OptinMonster Configuration
An example of light box configuration


10. Use Marketing Automation tools

When someone arrives on your site from social media channels it’s likely that the majority of people may not be ready to buy your products and services.   A lot of them may not have even heard of you before.

One of the best ways of converting them is to encourage them to subscribe via email and then over time, through a series of communications and activities, convert them to a customer.

There are some email tools such as aweber and mailchimp which allows you to do basic marketing automation (e.g. automatically send a series of emails) but if you want to do more advanced automation you need to invest in tools like Infusionsoft or Ontraport.

11. Generate leads through your video using Viewbix

Viewbix is a customizable video player you can used on your site to display videos.  One nice piece of functionality is the ability to add optin email subscription forms directly within the video.

You can get them to appear at the start, during the video or at the end.

This will help improve conversion for anyone watching videos on your site.

12. Convert visitors using templates based landing pages from Leadpages

Creating landing pages is easy but creating high converting landing pages is difficult.

Leadpages provides you with a range of landing pages that are known to convert very well with existing customers.

Instead of starting with a blank page you start with a high converting landing page and then customize images/text to suit your requirements.

They are easy to set up and you can have your landing page up and running in minutes.


Analyze the results

To get better performance for your social media efforts you need to review your analytics on a regular basis.

Viewing analytics is generally not seen as the most exciting activity but it is really important.

13. Get actionable analytics using PostAcumen

Postacumen is a tool specifically for analytics on your Facebook page(s).  What I really like about the tool is that it doesn’t just present analytics it gives you actions to perform that will improve your page.

Find out the best times to post, types of content to post, what type of imagery is working the best and much more.


Competitive analysis reports


14.  Run analytics on a range of social platforms using Simply Measured

Simply Measured is an excellent analytics tool that provides really detailed and useful reports on a broad range of social media platforms.

The solution is more suitable for a bigger business based on the price point but well worth it if you have the budget for it.

There are also a broad range of free reports provided by Simply Measured which are also very useful and these are well worth checking out.

15. Monitor results using Brand24

Brand24 is a great monitoring tool for tracking mentions of your brand or any particular keywords.  For a relatively low price it gives some of the bigger more expensive tools a run for their money.

You can filter any results to view mentions on Facebook, Twitter, Website/Blogs, Forums etc.


View a graph of mentions and then filter based on channel.


16. Google Analytics

Google analytics is free and extremely useful and this should always be a tool you look up.  Read this post on analyzing social media traffic in Google analytics.


Bonus Tips

As part of the presentation we finished off some bonus tools!

1. Find viral images to share with Postplanner

Postplanner is an excellent Facebook page management application with some great features.  One of the best features is the content discovery engine which lets you search the web based on keywords and sort based on the most popular articles related to the keywords.

They currently have a feature in beta which allows you to find the most viral pictures on the web based on keywords and categories.

If you want a ton more engagement on your Facebook page this is guaranteed to do it.

2. Manage your editorial calendar with EditFlow

It’s very difficult to be organized with your blogging without having an editorial calendar.  This allows you to plan out your content,  assign out tasks to your team and monitor your calendar scheduling.

EditFlow is a free WordPress plugin.

3. Agorapulse Barometer

Agorapulse (Facebook page management, page apps and analytics) provides a free tool for comparing your pages performance against your competitors on Facebook.

This Agorapulse barometer is very useful to see how your page is performing and it gives you an incentive to improve it.

4. Image Tools

Imagery on social media is so important and there are a variety of great tools that will help:

  • Canva – A fantastic tool that we use daily to create images using a drag and drop interface. Very easy to use and produces great imagery.
  • Picmonkey – If you want a simple tool to do minor edits and pictures and add some text to them Picmonkey is well worth trying out.
  • Pixlr – This is a more advanced tool which is like a lightweight version of Photoshop.

5. Inpwrd

Inpwrd is a search tool for finding the most relevant content related to a content.  Perform a search based on keywords and the content that is read and share out the most.



Social media can be a fantastic way of building your business but you need to be strategic about it.  You need to find the right audience, write the right content, optimize your site for conversion and analyze all the results.

We hope that you’ll pick out a couple of tools above that will help with this.

Final Comments

Here are some options:

  1. Implement some of the tools above and let us all how well they worked for you.
  2. Share a comment – we’d love to hear from you below.
  3. Share this content – If you like this, then share it!