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8 Social Media Tools in Beta Worth Tracking

social media tools in beta - Social media toolsAre you keeping an eye on new social media tools that could help your business?

As Social Media continues to develop there will be more tools that will help.

We are linking in with the tool providers and tracking the latest tools out there.  Here are just 8 social media tools in beta that are due out this year.


1. Meshfire – Team Based Twitter Management Tool

social media tools in betaMeshfire is a team based Twitter management tool that allows you and your team to manage your Twitter stream effectively.  You can assign tasks to yourself or team members and manage and track results.

A cool feature is the virtual team member that monitors the Twitter stream and makes suggestions for actions.   For example, if a customer responds to a tweet with your name mentioned then it makes sense to create an action to respond back.

We got a demonstration recently and the interface looks pretty neat.  A task is assigned on a board of tasks and you can flip it over to create the tweet to complete.   Your team can view a shared board of tasks that need to be completed and pick off the board.  There are settings which restrict team members to complete certain tasks.  They may action them but it may be subject to approval before the tweet is sent out.

If you’ve got a team working on the same twitter account Meshfire is going to be interesting for you.


2. One Qube – Manage Your Twitter Followers and Relationships

social media tools in beta - One QubeOne Qube is about maximizing the benefit of your Twitter followers.  You can view detailed profiles on them,  perform an advanced search, group them into lists, share targeted messages through the list, view analytics, and much more.

With the list management feature you can group your users and then share personalized direct messages to those lists.

There’s a beta programme running at the moment and features are being added on a regular basis.  Rumors of relationship management within the tool are flying around!


3. Nestivity – Build Nests for your Followers – Acquired in 2013

social media tools in beta - nestivityThe use of a hashtag on Twitter for filtering information is useful.  However, if you have multiple conversations about the same thing there needs to be a better way of interacting, sorting and tracking these conversations.

Nestivity lets you create a ‘nest’ where you can get involved in the conversation.  Twitter followers are invited to participate in the nest but instead of one stream with all conversations they are broken down and organized in to easier to manage streams.

I can imagine the larger brands in particular creating nests to promote, encourage and manage the conversation more effectively on twitter.


4. [Now called Sticky] – Socialise your eCommerce site – NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE

social media tools in beta - provides visitors to your site with a customizable toolbar that originally was designed to store a wish list but is now expanding to much more.  The wish list functionality allows visitors to add products they like to it and then share with their friends on social media for feedback.

This potentially has multiple benefits.  By tracking what the visitor is putting on their wish list you can follow up with them with incentives to convert.  Also by friends sharing this wish list with their friends this will help generate more awareness of the product or service through social media and drive more traffic back from friends.

This is expanding way beyond initial wish list so it will be interesting to track.


5. Propel Ad – Optimize Your Facebook Promoted Posts

social media tools in beta - Propel AdAt this stage we’ve probably all read about the fact that on average, only about 16% of your Facebook fans are seeing your updates.  So if the vast majority of your fans are not seeing your updates what do you do?

Facebook’s promoted posts allow you to increase this percentage.  If you’re serious about Facebook you’ll need to start allocating a budget for promoted posts.  But what posts are the ones that you promote?  You can manually decide which ones to promote or you can use PropelAd to automate this process.  PropelAd will analyze your best performing posts in terms of reach and interaction and then automatically promote these posts.  This means that the ones that are resonating with your audience are the ones that will be promoted.

I can see PropelAd being appealing to the larger brands with annual/monthly Facebook advertising budgets.


6. Little Bird – Identify Your Influencers and build your influence

social media tools in beta - Little BirdForming relationships with key influencers in your industry or target market can be extremely beneficial to your business.  However, it’s very time consuming to try to identify these people.

Little Bird is an influencer management platform.

It helps you to first identify the influencers that you should be connecting with and then build a relationship with those influencers.

We’ll see a lot of influencer management platforms emerging in 2013, will Little Bird be singing in 2013, we’ll see!


7. Post Rocket – Optimize Your Facebook Newsfeed – [Closed Down, never made it past beta]

social media tools in beta - PostRocketOn average only 16% of your fans see your updates on your Facebook business page.  To get around this at the moment you need to use Facebook promoted posts.

Post Rocket is a solution to optimize the content you send so more people see the content.   One neat feature is being able to attach photo’s to your post, add text to the photo and also modify the look of the photo so it’s more eye catching.

You can also schedule your posts based on the time Post Rocket thinks is the optimal time to post.

Postrocket is in beta for at least a couple more months so we’ll be tracking.


 8. AW Pro Tools – Expand the functionality within Aweber

social media tools in beta - Aweber Pro

AWeber is a great tool that we use for this blog but there is more functionality that we’d really like.  Then I came across  AW Pro Tools through David Risley’s blog which is an add-on to AWeber.

If you send an e-mail to your subscribers and they click on links you can track their behavior and automatically update your lists based on this behavior.  So, for example, you send a link related to a new product or service.  If a subscriber clicks on this link you could automatically update their profile to say that they have shown interest.  Then the next time you send out an e-mail to your subscribers you can specifically target the people that showed enough interest to click on the link the first time.

You can also automatically move subscribers from one list to another.  For example, if you have a series of messages that go to a new subscriber you can automatically move them to another list at the end of the initial series of e-mails.

So AW ProTools has an interesting tool and I’m sure Aweber are watching them closely!


The purpose of this post is to give you a sneak preview into what’s coming but also get you thinking about the type of solutions that you need to consider in 2013.

For all you tool providers we’d love to hear about new tools you have available and everyone else please also share any feedback or tool suggestions!