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The Best Way to Schedule Social Media Updates

Do you find relevant content at times when your fans or followers are not online?  Do you send out content during the day at times when you get very little interaction?

Scheduling content when you’re away on holidays or not contactable is not great practice but there is no harm in sending content at times that is suitable to your audience.  BufferApp is the best way of scheduling content for distribution to Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook as it allows you to share content in your own time and distribute content at times suitable to your audience.

Check out this video which shows you how BufferApp works.


Do you use Bufferapp or similar tools?  What’s your opinion on scheduling?

5 Responses to The Best Way to Schedule Social Media Updates

  1. Thanks for the video. Short and sweet. Perfect!

    I love Buffer. I particularly like the fact that it provides analytics if you use one of their supported URL shorteners. It’s a great app, and really well laid out – very user friendly.

    Love your website too!
    All the very best,

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for the positive comments. It’s really great to get your comments. We hope you that you will be with us for a long time. We’ll do our best to provide you some great content!

    All the best,


  3. Buffer is a great tool for creating a consistent schedule for content that can match up with your audience. Pair that tool with the variety of browser plug-ins and connections to other automation tools (like IFTTT) and you can save time while producing a greater volume of useful content.

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