Corporate Training

Develop online marketing skills within your organization and become more profitable online

We work with a small number of large clients around the world.

One of our recent projects was upskilling a team of 30 people responsible for social media in an organization with 8,000 people around the world. They flew into Dublin for 2 days and then we did 8 online modules with certification at the end.

We are providing training to one of the top universities in the world on content marketing.

We run our own content marketing conference – Content Mastery Summit.


Are you looking for a world leading social media and content marketing specialist to deliver impactful and actionable training that will have amassive effect on the skills of your staff?

Do you want to create online influencers in your organization? Build influence, Build profit.

Are you looking for customized training developed specific for your organization?

Do you want your team to acquire online skills to drive more profitability to your organization?

Get the Edge with RazorSocial

We work with mid and large size companies, CEOs, Advisors, Executive teams, and PR Agencies to help maximize opportunities for online marketing for your business.

We train based on your needs and range from beginner to ultra-advanced strategies to help you get more traction online.

We offer custom, virtual and in-house training that may include:

Creating high-level online social and digital marketing strategy for your company directly tied to ROI

Identifying the best tools and technology to uniquely support your company marketing plan

Arming your staff with the most effective online marketing strategies to stay ahead of your competitors–practical action steps that lead to exposure and profit


Here are some of the clients we worked with recently.

We also provide training to clients of Content Marketing Institute and Social Media Examiner at on- and offline events. These include some of the largest brands in the world.

We are practitioners that train…

We are skilled practitioners, world leading specialists and highly skilled online marketers that have the ability to transfer our knowledge in a very actionable and practical way.

In September of 2015 Ian Cleary stood up in front of many of the largest brands in the world to talk about the future of social technology.

Ian is visionary in this space and will guide your organization to online success.

Our unique expertise lies in our knowledge of the technical side to online marketing.

Everyone needs some technical skill or, at least, an appreciation of what technology can do.

Our training is focused on the following areas:

Social Media

If you’re looking to build a presence on social media that will drive engagement, traffic and sales we have a course for you. We can cover whichever channels you require.

Content Marketing

Looking for your team to build an effective content marketing plan with specific actions to implement? We will work with your team in a workshop type of approach to build the necessary skills and plans for this.

Building Influence

If you build influence online you build profit. Influence means you have a relevant audience that pays attention to what you say. It means you have a website of authority that attracts a lot of traffic. It means you have the ability to convert your traffic.