On Demand

Become an enlightened digital marketer

As well as providing custom training we provide standard off the shelf training as listed below. All training material is easy to follow and provided in video format.

Digital Influencers Club

A digital influencer has a bigger audience, drives more traffic and sales. Find out more about our Digital Influencer monthly subscription club where we will help you build influence online.
And, of course, there is a strong focus on all the technical stuff you struggle with!!!

Build 1,000 Email Subscribers in 90 Days

Follow step by step instructions over a 90 day period to build over 1,000 email subscribers.  The training is split over 10 video lessons.  

“With one simple tweak from Ian I got an additional 500 email subscribers from one blog post!”

– Donna Moritz – Socially Sorted

Blogging Blueprint for Success

A blog is absolutely key to success on social media but there are many components to understand to build a successful blog.  In this course we go through each component module by module and with a bit of work you’ll have a super successful blog.

“This course has completely changed the way I think about blogging, the way I do blogging and how I integrate it into my overall marketing strategy. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to take their blogging to the next level. Even if you think you’re a pretty good blogger already, this course will turn you into a great one. This course is the most valuable one I have ever taken, by far.  Ian over-delivered in every way! “

– Chloë Forbes-Kindlen C4 Compete

Drive More Traffic to your Blog using Social Media

There are many techniques for driving more traffic to your blog through the use of social media.  If you are not taking advantage of these techniques you are missing out on a lot of potential traffic.  By going through this course you will dramatically increase the amount of traffic.

Driving More Traffic to your Blog using SEO

Are you confused by SEO? It’s actually not that complicated. In this training, we provide step by step instructions on how you give your content the best chance of getting seen and ranked by Google. Follow the instructions and get more traffic. That’s assuming you want more traffic!!!

Driving Traffic Through SEO & Social Media

We all love free traffic and there’s no better way of getting free traffic to your website than organic search or through social media. In this course, we will bring you through the exact steps you need to follow to dramatically improve traffic to your site.