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Twitter Analytics Provided Free by Twitter

twitter analyticsTwitter now provides good analytics for free as part of its platform.

But what about all the tool providers that focus on providing Twitter analytics?  What is going to happen to them?

Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook continue to build out their platforms, and their audiences want good analytics.  Facebook provides Facebook Insights and, now, Twitter has analytics that are available to everyone for free.

There is still room for Twitter analytics tool providers, but anyone providing just basic analytics for free, or for a fee, doesn’t have a hope against Twitter, so some tool providers are likely to close up as a result of this.

Let’s take a look at the analytics Twitter is providing.

Monitor Tweet Activity

When you login, you will see a dashboard screen, and this displays a visual of your performance.


twitter analytics dashboard
Part of the dashboard


The terms you need to be familiar with for this are:

  • Impressions –   The number of times your tweet was displayed to users on Twitter.
  • Engagements – The number of times a user clicked on a tweet, clicked on a hashtag or a link, favorited a tweet etc.
  • Engagement rate – Engagement divided by impresssions.

What can you do with this information?

a)  If you’re not getting impressions then your chances of engagement are lower.  I have over 18,000 Twitter followers and, as you can see, the number of impressions per tweet in the chart is around 6%.

On Twitter, only a small percentage of your Twitter followers will be online when you are tweeting, so you need to pick out relevant times to tweet and you need to post important tweets multiple times.  You don’t just post the same tweet, instead you can change the wording, pick out something different in your article, etc. but sending tweets multiple times is important.

b) You can export the data above and, in the export, it shows you the impressions based on the time of day.  For example, if you’re sending your tweets during the night and most of your audience is in bed, your impressions may be very low.  Monitor the times you get the most impressions and adjust the times you post based on this.

c) Analyze which posts get the highest engagement and see if this correlates to higher impressions, or if it’s related to the content you post.

Click on each tweet to see more detailed information related to it.

This is broken down by hour.

You can see that the majority of impressions happen within the first two hours.


Twitter analytics individual Tweet
View details of a specific tweet


On the dashboard, you can also see other graphs that show charts specific to engagements, link clicks, retweets, favorites and replies.

Analyze Your Followers

The follower analytics provides information on:

Follower growth chart – A simple chart that shows your growth.  I’m sure they will expand this at some stage to show predicted growth based on current trends.

Interests of followers –  This is a breakdown of your followers and the categories they belong to.


Twitter follower interests
A breakdown by percentage of Twitter follower interests

Location of followers – A breakdown of where your Twitter followers are from.

Gender – Breakdown of male/female.

Other profiles they follow – This shows you the most popular profiles that your Twitter followers also follow.  This is useful because it should be a target to gain more followers.  Follow more people from relevant profiles.

What to do with this information?

a) When you look at the top interests of your followers, does this match with the type of people you want to attract?  If not, you need to start reaching out to more relevant people and engaging with them.  Use tools such as SocialBro to identify relevant people to follow.  Start joining in with Twitter chats on topics relevant to your area of speciality, and this will help you get better known in this area.

b) The accounts that your followers also follow will be a good place to build new followers.  If a lot of your followers follow particular accounts, you should follow relevant people from those accounts to increase your own following.


Review Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards are becoming increasingly important on Twitter.

When someone is sharing content from your site, you can automatically attach additional information related to the content you share and this is interpreted by Twitter.

For example, you can tell Twitter about an image in a post, and Twitter will display this on

Here is an example of a Twitter Card containing a large image.  With this image, you are much more likely to get more engagement on your tweet.

Read this detailed guide on Twitter Cards for more information.


Twitter Cards
Great image displayed within


Twitter Card Analytics shows information related to your tweets that contained Twitter Cards.

Twitter cards
An example of how tweets with Twitter Cards are performing


Here is a list of key influencers sharing out tweets containing Twitter Cards:


Twitter card influencers
The top influencers sharing out content

What to do with this information?

a) Set up Twitter Cards if you haven’t already!

b) Build relationships with the key influencers sharing out your content.

c) Identify which Twitter Cards are working best.


Twitter third-party tools that provide basic Twitter analytics are in trouble.  Twitter have provided a very viable alternative and are likely to keep adding on useful functionality.

Try out their Twitter Analytics and see for yourself!

What are your thoughts?  Are these analytics useful?

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  1. Very insightful post, Ian. More and more brands need to start using analytics such as these to increase sales and drive traffic. It’s truly a hidden goldmine of useful information that can increase ROI very easily. I’m curious, how long should a brand give a tactic if the analytics show its not working very well? I’ve heard the phrase “If it doesnt work, try, try again.” Does that really apply to twitter analytics?

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