How to use AdEspresso to Manage Your Facebook AdsHave you ever struggled creating ads with the Facebook Power Editor ?

At times it drives me crazy! I’m in the middle of creating an ad and I copy a previous ad.  I then open up the ad and try to edit the audience and Power Editor freezes.

Ahhhhhhhhh… it’s happened too many times.

In this article, I briefly outline why people use the Power Editor and when AdEspresso should be considered an alternative option as a very good ad manager tool.

About Facebook Power Editor

There are various options for creating ads in Facebook:

  • Boost post – You can open up a post on your Facebook page and create an ad to ‘boost’ it.  There are limited targeting options but, if you want something up and running quickly, this is a good way to go.
  • Facebook Ads Manager – The next level up is the Ads Manager.  This is quite straight forward to use and has more options for creating ads.  You’ll get away with using this for most of your ads.
  • Power Editor – If you are really scaling up your ads, you’ll need a facility to easily create lots of ads, copy different ads and even import ads that have been pre-built using a spreadsheet.  Looking from the outside, Power Editor looks like the only tool you’ll need.  It’s a useful tool but it has a badly designed UI and is a bit buggy.

About AdEspresso

So, what is AdEspresso?

AdEspresso is an ad tool for creating Facebook ads that has the power of Power Editor (and more) but makes it much easier to create powerful ads.

Also, if you start really ramping up on the ads you create, you may want to test out different variations of images, headlines, text etc and AdEspresso really helps with this.  I created 60 ads with AdEspresso recently and it look about 10 minutes to create them.

So, let’s take a spin around the tool so you get a feel for what it can do.

This is based on a webinar on social media optimization we recently ran.

We are running a series of ads to help promote the webinar.

Step 1 – Create the campaign

You specify the name of the campaign and give details of the targeting you want to do.  For this campaign, we want to drive people to the website to get registrations for the webinar.

Step 2  –  Create your ad with AdEspresso

When you create your Facebook ad, you really need to do some testing because, without testing, you won’t achieve the best conversion rates.  AdEspresso makes it very easy to set up your ad and test different variations.

AdEspresso Design
Design your ad
  1. Set up a normal or a carousal ad (a carousel ad will have multiple images as part of the ad).
  2. Specify the page name you want to target.
  3. Specify the headlines you want to use in the ad.  You can click the plus button and create multiple headlines.
  4. Create the ad text.  Create as many variations of the ad text as you want.
  5. Upload images and videos.  For this test, we’ll upload a selection of images/text.  AdEspresso integrates with Canva so you can create the image using Canva if you don’t have any images ready.

Once you set this up, you can configure other options such as conversion tracking, the audience you are targeting, where the ad appears etc.  You can also switch on Google Analytics campaign tracking so you can see the results of the campaign directly within Google Analytics.

Step 3 – Specify the testing you want to do

AdEspresso will automatically test the headlines/ad text/images etc but you might also want to test out some demographic targeting.  Specify the targeting you want to do :

adespresso testing
Testing different targeting options

Step 4 – Publish to Facebook

You then need to publish the ad directly to Facebook and, once approved, you’ll start to see results!

Once you have your images prepared in advance, you could have 50 ads created in a few minutes… not bad eh?!!  There are 50 ads because of all the variations of ads that AdEspresso will automatically test out.

Here is an example of the type of charts displayed:

Adespresso Goals
Summary of goals

I love seeing the summary chart in AdEspresso, which shows the best performing ads.  You can disable ads that are not working well and focus on the good ones.

best performing facebook ads
Monitor the best performing ads


AdEspresso starts at $49 per month.  When you go over $3,000 ad spend a month, it goes to the next level of pricing.

Other Functionality of AdEspresso

  • Auto optimization – Define a set of rules for optimization and AdEspresso will automatically optimize for you.
  • Multiple logins – Different members of your organization can access the ads.
  • Export results – You can export to Excel for ongoing analysis.


AdEspresso is suitable for the more advanced marketer who has a larger budget and wants to build out a broad range of ads quickly.  But… it’s also suitable for the less advanced marketer who does not want to waste too much time on Power Editor and Facebook Ads Manager.

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