How to VideoYou know you should be doing more video blogging, we all know it!  Video is becoming increasingly important and it’s not going away.

But video can be time consuming, especially if you want it to look professional.

Did you know that over 70% of people in the US will have watched video online over the past month and 27% of them used a smartphone? (Forester Research)

So here are 5 great tools to get your started.

Note:  Make sure also to check out this post on video apps

1.  Use SocialCam on the Phone for capture and edit on the go

With video you don’t have to always invest a lot of time in it.  Sometimes it will make sense to spend time editing films at your PC but other times you may be able to record, edit and upload all from your mobile.

For example, you are out at a conference and you do video interviews. Socialcam is a great application for taking and editing videos.

It’s a free video app which is available on iPhone and Android devices.

When you record the video you can change the look of the background using Instagram type filters.  You can add text to overlay on the video and you can add music to it.  It’s a simple app to use but pretty cool!



It’s very easy to edit videos on Socialcam – when you create them you can upload to youtube


2.  Use Camtasia or ScreenFlow for the best editing

For more advanced video editing you should use Camtasia on the desktop or ScreenFlow on the Mac.  Camtasia also works on a mac but doesn’t support the same features as the desktop version so you are better off with Screen flow.  Both are relatively easy to use and provide a full range of features.

It’s very easy to cut pieces out of the video and after doing it a couple of times you’ll have no problem.  When we do screen recordings of how to use tools we record the video with the voice but then remove the voice track and re-record the voice again from a script.  So we write out what we’re going to say and then say it while we play the video.  This takes more time but it means that you’re not stopping and starting, saying ‘eh’ and ‘um’ all the time which make it much easier to listen to.



ScreenFlow Records Voice Separate to Visuals So You can Replace Sound


To find out full details about this read our post on how to produce how to videos here

3.  Capture Leads with Lead Player

If you create video blog you may want to get people to subscribe to your email list before, during or after the video.   So, for example, after you play a video you want an opt-in box to appear directly within the video right at the very end.  This is what you use lead player for.  You just configure when you want it to appear, the text you use and details of the opt-in and then you’re sorted. This is how it can look.


Embed your subscription form directly in the video

Embed your subscription form directly in the video


4.  Distribute your video with Oneload.

If you are serious about your video and need to ensure it is promoted in more places than YouTube Oneload (formely Tubemogul) can help.  This tool allows you to distribute your video to a wide range of video platforms including – Youtube, Vimeo, Blip.TV, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, Twitter etc.



You upload your video once and distribute many times!


5. Roland R-05 Voice Recorder

It’s easy to record good quality video from a variety of devices including your iPhone but generally devices for recording video don’t have an external mic attachment and don’t always pick up great sound.  Imagine if you were speaking at an event and you wanted someone to record it on video.  If you didn’t have an expensive wireless device to pick up sound then the video recorder is not going to pick up good quality sound.

An alternative way of handling this is to to use the Roland R-05 voice recorder.  You place the recorder near to you (in you open pocket, in your hand or podium where you are speaking) and click on the recorder.   After the event you add in the video and the separate sound from the recorder to Camtasia or Screenflow.  Now you have great quality video and sound!


roland r05

The Roland R05 is a great voice recording device


Do you do video blogging?

What tools or apps do you use?  Would you use any of the tips above?