Wordpress Popups: 2 Tools to Dramatically Increase eMail Conversion

WordPress Popups: 2 Tools to Dramatically Increase eMail Conversion

Wordpress popupA very effective way of increasing email conversion rates is a popup which encourages your website visitor to become an email subscriber.

This can be very effective but sometimes this can be annoying to the visitor so it’s important to really consider is this the approach for you.

In this post we outline 2 different WordPress popups that can be used to increase email subscribers.

Do wordpress popups even work?

In the following image Christopher Penn shows what happened when he removed his popup.  His subscriptions went way down immediately!


Popup Removed
The immediate drop in email subscriptions was a a result of popups being disabled


There are many different popups and some work better than others.  Here are 3 different applications which can be installed as WordPress plugins.

They all provide different type of popup functionality so consider what would work for you.


1. Optin Monster  for Light Box, Floating Footer Bar or Slide In

Optin Monster is relatively new and has a Light Box (popup box), Floating Footer bar and an option for a box to slide in on the bottom corner of your screen.    It’s easy to set up and has some cool features.

You start off by selecting the type of Optin box you want and start configuring it.  In this example we are using a light box.


OptinMonster Config
Configure the settings for your popup


  • Optin Title: Indicate the name of your optin box
  • Optin loading delay: Specify when the popup will appear
  • Optin cookie duration:  You don’t want this popup to keep appearing to the same visitors so you can specify a delay in days
  • Require double opt in: Users will need to confirm their subscription
  • Load on second page view:  You may not want this to appear on the first page the user is on the site for.
  • Use Exit intent: This is a really interesting feature.  This monitors when the user has moved their mouse outside the main window.  If they do this it’s likely they are exiting the site so this is a good time to popup something to grab their intention.
  • email providers settings:  you  can connect your opt in to your email provider of choice.

Here is an example of a light box I created using one of the templates. The configuration for creating this was very straight forward and it took about a minute in total.


OptinMonster Configuration
An example of light box configuration


When you set up your slide in, light box or floating footer there are various configuration options.  Here’s the options provided for the popup:

  • Load optin globally – If you want it available on all pages
  • Load optin exclusively on – If you want it to load on particular pages only
  • Load optin on post categories – You may want the optin to only appear on specific categories

The reporting shows you impressions and conversions and is updated every 30 minutes.  It also tracks the referrals and the conversions that each page gets.

There is also split testing available to see which works better for you.  It’s easy to set up, you just clone (copy) your existing opt in and change what you want.


Optinmonster a really nicely designed, user-friendly product that is easy to set up and use.

The feature which tracks when users goes off the current window and then displays a popup is a very useful and will help with conversion.

There is more functionality coming soon including a full screen takeover option.


2.  ViewBix – Video Popup

Viewbix is a customizable video player which allows you to put an email subscription form (or an option to click through to a page) within your video.

You can place the call to action at the start, during the video or at the end.

It’s very easy to setup.  You start off by telling Viewbix where your video is stored:


viewbix setup
Specify the location of your video


You then do some basic customization of the video.  You add a title to the video and you can also add a button to the top right of the video.  When someone clicks on the button they are brought to a web page you specify.


Viewbix customization
Make some changes for branding of the video


Now you can add a range of apps that adds different functionality to the videos. For example you can add an app to allow users to click on a button to skype you, to go to a form on your website, add links to social media and much more.

You can also add an app for email so that you can build email subscribers directly within the video.  Viewbix supports a range of email marketing/marketing automation tools including Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse, Infusionsoft, Constant Contact etc.

When you add the app you just provide some details of the email tool to connect the app within the email.  You can then specify when the app appears e.g. at the beginning of the video, during the video or at the end of the video.

Viewbix email form
This is an example of the email form that will appear within the video



If video is a key part to what you do you should considering using Viewbix for increasing subscriptions directly within your videos.


Final Comments

Opt in email marketing is great but sometimes you give your visitors a little encouragement!

If you’re not optimizing your email conversion process you are loosing a lot of potential email subscribers.

There is no magic for coming up with the best email conversion process for you.  It varies depending on your site and type of visitors. So you need software to test it out.

What do you use to improve email conversion?

What has worked or not worked for you?
photo credit: Horia Varlan via photopin cc

33 Responses to WordPress Popups: 2 Tools to Dramatically Increase eMail Conversion

  1. Awesome Ian as always. Love Leadplayer (and leadpages).

    Huge Mixergy fan and I guess I have to get over my own feelings on “Welcome Gates”. I find them Annoying when first time visitor and still unsure if I’d want to subscribe. I don’t see you using one, though love how you have your opt-in right at the top all the time….looks awesome. Just tried that on my blog.

    Any thoughts on: Opt In Crusher (floats on the bottom)?

    Hope the weekend was Awesome ~ Mike

    • Hey Mike, because I’m testing out all these things I keep on changing! I find the feature image converts well and the full page take over is not for everyone!
      I haven’t used opt in crusher but I’m going to try it out!!!
      Thank you so much for your feedback.

    • Hey Mike,

      Yes welcome gates are annoying. Also when done wrong can hurt your SEO as well. We’re working on a full-page take over at OptinMonster that is a similar concept but you can control it.

      For example only show it on the second page view. Or only show it after 15 seconds. Or show it on exit-intent.

      OptinMonster also has a floating footer bar that floats on the bottom. Our slide-ins also offer a similar functionality but a bit more robust.

      My goal is to make OptinMonster an all-in-one solution for users and offer multiple optin-types for different type of audiences.

      • @syedbalkhi:disqus Thats awesome and love feature when someone’s leaving. PopUpDom has that. Would be awesome if it could pop a video (20 sec commercial)

        Amazing interview w/ John today on Entrepreneur on Fire, loved hearing your journey during my walk on the beach this morning (4:30 am 🙂 )

    • No worries Syed, I like software that I can get up and running quickly without looking at any help documentation. Really nicely designed and very useful functionality.

    • I’m with you. I generally second guess visiting sites that I know abuse the pop-up (cough…Quick Sprout…cough).

      That being said, I’ll probably test it on my sites because I know they work so well.

      • Quick Sprout are probably the pushiest in relation to popup’s but I think they get away with it because Neil is so well known. So I guess that’s why it works for some sites but it’s not for everyone! Thanks for your feedback Mig.

    • It really depends on the offer for me. I know sites like Social Media Examiner shows a popup, and I subscribe to them because it served as a positive reinforcement…

      I was like wait I check this site out every day … why not just get it in my inbox.

      I probably would’ve never subscribed using the sidebar widget. But a stronger call-to-action works.

      Also I notice that the dislike of popups is very common among the tech elites (i.e developers, designers, and web purists). But average consumers do not mind them as much.

  2. Hey Ian,
    I’m a huge fan of LeadPlayer and I see some fantastic results with it. It took me a while to see an increase in conversions because I needed to test placement of the optin during different times of the video. In fact I’m still testing but I think I found a sweet spot. I also tested using different text on the pop-up. What’s nice about the LeadPlayer plugin is that you easily find out how effective it is by using the Event tracking report in Google Analytics.

    It was great hearing more about Optin Monster because I know that Syed has put a lot of work into it.


    • Thanks lleane, the event tracking is a great idea. I was really impressed with Optin Monster and it’s only going to get better, more functionality coming soon! Thank you so much for your feedback! Ian

  3. I’m also probably never going to subscribe if I get a pop up. I’ve found that all of them are intrusive. Instead, I’m annoyed within 2 seconds of entering the site because I cannot look at what I came to look at, and the last thing I’m starting to want to do is subscribe because now I can’t trust the site.

    • Hey Linda, thanks for your feedback. It’s certainly a controversial issue. With Optin Monster you can switch off the popup so it only appears when the person is exiting the site. It might still annoy people though! Ian

  4. I have a revised opinion regarding pop ups thanks to this article. It drives home something I have been really avoiding learning about being very new to this…and that is TEST TEST TEST, ANALYZE & TEST MORE. Thank you for great information as well as for getting me off of my ‘duff’ to do what needs to be done! : )

  5. I think that pop-ups are effective partially because of the sense of ‘urgency’ they seem to impart. But perhaps if a user didn’t have the sign-up shoved in his face encouraging him to subscribe “right now”, he would have subscribed of his own accord somewhere within the site anyway, even if it wasn’t on his first visit?

    I believe that people would be more likely to remember signing up to a newsletter that way (proactively) than if they’d signed up within a few seconds of visiting a site, before having the chance to properly consider whether it’s really worth their while to subscribe.

    So that’s a really long-winded way of asking – but do you have any data on the quality of subscribers acquired via a pop-up versus not via a pop-up? Pop-ups may encourage lots of subscriptions but do those subscribers last, and how engaged are they compared to proactive subscribers?

    • Hi Noya, you make a good point. I think if you get a subscriber using a popup your next interaction with the subscriber is crucial. They may feel they were forced into it and you were a little pushy so you need to make them feel welcome. This will reduce your unsubscribes. But I do think you are open to more unsubscribes and more people getting annoyed.

      But a lot of people don’t think of subscribing and when they see the popup they think great I get a free guide and I can keep in contact with this site.


  6. i need footer plugin which show small popup saying (thank you for reading the artical) and automatically hide when reader scroll up . is there any plugin


  7. Ian,

    Great write indeed! I am looking for an alternative to OM as the lifetime license is crazy (thanks to my conversion rate).

    Welcome Gate is something new. Might check it out and see how it goes around.

    Thanks for sharing dear friend. Appreciate it!


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