5 Social Media Tools and Technology Tips Week 12, 2013

5 Social Media Tool and Technology Tips Week 12

social tipsEach week we bring you some social media tool and technology tips that are actionable.  Ideally you take one off the list and check it out to-day.

So here’s our 5 Tips for this week:

1. Use Tagboard to research Hashtags

A hashtag is a filtered view of a conversation that was originally focussed on twitter.  But hashtags are now used on a variety of social media platforms.  For example, Facebook recently announced their support for hashtags.

Tagboard provides a filtered view of social media networks based on a social network.  You enter in your hashtag and view the activity based on this Hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.




2. SEO – Keywords beside links are important

In the old days of SEO when you wanted to get a link from a website it was really important to have keywords in that link and as you built up more links with these keywords your chances of ranking improved.  However, now Google thinks that if you have most of your links focussed on particular keywords that may look spammy and you won’t get the benefit you used to.

Google is more and more sophisticated so having the keywords in the same sentence as where the link is is worth considering.  For example consider the following 2 author bio’s:

a).  Ian Cleary is a Social Media Tools specialist.

b). Ian Cleary is a Social Media Tools specialist.

Both are valid and useful. I’m not saying always use a or b.  Mix it up.  Google will understand both and likes to see a bit of variety.


3.  Check your copied content using Copyscape

There are some people that will just take a copy of your content and put it on their own website.  If you want to track this use Copyscape.


4. Productivity Tip – Become more productive with iQTell

The problem with Social Media is that you have too much to do so you need to be as organized as possible with other tasks.  Recently I started using iQtell.  It’s a tool to manage your email, your tasks and notes you want to keep.

What I really like about it is the integration between email and tasks.  When I read an e-mail I want to get it out of my inbox.  If it’s actionable I add it to my iQtell action list.


iQtell supports integration between email and tasks


Other cool features:

a). Integrates with evernote so you can do your note taking within iQtell.

b). Multi-user support so you can assign tasks.

c). Calendar integration so you can show your calendar within the app

d). If you like to follow GTD (Getting things done) you can set up iQtell to support this.

e).  Its completely FREE!!!

5.   Use Hellobar if you want to attract attention on your blog

When visitors come to your blog you can attract attention in many ways.  One is showing a thin bar across the top of the screen after they are on the page for a certain amount of time.  It’s not as obtrusive as a popup but still works quite well.


Hellobar is great for attracting attention


Neil Patel (founder of Quicksprout) gets 11% of leads from using Hello bar.

That’s it for this week

Thank you so much for tuning in,  if you have any tips you want to share please send them on and I’ll mention you in the post.

Here is a very inspirational video to finish off the week. It’s about the relationship of a father and son, it’s very special.



Thanks everyone.  Would love to hear your feedback on the tips below?

photo credit: Dave Dugdale via photopin cc