5 Tools to Grow Your Presence on Google Plus

Have you spent enough time building up your profile on Google plus?

It may not have been high on your agenda in 2012 but what about 2013?

Over time everyone using Google search or any of it’s services will need to have a Google + account.

As a result of your Google plus account and your interaction through it, Google will build up more knowledge about you and your network and will increasingly individualize search results.   This means that the results of a search displayed will be unique to you based on your interests, interaction and network.

Google Plus Personalised Search Results

My results are personalized, you can see people in my circles listed


At a minimum you should create an account, build up your profile and link your blog posts using Google Author.

Google Author

My Google + profile is linked to search results on the blog so my picture is displayed


If you want to take it a step further here are 5 tools that help:

1.  Post at the right time using Timing +

To get maximum benefit from posting across any of the social networks you really need to work out the timing correctly.  If you are posting your most important content at a time when your followers are not online you are missing out.

Timing + analyses your last 100 posts on Google Plus to identify the best time to post.

Very simple tool, you just login via your Google + account and it analyses your posts.

2.  Turning a Google + feed into an RSS feed

RSS is a format for packaging up information.  If you have a blog that supports RSS this means an application known as an RSS reader can display this content.  If you subscribe to a lot of blogs it’s faster viewing them within an RSS reader rather than visiting each blog individually.

You can also set up Google + as an RSS feed using Yahoo Pipes.

When you are on a Google + profile have a look at the web address.  Copy the numbers displayed within this web address and paste into MyGplusFeed in yahoo pipes.  Underneath this you will see options for adding to an RSS feed, for example Google reader.

Google Plus to RSS

Converting Google Plus Updates to an RSS feed

When you open up your reader application you will now see the latest posts from the Google + accounts that you added.

3. Find new people using Circlecount

Circlecount provides Google + statistics.  You can view standard statistics provided and run various searches by user, location and/or keyword to find details of Google + users.

Circle Count

Circle Count displaying profile information


4. Using Hootsuite to Manage Your Google Plus Page

Hootsuite provides the ability to add a Google Plus page onto your account and then manage this page.  This allows you to update the page, schedule updates etc.  It does not support updating a Google Plus personal account yet as this functionality has not been released by Google yet.

5. View Detailed Statistics for a User Using Allmyplus

Allmyplus allows you to search for a particular user on Google + and display detailed information on this user.  Such as the posts they made, when they made them, the interactions they had and much more.  Picking a popular Google + user in your niche will help you understand how they grow their following.

The following is an overview graph.  When you run a report in Allmyplus you can click on any individual element to view more details.


You can select the stats you are interested in and view specific details for that user


Next year I’m certainly going to spend more time building up my profile on Google plus.  The tools listed will help with this.

Have you come across any good tools?  We’d love to hear from you.


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