Amy Porterfield - Tips on Facebook Tools | Video Interview

Amy Porterfield’s 4 Favorite Facebook Tools

Amy Porterfield is a social media strategist and a co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for dummies.  Amy has extensive knowledge on Facebook and in this video she gives us some of the fantastic tools that she uses and recommends.



Here is a summary of the tools mentioned by Amy.

1. Hootsuite for Updating Facebook

Amy uses Hootsuite to update her Facebook page when she is not on Facebook.  She mentions that it supports images and this is extremely important on Facebook.

2. Lujure for Facebook Applications (now called Heyo)

Lujure recently changed name to Heyo.  It has a comprehensive set of applications for your Facebook page.  This is broken down into 3 components:

Heyo Social – This s a suite of Facebook applications that can be designed based on a template or your can create your own look and feel.

Amy Porterfield - Heyo Social

Heyo Web – This allows you to build a website based on a template.

Heyo mobile – With Heyo mobile you create a mobile website based on your Facebook fan page!

3. Shortstack for Facebook Applications

Shortstack provide a range of applications with a specific focus on competitions.  Their applications are competitively priced, easy to set up and there is good functionality.

4. Crowdbooster for Facebook Analytics

Crowdbooster provides detailed analytics on Facebook and on Twitter.  The image below shows an example of the analytics provided on Twitter.  There is a free and paid version.

Amy Porterfield - Crowdbooster Analytics
Detailed analytics on Facebook and Twitter using Crowdbooster


Have you used any of the tools above or would you recommend something else?