Brand New Blog: 7 Warning Signs your brand new blog requires attention

7 Warning Signs that your Brand New Blog Needs Attention

Brand-New-BlogLaunching a brand new blog is hard work.  It takes time to get noticed and get that relevant traffic you want.

But there are some warning signs that you need to watch out for and of course we have some social media tools that can help to resolve these!

Although the following article is aimed at a brand new blog it is still relevant if you have a blog up and running and you want to make improvements.

Business Objective of this article

There are some essential items you need to watch out for with every blog.  By resolving the issues below this will improve the performance of your blog.

1.  You’re not getting a daily eMail from Google Analytics

When you launch your blog it’s important from day 1 to track analytics.  Google analytics is a straightforward tool to use and it’s free.  Within analytics you can set up a daily eMail so every day you get a report.  When you get that report you are much more likely to start tracking analytics.

Action – Read this article which shows you how to set up Google analytics daily e-mail.

2.  You’re not collecting eMail Subscribers

By sharing your expertise that is relevant to your business you will attract people that are interested in your products or services.  But a visitor to your blog is probably not a hot lead at this stage.  They came to read your article and probably don’t know a lot about you or your business.  They don’t trust you and trust is a really important factor.  One other issue is that a lot of first-time visitors will never come back to your blog.

Action: The solution is the convert visitors to an e-mail subscriber and then build up that trust over time. The eMail marketing tool we use is Aweber.  It’s a great product and a great team behind the product.

3.  You don’t know your eMail conversion rate

If you’re not measuring something then you won’t be able to improve it.  If you can’t tell me what your email conversion rate is then I know it’s probably low.  You want to know how many eMail subscribers you get compared to the amount of visitors.  If you have multiple options for subscribing via e-mail you should know your conversion rate for each area.

In Aweber you can get these statistics but they are also available in other tools also.  In Google analytics you can set up Google analytic goals to track conversions.


Aweber Statistics
Aweber provides detailed statistics on each form


Action: In your email analytics tool monitor conversion from each sign up form on your blog.

4.  You’re not getting relevant traffic.

As well as an individual post Google will work out over time what your blog is about.  This means you need to ensure you use appropriate keywords in important parts of your blog post to help Google categorize your blog correctly.

So for every post you should consider optimizing it correctly for Google. Sometimes it won’t make sense to optimize the content but that’s find.  What you need to consider is the majority of your posts.

This blog post is optimized for ‘Brand New Blog’.  If I changed the title to ‘7 Warning signs your blog needs attention’ I wouldn’t rank on Google because  nobody searches ‘warning signs for your blog’ and ‘blog’ is too competitive to rank on.  It would have been even worse if I wrote a title such as ‘7 Warnings that your writing needs attention’.

Action:  Read ‘How to move your blog post up in search results

5.  You don’t know what errors Google is finding on your blog

When Google crawls through your site to index your content it tells you what it thinks of your blog in Google webmaster tools.  You’ll find out if there are page titles that are duplicate, page descriptions not created, your site is too slow etc.  So it’s really essential to check webmaster tools especially when you launch the blog.

In the example below there are 3 title tags missing.  This is like a library full of books with 3 books that has nothing on the front cover!


Google Webmaster Tools Errors
Google webmaster will show you some basic errors that you need to resolve

Action:  Set up Google webmaster tools and read this article to resolve issues with Google webmaster tools.


6.  Sharing of your content on social media is low

To help grow your blog it’s important to encourage people to share your content.  This means that having good sharing icons is essential.  On Social media examiner they use a plugin called ‘Digg Digg’ (in the left of the picture below).  They also have an additional tweet option at the top right of posts.


Social Media Examiner Sharing
Social media examiner use Digg Digg plugin which moves as you scroll down the page, they also have an additional tweet option at the top of their posts

By having the social share icons visible at all times this helps significantly to increase sharing.

Action:  Consider your social sharing icons.  Are they big and visible, are they available at all times?  Just having them at the top of your post is certainly not enough!

7.  You post at irregular dates/times

If you deliver great content consistently and engage with a relevant audience your blog will grow.  If you post 3 times this week, none the next week, 5 times the next week etc this is not going to help your blog.  If you post once a week or 5 times a week the important thing is that you post consistently every week.  Try to pick the same time and same day so your audience will expect posts from you.

Action:  Read up about a blog editorial calendar which is extremely important to help with consistency.

Can you recognize any of these?  Is there anything you can do to improve?

photo credit: Koen Cobbaert via photopin cc

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