3 Essential Tools for Find Great Content to Share

Content DiscoveryContent Discovery is a really important part to Social Media Marketing.  You need to find and share great content which sometimes includes your own!

But finding great content is so time consuming and time is a luxury we cannot afford!

In this article we discuss 3 very useful tools we use on a daily basis that helps us find great content worth sharing.


1.  Find Curated Content using Scoop.it

Scoop.it is a content sharing and discovery platform based around interests.  You create a board based on content you are interested in and then you can add content to this board.

When you create a board based on the keywords Scoop.it suggests content based on what is popular.  In the example below the content suggested was based on the ‘social media tools’ filter set up for the board.


Scoopit - topic board

When you create a new board based on keywords Scoop.it will suggest some content based on what’s popular


When you find content you want to share, select it and then add it to the board.  You can then share it out to your social media channels. Over time other Scoop.it users will start following your board and also begin to share out your content.


Scoopit - Adding content to a board

When you find good content you add it to your board


Once you add content to your board this is how it appears:


Scoop it board

This is how your board containing content you curated appears


  • 1.  This is the name of the board
  • 2.  You can change the board details, see how many people viewed the board, filter content on the board or share out content.
  • 3. These are suggestions of content to add to the board
  • 4. These are the editing options for a board item.  You can delete, edit, highlight this item with a star, move the item, tag or share the board item.

To find great content from other people that have boards you can ‘follow’ their board.  For example, Michael Todd provides some good content so you could follow his board.  This saves you time as you find content that is already curated by someone else.


Scoopit - Following boards

You follow boards belonging to other people that have content relevant to your business



Scoop.it is a very useful tool for finding content and connecting with other people that will find content for you!


2.  Find content from fellow bloggers using Feedly

If you want to track content from a range of different bloggers you can visit their blogs on a regular basis, get email alerts or subscribe to the blogs and view the latest posts within Feedly.

The best option when you subscribe to a good few blogs (e.g. more than 10) is to use Feedly.

Here are some of the key features provided by Feedly:

  • Available on mobile and desktop
  • Integrates with Buffer – When you find content to share you can add it to the buffer app.  This means content is added to a queue and sent out at the next available slot that you configured.
  • View posts the way it suits you – There are some excellent configuration options for viewing posts.  For example, you can browse through summaries of all posts, save posts for later viewing or tag articles so you can find them in the future.
  • Pinterest integration – You can pin images directly to your Pinterest boards from within Feedly.
  • Popular articles highlighted – Be default Feedly will show you the most shared items at the top of the application under a featured article section.

Adding content to Feedly is easy.  You just search for the blog/blogger and click add ‘+’.


Feedly Adding Subscriptions

It’s easy to blogs to Feedly from within Feedly


When you want to browse through new content this is how Feedly can look (there are various configuration options).



This is main screen you will see when you log on to Feedly

  • 1. This is for managing your preferences.  You can change how you view your content through this option.
  • 2. If you come across an interesting article you may want to add it to a queue to view later. You can also add new feeds from this area.
  • 3. This will show you any featured posts (posts that were shared a lot)
  • 4. This is the list of blogs you have subscribed to.  In this example above the feeds are named with the twitter address of the person.  This saves time when sharing out content as you don’t have to remember the twitter address!
  • 5. This is the latest blog posts sorted by category

When you want to read an individual post this is how it appears.


Feedly - viewing a post

Viewing an individual post within Feedly


For each posts there is a wide variety of sharing options.


Feedly Sharing Options

You can easily share content to a variety of social networks


This sharing options are Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Buffer, send to email, mark to read it later, add tags to identify content, forward to other sources (Evernote, Instapaper, Pocket, Delicious) or delete the item from your feed.


If you subscribe to a lot of blogs you really need to use a ‘reader’ application such as Feedly.  We’ve investigated a lot of different options and this is one of the best ones to use.

Track News about people in your network using Newsle

When people in your network are in the news it’s great to hear about this so you can share out their article.  Newsle tracks a wide variety of online publications and checks to see who in your network had made the news.   Each day you get an e-mail from Newsle and quite often you’ll find articles that wouldn’t have come across through other means.

Here are the key features of Newsle

  • Track news from people in your network on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Follow people that are not in your network but you’d like to track.
  • Follow people that are trending by category
  • Find articles published by Journalists you want to track
  • Find news about you!

When Newsle discovers new content you can then share it out to your social network of choice.


Newsle New article

How a new article is displayed within Newsle


If there is someone you want to track that may not be in your social network you can search for this person and add them on to your list.


Newsle Neal Patel

There may be people not in your social network that you want to track


Summary – Newsle is quite different that other content curation tools because it’s only focussing on finding articles for you for people you  are connected with or want to follow.  This is very useful to build relationships with your network connections,  track their top news,  track journalists you want to build relationships with and much more.

Final Comments

It’s really important to be able to find and share great content to your social network.  These tools provide great help reducing the time required to find this content.  Do you use any of these tools?  What other tools would you recommend?


  • jim

    Good post Ian …. I love Scoop.it and Feedly. I like Pulse, Zite and google currents isn’t bad either. cheers Jim

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      Thanks Jim, I’ll try out pulse and zite again, thanks for stopping by! Ian

  • Gordon Diver

    Hi Ian, I’m with you on Scoop.it and Feedly. I’ve been playing with HyperAlerts and as with Jim, I like Zite as well. Have a great one Gordon

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      Thanks Gordon, I haven’t used Zite so I’ll have to try this out! Is HyperAlerts good?

      • Gordon Diver

        Ian, I’ve been primarily using it to ensure that none of my clients FB posts have been missed and to watch competitors – it’s captured every FB post to date (cross referenced). It does a decent job on tracking URL activity as well.

  • Tyler Anderson

    I’ve been using the Feedly/Buffer combo for a few weeks now and love it! Works better than the Reeder/Buffer combo I previously used.

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      I think you’re right! Once you spend a bit of time getting to know Feedly it’s pretty cool! Thanks for your feedback Tyler.

  • http://malharbarai.com/ Malhar Barai

    Interesting post Ian. Have been a big fan of scoop.it since their early days. It’s a great place to aggregate content.

    I also find inbound.org good since they too crowdsource content.

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      Thank you Malhar, I use inbound.org also. There’s always good content there! Thanks for your feedback. I hope all is great. Ian

  • http://blog.forthmetrics.com/ Hugh Anderson

    Nice one, Ian. Feedly must be scooping up loads of new users right now. Inkybee does also do a job when it comes to tracking the blogosphere for brands/businesses + the other one I like is Spundge which has some great already curated “notebooks”

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      I think you’re right! I have to spend more time on Inkybee and a few people have mentioned Spundge recently! Thanks for the feedback! Ian

  • Lynie Copywriter

    Google is trying to deliver more content that is based on personal signals. It is essential that you share your content as well as someone who is popular will share your content. By this, your post will go viral and drive more traffic. Copy Writer

  • Above Fashion

    Hadn’t heard of Scoop.it so thanks for that! Also, always had a lot of love for Zite! Started using Fire.ly a week or so back and, although in early stages, it may well have legs. Anyone else used it?

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      I haven’t used it yet but will check it out, thanks!

  • Pedro

    Great article. I’ve been using scoop.it for a while now. Today I discovered noosfeer and it seemed quite simple and straight to the point, and a lot easier to use. Do you have any insights on it?

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      Hey Pedro, No I’ve never hear of it before, I’ll check it out. Thanks.

      • Pedro

        Thanks Ian. Im looking forward to it

  • Alex Bisset

    This is a really good article Ian. However, using a content marketing platform makes the process much easier. I personally like to use Opentopic. Opentopic’s content marketing platform makes it easy for brands to find meaningful content to engage their audience and publish it directly to blogs, social media feeds, or newsletters. Then once the content is live, their content analytics capabilities will help you evaluate and monitor engagement and performance to make content marketing work for you.

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      Thanks Alex, I’ll check it out!

  • http://warrenwhitlock.com/social-media-expert Warren Whitlock

    I can’t imagine reading 10% of what I have to follow every day without Feedly. The sharing is a nice added bonus.

    Finding things to share is easy. I just read whatever I can and know my friends will like seeing it too.

  • zbrojo

    Great post, gives inspiration :)